The Fash Flash – Do You Cape?

After my What to Wear post last week I thought we could kick off the week by sharing a little round up of my favourite capes… I should really be doing a winter coat round up, but I love a good cape and somehow they seem so much more stylish. Or maybe it’s just because they’re new-feeling, either way, I’m now lusting after another one to add to my collection.

If you haven’t already seen the one I purchased, head back to my What to Wear post first (I’m obviously biased towards the lovely wool felted Zara number I’m wearing there) but otherwise, let’s get started with the smart capes.

L-R: Bow detail cape coat – ASOS Red Coco Cape – Jaeger Boutique,  and (BARGAIN ALERT!) Brass button teal cape – New Look.

There’s something about capes, perhaps the clean lines or the luxe drape, that makes them really smart even when they’re not trying to be. The Red Jaeger Boutique one above would be a perfect Christmas present, or if you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful alternative, how about this steal of a cape from New Look, reduced to £34!

L-R: Knitted Poncho – Zara, Dark red wool duffle cape – Gloverall at ASOS and Checked Cape – Oasis.

Capes lend themselves just as well to cosy weekend walks and pub lunches though, and it’s just about all I can do to resist these duffled, checked or knitted numbers. Imagine them with boots and a polo neck… you just need a dog!

If you’re feeling flush, how about splashing out on one of these fabulous capes from the fash pack’s favourite designers…

L-R: Alice by Temperly Black and White Bird Cape –, Milly Wool Blend Cape Jacket – and Diane von Furstenburg Cotton twill cape –

I’ve been lusting after the black and white bird cape for so long now but the DVF trench-like number is super chic too.

Tell me, do you cape? Can I tempt you, or have I missed something you’d like to share?


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11 thoughts on “The Fash Flash – Do You Cape?

  1. I love capes. I think they look so elegant, the right length make legs look long, and there’s NOTHING more bad-ass than the swish-and-spin that a good cape offers…

    Question: Can one wear a cape when one has boobs? I worry a cape will make me look boxy – for the same reason I can’t wear tunics.

  2. I love capes. I have one from last year’s French Connection collection, which I love… but I find them so hard to wear!

    I just struggle in that my arms can’t really move, and they’re a bit of a pain with handbags… maybe it’s just me!

    It doesn’t stop me from wearing it though, well, not too much!


  3. I love that Temperley cape… so stylish 🙂

    I think the ease of wear is down to the style of arm holes – anything with slits where you poke your forearms through is going to be cumbersome to wear, but the more drapey ones (like the Oasis and ASOS ones – good spot Rob) are like my Zara cape, and easier to move your arms in!


  4. I think they look gorgeous on other people and so classic but fear the same as Anna K – they just look terrible on a busty short girl like myself. Nonetheless, like much of fashion for tall and skinnies – I can admire from afar! x

  5. I think the trick with being busty it to find one with a contrasting detail like piping on the asos one to break up any potential ‘blockyness’ or to leave it open to lengthen the line. Cropped capes work well on shorter gals and topshop have a couple in their petites range xo

  6. I love my cape, i bought it from Dorothy Perkins and it looks so much more expensive, it’s in a lovely camel colour with military style buttons. Super warm, comfy and great if im having a ‘fat’ day!

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