The Fash Flash: Green with Envy

There’s something about emerald that for me just makes me think of couture… there’s something so elegant about a vivid emerald green gown. Yet when done top to toe with a car coat, printed pants and a striped knit, it looks clean and modern.

Lace back dress // Emerald gown (Zac Posen) // velvet burn out gown // J.Crew modern green outfit

It’s all very well day dreaming about couture, (wouldn’t you just die to wear that Zac Posen gown?) but when I’m planning outfits I always look for inspiration in how people are wearing certain styles or themes on the streets. Colour used in an unexpected way… interesting shapes and patterns.

Ski knit and green coat // Modern green dress // J.Crew printed pants // Jade jacket // British racing green jacket

Despite my love affair with emerald, the fashion world doesn’t seem to be sharing in my passion for the shade. However I have sought out a few pieces in green (of many shades,) that are spring appropriate for you.

Printed pants and sequinned skirt, J.Crew* // Skinnies // Light knit // Scarf // Cable knit jumper* // weekend stripe dress // Oxfords* // Puma classics* // Lace dress*// Trophy Wife nail colour //  Body Warmer // Hunter boots

The thing about green is that it’s so fresh and springy. I’m just getting to the stage of wanting to invite spring into my wardrobe but nobody wants to look like a fashion queen in season inappropriate attire. The rich tones of these teals, emerald, grass, jade and apple greens make them perfect for the promise of warmer weather but not out of place in the wet and blustery gales we’re having. I’m particularly loving the J.Crew take on shades of green in sequin metallic skirts and exotic patterns teamed with chambray and casual neutrals.

Have you found any green items to take your fancy lately? Do share them in the comments box!


*Florence’s favourites 😉

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15 thoughts on “The Fash Flash: Green with Envy

  1. Oh I am seeing green everywhere. I got a pair of skinnies in a very light aqua green on sale (for 12 GBP!!!) at the French Connection while in London.
    And I saw some really nice coats (also on sale) in Emerald green at Benetton. I just want to buy all the stuff now. Oh why didn’t I win the lottery. (again).

  2. Oh. That first lace back dress is just amaze. Emerald brings to mind the 1920s for me, very Gatsby-inspired. Love it.

  3. Love love love emerald. (Actually wearing an emerald skirt today!) I could buy the whole collection here!

    I tried on the Oasis lace dress the other week and it was lovely. Brighter than it looks on the web but a great transeasonal dress. Definitely a pay day buy!


  4. Oh I love this post SO much!

    I’m a big green lover – My skin is so-white-it’s-almost-see-through pale but green always seems to lift my skin tone slightly (I don’t know why. You’d think it’d make me look ill)… so I own LOTS of it for winter, when I’m especially pale. It’s also one of those magical “base” colours that you can whack loads of other colours with, without looking like a clown. Brilliant! I have shoes, coats, bags, tops and trews in this colour and love it!

  5. Oooo, that first coat is lovely. I’ve never ordered from J Crew. I wonder if they ship internationally? This green is one of those colours that looks good with both a tan and my more typical Winter pale!

  6. I dont know why, but I feel that if I had that backless lace dress, it would literally Change My Life!

    Also loving the green cable knit jumper and by happy coincidence, I have a voucher for H&M, so 1 guess as to what I’ll be rocking soon!


  7. I LOVE green. Definitely inspired by this post. Could happily have some more green in my wardrobe. Particularly loving the jeans.

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