The Fash Flash: Go Neon

Its a bit of wild card for the majority of you I suspect but today I’m all about the neon. Inspired by last week’s friday frock, there’s so much of it about in the shops and a lot of it at a really reasonable price point so I thought it was worth a round up.

I’m going to start bold in the hope some of you may feel bright enough to take this one – don’t forget, it’s only half a step away from those brights you’re all loving right now…

Flo’s Top Tips:

  • Wear with a (fake) tan.
  • Choose a bright colour that works for you and your skin tone, then try something in that colour of neon.
  • Tone down your make up and channel a bronzed goddess with golden eyes and heaps of bronzer and highlighter.
  • Choose nude accessories to balance it all out.

If you’re not feeling so brave, try just a pop of neon against an otherwise neutral outfit. I think a blindingly bright clutch or even manicure against a white tee and dark denim is nothing short of fabulous….

  • ASOS Flouro skinny belt
  • ASOS perspex clutch
  • Neon Green cracked Cambridge Satchel Company leather satchel – Exclusive to ASOS
  • Pink studded purse, McQ Alexander McQueen on Net a Porter
  • NEON nail shades, American Apparel
  • Nails Inc Neon nails shades
Come on then, as always I love hearing your thoughts on the trends I share here and today is no exception.
Blinding Fluro Love,
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9 thoughts on “The Fash Flash: Go Neon

  1. I love a bit of neon, unfortunately, despite my best efforts, neon does not love me. A bit like mustard. I have to stick with plain old brights 🙁

  2. Well, either you guys aren’t reading, or you don’t like…

    I know it’s a brave trend but those dresses are gorgeous and I’m loving the neon nails and accessories. Can’t wait to get it on! Just wish the weather would improve!


  3. Ooh of course we’re reading!

    At the risk of sounding like the anti-fashionista that I probably am, I have to say I can’t get with the neon look. Sorry 🙁

    Much like Victoria, those acid tones just aren’t a good look on me, but I can see that with your colouring they look swell. I have a very ‘warm’ skin tone (even when I’m a pale-y like I am at present) and there’s a lot of auburn in my hair, underneath the dirty blondey-brown. As a result I feel anything that isn’t autumnal, earthy and ‘dirty’ looking, just doesn’t work that well on me.

    It has taken quite a long time to come to learn what works for me and why some seasons I’m all over the high street like a dog on Romney’s car (ummm, sorry, getting a bit into the US elections) and others I shop judiciously from the comfort of my sofa. This season is definitely the latter.

    I yearn for mustard, aubergine, moss-y green, teal-y peacock and o-range (said a la Renee Zellweger in Empire Records).



    • I have a similar colouring Em K and while neons might look great they don’t work for me either. Brights, yes, in greens and yellow (in clothing, accessories and make up), just not neon.

  4. I dont think I am brave enough to wear neon clothes, but I would definately wear those shoes Em K! I dont know why but it doesnt seem so daunting when its shoes! x

  5. I dont know what it is about lace abd bright colours, but they really appeal to much. Much like the last Friday’s Frock O’Clock, I am seriously coveting that coral coloured dress from Topshop.

    Damn you Rebecca. I’m trying to buy stuff for my house and instead continue to buy stuff for myself!


    • Ooh Coral! Yum. I’ve started giving my coral clothes a tea bath to dirty them up a bit… sacrilege? Naaaaa – now EVERYTHING in my [tiny, tiny] wardrobe goes together!

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