The Fash Flash: AW12 Coats (first look)

It’s still too warm to be giving even a passing thought to coats but my head has been turned already so I thought I’d start the blog ball rolling and hear your thoughts on coats this year.

I’m honestly not a ‘coat’ person. I know some people really look forward to a winter coat purchase but for years I have struggled to find the right ones, or perhaps to justify the cost of a coat as there never seems to truly be a one-style fits all solution. Maybe I’ve let go of the quest for a does-it-all garment and embraced the joy of choosing a coat for every situation, either way, I’ve identified 3 key styles that I’m ‘desperately’ in need of this year and lusting after already. Co-incidentally, all of todays selections come from Zara, who are literally on fire in the outerwear department this season, but aren’t they always?

Remember this post and my wear-everywhere GAP lightweight parka? It has remained as useful as I claimed it was and I’ve worn it non-stop this summer, particularly in the constant showers. Now I can’t imagine being without one so I’m on a quest for a warm winter version to keep wrapped up in at the weekend or on the run around town.

Now I have a properly grown-up job, I want a properly grown up coat (I have been known to do home visits in my leather jacket which causes the occasional raised eyebrow!) The minimal slim car-coat styles with collar embellishment and detailed sleeves are calling out to me, along with voluminous cocoons for a striking silhouette.

I can’t deny, I’m a city girl, yet at the weekends I’m often found tramping around the local water park and nature reserve in less than clement weather. I’d love a Barbour but for occasional weekend wear I can’t justify the cost, so thought I’d buy a cheaper version and see how much wear I get out of it. This one is just as chic for the girl-about-town as getting out of town.

So what have you got in mind this winter for your outerwear? Don’t worry, this isn’t the last post you’ll be seeing, merely a teaser. Look out for more detailed fash flashes coming soon 😉


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6 thoughts on “The Fash Flash: AW12 Coats (first look)

  1. THAT Zara parka is very high up my autumn wish list already.
    I came to the realisation a few years ago that one greedily, & slightly superficially, needs more than one coat. I now buy new coats in the sale, though I might break that rule for the Zara parka.

  2. I’ve already bought myself a Gap mac (or maybe it’s a trench coat?) which has come in very handy during all this stupid rain.

    Winter-wise I want, nay need, a quilted coat of some variety. Also quite fancy a military style coat. I blame the Vogue Sept Issue for that last one!


  3. I desperately need a new winter coat. Hoping to get a Barbour for Christmas (Must remember to be good 🙂 ). But I also need a replacement for a coat I’ve had for ages. I need something with a bit of structure, which is why I tend to buy military style coats. I’ve seen a couple this year, but I’m struggling to justify the cost. Think I just need to suck it up and hope it lasts at least two winters.

  4. I have mainly worn my denim jacket throughout summer or my northface rain coat Mr M got me for my birthday. Comes in handy for walking the dog in the rain or wind.

    I too would rather have a few different cheaper coat options to suit the occasion rather than an expensive one that might not be very versatile. Although I am a big fan of the Barbour coats.

    I love the parka, I have to admit it is very rare I am dressed smart enough to warrant a super dressy coat so this would probably see me through most of my coat days.

    Can’t wait for more to come on winter clobber!! xx

  5. I travel to the city a fair amount for business so my ‘grown up’ coat was an investment buy from Hobbs & worth every penny – beautifully cut and still wearing well 3 years in. But for everyday wear and the school run – that parka wins hands down. Now to head off to Zara……

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