The Big Summer List

Inspired by this post over on Cupcakes and Cashmere, I thought how nice it would be to make my own list of summer plans. I like making lists and find that saying that I AM going to do something is the best way of making me actually go out and achieve it. It’s a good feeling to get things ticked off your life list but of course they don’t have to be big things. Some of the most pleasurable aspects of summer are really about enjoying the season and the weather and so I’ve included things big and small on the list.

Why not spend some of your day dreaming about warmer days, balmy nights and glorious sunshine, then leave me a list of things you would like to do this summer…

1. Lingering over chilled rose on a balmy evening in the candle lit garden and talking life plans with Pete.

2. Sharing food plates with friends on a warm, languid evening in one of the many local pavement cafes where I live.

3. Preparing simple fresh food with home grown ingredients from the allotment.

4. Fruit picking and maybe even making my own jam…

5. Adding pops of colour throughout our home with quirky accents and geometric graphic brights, particularly finishing the dining room!

6. Feeling the sun on my skin

7. Blogging outside under a parasol on my new Macbook Pro instead of being chained to my desk!

8. Making a get away to the chic seaside in Cornwall with my Mum and sister for a girls’ weekend in June.

9. Perfecting summer city chic and a workwear wardobe that’s fun but professionally appropriate.

10. Finishing the summer with a festival at Bestival on the Isle of Wight.

So what would you like to do this summer? You don’t have to think of ten, but I’d love to hear your plans (and dreams!)


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12 thoughts on “The Big Summer List

  1. I’m hoping to go camping with my best friend this summer, like we did when we were teenagers (although swap the alcopops for pinot grigio and hopefully we’re now mature enough to not get a ticking off from Brown Owl for keeping the Brownie pack next to us awake all night). This weather is getting me really excited for summer now….


  2. Wearing my new White Whistles daisy & spot dress.
    Picking flowers for the house from our garden.
    Tending said garden & entertaining ourselves, friends & families in the garden.
    Having windows replaced so we can then think about decorating our front room.
    Celebrating 40
    Enjoy the sunshine today!

  3. Oooh, I love making lists!

    Clearing our garden in preparation for summer bbqs

    Tending to my veg patch and herbs and hoping they grow!

    Enjoying my week away in the sun with my husband in July

    Celebrating our first wedding anniversary

    Making the most of this glorious weather

    Decorating the downstairs of our house


  4. Love this post!

    1. Holding an impromptu garden party/bqq for our anniversary which also happens to be the Queens Jubilee. Complete with union jack bunting, fairy lights, Pimms and yummy food.

    2. A night away for said anniversary at my favourite (uk) hotel ever

    3. Afternoon tea Alice and Wonderland Stylee @Thesanderson in June

    4. New wood flooring in our living room being laid next week.

    5. Gorgeous candy coloured nails.

    6. Summer dresses and living in flip flops.


  5. Aw, this sounds like a glorious summer. What a lovely idea, I’m going to be thinking about mine all day now. Sounds like Manchester has better weather than Edinburgh though, with all those balmy evenings…

    • Ha ha! Sounds like a misnomer doesn’t it, balmy evenings in Manchester 😉

      In actual fact, being landlocked, if it’s sunny and warm here it’s always 3-4 degrees warmer than the coast which is my comparison having grown up there, and it’s not windy. Plus my garden is a south facing walled courtyard so traps the heat and radiates it out, perfect for eating al fresco 🙂

  6. I would love to be able to do number 9. but I have long abandoned the dream of being able to find outfits that are stylish and suitable for the lab/commute/London/my budget.

    So this summer I would like to be…

    Holding lots of parties, our wedding has got me slightly addicted to getting all our friends together so now I need to invent some reasons.

    Trying to make a difference at work, dropped the ball a bit recently and need to step it up!

    Visiting my friends that have inconvieniently scattered themselves all over the globe, nothing can top catching up with an old friend so I must make more of an effort.

  7. Fab post mine is!

    Plant some herbs in the garden – I spend a fortune on teh ones in the paackets and its really rather silly!!

    Eat dinner al fresco just the two of us.

    Host at least two BBQ’s at our house

    Host at least two dinners at our house

    Cook at least one recipe from every cook book i own on my cook book shelf!

    Maintain going to body pump and start doing more walks on the weekend!

    Get one mini break in before the end of the year to stave off post wedding blues!! (Cant imagine being post wedding at the mo!)

    Love this!!

    Rachie xo

  8. Get married

    Have a wonderful relaxing honeymoon and enjoy just ‘being’ with my new hubby

    Try and resuscitate the remains of my garden and create an attractive space to sit outside

    Sit outside in afore-mentioned attractive space, for a summer evening’s dinner

    Organise and hold my best friend’s hen do and help her prepare for her gorgeous Autumn wedding 🙂

    The weather is making everything seem so much more optimistic and exciting. Not that I’ve been short of excitement anyway, to be fair!

    K x

  9. Start an herb garden

    Head to the beach more often

    Spend more time with my friends since I don’t have to think about school

    Work on my new blog

    Work out MUCH more often, haha

    – Ali

  10. Fab post! It’s made me really think about what to do with my summer (being a teacher one of the perks of the job is a six week break that is usually not spent productively at all. This year will be different!)

    1. Get the boring stuff out of the way and get all school related work (planning/marking coursework) done the first week off

    2. Redecorate my office – the plan is to turn it more into a living/work area than a place to dump things that I can’t be bothered to put in the loft!

    3. Finally suss out what counts as weeds and what counts as flowers in the garden…

    4. Enjoy a marvelous spa weekend with my best girl friends in Sheffield

    5. Try and get through the massive pile of must-read books on my bed side table!

    Chances are I’ll be able to do all of the above (with the exception of no.1!!)

    Catherine xxx

  11. 1. Enjoying the summer in one of the best cities in the world!

    2. My birthday in a couple of weeks -friends, cocktails, hopefully sunshine…

    3. Taking my dad to Nice for Father’s day

    4. Completing my silversmithing course and having a new skill to be proud of!

    5. Olympics in August! Tennis and diving here I come!

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