The Fash Flash: A Love affair with Leopard…

Good morning readers!

This morning I’m revisiting a post that got so many comments when readers thought it would be no-more that I had to resurrect it in my new home here at Florence Finds. It’s the return ofย The Fash Flash. You can expect to see rather more of these as the weeks go by, giving you my guide to the latest, hottest trends and styles.

This morning I’m sharing my current love affair with leopard print. It’s absolutely everywhere at the moment (and even featured in last week’s Friday Frock O’Clock) …which means you can go as full on with it as you like. Apply sparingly with a printed pony skin belt or shoes or wrap yourself up in it top to toe with a mac or printed jeans. Not for the faint hearted ๐Ÿ˜‰

Leopard Pashmina, New Look.
Leopard print purse, Oasis.
Want some leopard print shoes? keep the take slightly quirky or the heels chunkier for a more trend-led, less lady-of-the-night look ๐Ÿ˜‰ Leopard-print calf hair pumps, Alexander McQueen at Net-A-Porter.
City bag with fur sides, Zara.
Warehouse Animal print jumper
Leopard doesn’t have to be brown and if you suit cooler shades then why not work the trend in greys and silvers or even bolder brights like this Green leopard shift (also available in cream/brown) Oasis?
Or for the subtlest hint of print, try some Animal tights, New Look.
Nail 2 trends in one with these metallic animal print skinnies, New Look.
Flat Leopard print boot, Zara
Leopard print watch, River Island.
Black city bag with leopard print flap, Zara.
Slim Leopard belt, Warehouse.
Pointy leopard ballet pump, New Look.

And now it’s your turn… have you bought into the trend and how are you wearing it? And have I missed a must-purchase piece?

Leave your thoughts and links in the comments box below as always and take your mind off the horrible weather.


PS. There are some things, no matter what the trend, that take a very brave/unwise/super cool person to try them… that would be these then.

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31 thoughts on “The Fash Flash: A Love affair with Leopard…

  1. I love love LOVE leopard print – this post has cheered up my morning!

    I fear I may love it too much as I have graduated from the odd leopard print cardie finding myself lusting after a faux fur leopard print coat – there’s a fine line between animal print accents and Pat Butcher and I think I’m about to cross it!

    Love the new site (almost as much as my new blue animal print jumper…..) xx

    • Brilliant Abi. I can tell you are going to become a sought after commenter with your bargain buys!

      Keep them coming – we all love a good bargain ๐Ÿ™‚

      (but why is it you then feel compelled to tell people how cheap something is instead of revelling in the glory of the compliments you receive on said bargain item?)

  2. I have a leopard cardi and scarf that I love but I’m not brave enough/super cool enough to go head to toe! Loving the green leopard print dress X

  3. I’m a huge leopard print fan I finally plucked up the courage to buy a faux fur coat from Top shop last year when I proudly showed it to my husband he laughed and called me Pat Butcher. Oh how he laughs now everytime I wear it I get compliments and I have been stopped in the street to ask where I got it from so many times. At the moment I am lusting after a pair of boots from Clarks from the Mary Portas collection

  4. I have a lovely pair of leopard print tights that my rather fashion-forward boy got me last Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚ I love wearing them with scarlet ballet shoes and a black pencil skirt -still classy for the office, but with a bit of glamour! Oh and they are so thick and warm, a bonus on a chilly day like today…
    Lel x

  5. I have a leopard print dress in my wardrobe that has been sitting there for 11 months. I have no idea where to wear it. It’s quite a muted leopard-print, if such a thing is possible, and quite modestly cut. You can’t wear leopard print to work when you work in the Home Office. So do I wear it out for coffee/drinks in town? Do I wear it with black everything to tone it down? Do I hide myself under a bushel whilst wearing it? It’s a scary world out there for those of us who don’t wear prints, ladies…

    • Anna K – do it!!! Wear it with black tights, some colour pop ballet pumps and a chunky cardy for a coffee date just to get the confidence up… then, when you’re feeling brave rock it with some heels and lippy for drinks! I’ll hold your hand if you get scared! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Yeah I am not a fan – I cannot carry off a print I am afraid. I do have a mac with leopard print lining and I love the odd flash of it but that is enough for boring little moi. xx

  7. I have a pair of leopard print pumps from H&M’s which were about the same price as Abi’s! They are aces for dressing up my skinny jeans and tshirt.
    May have to give the green leopard shift a cheeky look though!


  8. Oh god, I can already tell this blog is going to be bad for my bank balance. Yesterday, I *may* have purchased some sparkly shoes. Now I NEED those metallic leopard-print jeans in my life. The Oasis dress isn’t too shabby either. Somebody save me, quick!

    (Incidentally, my husband bought me a paid of leopard-print heels for Christmas last year. Yes, that’s right. I married a metrosexual. Considering it was his shoes that attracted me to him in the first place, I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised…)

  9. I am not afraid to embrace my inner Pat Butcher/Kat Moon nee Slater. I love me a bit of leopard print, always have. But that’s probably tied in to my demonstrable love of EastEnders. I am loving that leopard watch – yowsers!

  10. My M&S leopard print pumps have died a slow and painful death after three years, and am DESPERATELY trying to find a just-as-good replacement… I can’t get on with pointy ballet pumps though, so if anyone has spied some suitable ones then I would love to know where they’re from!


  11. I’m ashamed to say it but I have some very similar leggings, with a smaller print. Bought for a fancy dress outfit, I’ve only ever worn them properly once (under a black shirt dress, with black peep toes) for drinks at Lounge Lover, so I fitted in with the OTT decor. They might have worked, they might not have worked… I’m guessing the latter!

    I love a bit of leopard print, I do. I tone it down with soft chunky knits, flat boots and tights or I have a cropped leopard print jacket with bracelet sleeves, that I wear with a smart shift dress and a skinny pink belt for work.

    We shall ignore the leopard print make up fiasco at Ibiza’s Zoo Project last summer, that took two days to remove…

  12. I’m with you all the way on the leopard print. I have that Warehouse cardi in the montage, looks nice with a navy dress, and with jeans, and with a skirt in the office….I also own pumps, skinny belt… the print x

  13. I’ve got the primark pumps a la Abi, but that’s as far as I’ll go with leapord print – it’s just not ‘me’. I kind of wish I could wear it but it just doesn’t go with my vibe (yes I’m a big hippy, so what of it). x

  14. I’ve definitely starting to veer more towards leopard print on jewel tones (bottle greens and dark reds) as the trend goes on, and having it on this season’s key items (long sleeved dresses and brogues are everywhere). This Top Shop dress is classy as hell . I think we’ll see more of other animals soon though! Snake, tiger and zebra have already started popping up in a major way.


  15. I bought a faux leopard print fur coat last year in Miss Selfridge and it was the best thing I ever did! I wore it all winter, from the local pub to a posh wedding and received loads of compliments! I now really really want that Zara bag in the bottom corner… x

  16. Hello ladies, well I’ve had a longstanding love affair with leopard print, my favourite piece being a sheer long-sleeve Zara blouse that I’ve had now for about 4 years, I am having to throw it out though as it’s been worn to death and now has holes in it :(, still not found a suitable replacement and don’t feel as though my life will be complete until I do.

    For now I’m keeping it subtle, with a leopard skinny belt and black smoking pants, as well as my new leopard scarf, it’s a big chunky one that my Mum gave me last week, can’t wait to wear it this weekend. Oh and I want YOUR leopard shoes please. x

  17. There are some rather lovely leopard print shoes in marks and sparks at the moment (and also in my wardrobe :-))

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