The Big Autumn List…

Saturday was the Autumn equinox and from now on the hours of darkness officially become longer than those of daylight as the temperatures start to drop. Yet despite this, Autumn is officially my favourite time of year. In truth, I’m happy most times of the year and it’s only really the slump after New Year until spring starts to show signs of new life and cheer that I feel fed up, but the months between now and Christmas are so fun, so beautiful and more often than not so busy, that I fall in love with them again and again, year after year.

Back in May I invited you all to join me in making a list of the things that you were looking forward to about summer and I enjoyed it so much I decided to make it a regular feature. Today I’m going to share some of my favourite things about Autumn, the things I’m looking forward to making time for and the little things that put a slice of happiness into every day.

  1. Cooking a Sunday Roast with all the trimmings as the darkness falls in the late afternoon then settling down on the sofa for Downton Abby escapism.
  2. Candlelight
  3. Making the house cosy by bringing in new rugs, throws and cushions to add texture and warmth.
  4. Harvesting the last of our produce from the allotment and clearing the ground to make way for the new plants and seeds.
  5. The first time you can breathe out and see your breath hanging in the air.
  6. Kicking piles of dried leaves on a country walk.
  7. Seeking out winter wardrobe must-haves… the perfect boots, cashmere socks, the softest scarf.
  8. Clear cold crisp mornings
  9. Perfect frost and the beautiful landscape it paints.
  10. Baking seasonal puddings, crumbles, cobblers and pies.

What’s on your list this Autumn?


PS. Did you comment on my Summer plans post? Head on back to see how many you managed to check off your list. (I think I managed 6 or 7!)

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21 thoughts on “The Big Autumn List…

  1. I absolutely LOVE the Autumn. It really is my favourite season. It might have something to do with the fact my birthday is in October, but the colours and change in temperature, and the lead up to Christmas excite me year after year. My list this year is:
    1. Halloween. I ALWAYS get excited about Oct 31st and can’t wait to carve that pumpkin
    2. The clear, crisp, sunny mornings
    3. A woollen coat and leather gloves… Gorgeous
    4. Wearing Tweed. Somehow the British-ness of the fabric in the Autumn really makes me smile.
    5. Dressing my new son up in Cozy winter knits (yes, he’s my new dolly!)
    6. Long walks ending in a pub lunch with roaring fire
    7. Roaring fires at my parents house
    8. Seeing the Robins and Bluetits in the Garden
    9. Smelling the Sulphur in the air on Bonfire Night
    10. Our first Christmas as a new family with Bubba getting to enjoy Daddy’s Christmas Lunch (albeit bits of it!)

    It’s going to be a very different Autumn and Christmas lead up this year now we have little man but I can’t wait!


  2. We just ticked off the last of our summer list on sunday going rowing on the lake at a local park 🙂

    I agree, Autumn is definitely my favourite month. I love the longer summer nights but this past week I’ve loved nothing more than getting snuggled under cozy blankets with candles, red wine and a film. On my list this season…

    1. Find a local orchard and go apple picking
    2. Cooking lots of hearty, homey foods
    3. Getting our chimney swept so we can have LOTS of open fires
    4. Wrapping up and going to see our local firework display
    5. The first frost
    6. Long pub lunches after a county walk
    7. Kicking piles of fallen leaves
    8. Getting cosy and enjoying evenings in front of the fire watching TV boxsets and red wine
    9. Rediscovering my favourite knits and boots
    10. The run up to Christmas (I am like a child when it comes to the holidays!)

  3. I love autumn too, mainly due to the run up to Christmas! I am also looking forward to :-
    1. Nights in without feeling guilty for not going out as it’s cold and rainy.
    2. Boots and thick tights (I only wear skirts and dresses in the winter!)
    3. Snow….slightly optimistic?
    4. Visiting all of my friends across the globe before I get too pregnant to fly
    5. Knitting, baking, sewing – I also seem to mainly do crafty things in the winter!

  4. Digging out all my various coloured opaque tights, wearing bodywarmers,drinking hot chocolate, cooking with pumpkins and this year, planning my first Christmas as husband and wife!

  5. Autumn is my absolute favourite season. We got back from our honeymoon in California this weekend and yesterday I was feeling so horribly blue about being back. But this morning the sun is shining in London & it was a beautiful cycle into work. I also dug out my autumn purchases that I made before I left and I’m feeling almost happy to be back, in my flippy autumnal hued skirt and grape coloured tights! I get so excited about autumnal colours and food (which I’m only allowed to start cooking once the honeymoon podge has gone!!) x

  6. I love this! I was just saying to a friend on Sunday that Autumn is my favourite season. I love layering up and feeling cosy and I too cannot wait for a Sunday roast/Downton Abbey combo Sunday eve. I haven’t made a list yet but I am going to add pumpkin carving, as I have never done that before. I think I’ll be using your list as inspiration for mine 🙂

  7. Yes! I love this time of year and the run up to Christmas and each year it seems to fly by quicker than the last!

    I too love the cold crispiness and early dark evenings.

    I love walking the dog in my boots chunky knits and scarf hat and gloves and looking at all the beautiful colours around.

    I love the cosy warmth and candlelight and the twinkly lights as Christmas gets nearer.

    Seeing my nieces and nephews dressed up in the Halloween costumes and baking special ghoulish buns.

    Bonfire night! Nothing makes me regress to my childhood days than toffee apples, bonfire toffee and watching with glee as fireworks light the sky!

    And buying some new decorations for Christmas always makes me feel full of festive cheer. I love that night where you trim up and then sit back with a glass of red admiring your hard work.

    I really do love all the seasons, but I have to admit it would be nicer if we had a definitive summer one. And as much as I love the cold and the ice etc I hate the rain! I really don’t like getting wet! I need a whole wardrobe change as all my trousers are too long so get that horrible wet soggy bottom thing. I need skirts and tights and boots. I can’t pull off jeans.

    Love this! xx

  8. I love Autumn! It is by far my most favourite season, warm colours, crunchy leaves, and wrapping up warm. You can also justify those new season wardrobe splurges this time of year too as we get so many months to wear them! I’m looking forward to:

    Long walks around my favourite London parks through crunchy leaves and stunning scenery.
    Cycle rides around town against the chilly air, waking up to the weekend nicely!
    Pub/roast lunches and dessert with custard.
    Sitting indoors reading books and magazines whilst the rain falls down the window (it’s never the same doing this in the summer!).


  9. Just reading everyone’s answers has got me all excited and autumnal feeling! Looking forward to watching films on our new projector which turns our living room into a cinema, and walking my dogs on cold sunny mornings. And of course the countdown to Christmas!

  10. I’ve been itching for Autumn to arrive the minute that we realised that summer never would!

    For me, despite despising X Factor and V Festival (only nowadays – I used to be mady in love with both ), the fact that X Factor starts on V Festival weekend always signified the countdown to Christmas for me. We’d eat a hangover breakfast and catch up on the first round of auditions before heading back to the field for the second day and I’d get that tingly feeling of excitement and anticipation.

    Nowadays, I see the adverts for it and they are enough to get my autumnal senses started. It means I can put the heating on, snuggle up with a blanket and a hot drink and have cosy nights in with my girls (and my guy when he’s around!). It means period dramas on Sunday nights, big hearty dinners with my family, red wine by the fire, Christmas planning, a wedding anniversary, the start of birthday season, Halloween fancy dress planning, wrapping up warm for Bonfire Night (also my dad’s birthday), planning our annual girlie Christmas trip and lots of lovely seasonal outings with friends and family.

    Things I’m specifically looking forward to this Autumn/Winter are:
    1) spending a whole weekend with my Mr preparing for our first Christmas in our new pad: picking out new seasonal decorations, putting them up, making christmasy treats, inviting our friends and family over to eat and drink them, and then snuggling up together under a blanket to eat the leftovers together. Now to just find that weekend…
    2) listening to rain crashing on the glass of our new conservatory (when the big fat hole the burglers made is fixed of course), and snuggling up under a cosy blanket with a good book and cuppa.
    3) similarly, one of my most memorable New Year’s Day mornings was when I slept on a kitchen chair in a conservatory (don’t ask) and I watched the New Year sun rise over a snowy, countryside horizon. I’m hoping it snows a lot (sorrry!) so I can attempt to replicate this feeling, again in our new conservatory. (you might not have noticed, but all of a sudden the conservatory that I once hated is now my fave thing in the world. Strangely, it’s the winter that’s made me love it, not the summer!)
    4) getting round to hosting a house warming party – we may not have used the BBQ in the summer, but we are not letting 2012 end without christening it – it’s a beast!
    5) wearing colourful opaque tights, boots, knits, layers, scarves, hats and mittens – at ALL times! I look so much better in winter clothes. FACT!
    6) wintery drinks at all high-street coffee shops – Gingerbread Lattes, Black Forest mochas, minty hot chocolates
    7) burning candles
    8) wrapping up warm to head outside and then stripping it all off upon reaching your destination – who doesn’t love a glitzy evening dress hidden under a parka
    9) wintery cocktail parties
    10) Christmas shopping
    11) dark nail polish
    12) glitter and sequins… the Christmas countdown makes it acceptable for adults to wear these in daylight.
    13) root vegetables – in and with everything.
    14) planning my entry for the annual family soup competition
    15) eating lots and lots of colourful soup.

    I’ll stop now… I’m getting carried away and I have work to do!

    • 6) wintery drinks at all high-street coffee shops – Gingerbread Lattes, Black Forest mochas, minty hot chocolates

      Victoria – YES!!! One of my best friends and I actually text each other the first time we see the signs outside Starbucks saying ‘red cups are coming’!!!
      Despite that, I seem to be the only person who isn’t a big fan of autumn. I hate both rain and snow and while autumn colours are pretty the fact that there’s only a few hours of daylight in which to enjoy them puts me off!!! I used to love Bonfire Night but as of this year the fact it coincides with the anniversary of my mum’s death puts me off somewhat and Christmas is similar. Oh well. I’m out of the country most of October and then not long till Spring (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself…)

  11. Fun post! I’ve been posting about Autumn too – I LOVE it! And the whole progression towards Christmas, its just so amazing!

    I agree with everyone else in terms of boots and tights, spending darker nights inside with soup, then hot chocolate and a slice of pie/piece of crumble, and snuggling with my cats! This year I am also planning lots of American fall -style baking using pumpkin that I bought from Amazon.

  12. ooh, I love your list! Mine is so similar, and it’s funny how woolly tights and boots make us all so happy! I do love autumn, but fire is that primeval thing that totally makes the winter months bearable for me – a lit woodburner or open fire, a bonfire and fireworks, candles – just something about that natural flickering warmth and light as the dark draws in that is so wonderful and comforting. Hot puddings and custard are a help too, especially homemade gingerbread cake – yum!;)

  13. Yes to EVERYTHING everyone has already said! You’ve all made me even more excited about Autumn – the tights, the fire, the candles, the blankets, the crunchy leaves and frosty nights, the crumbles and fireworks and Sunday pub lunches with the papers. Love it all! I’m totally embracing it at home, a sheepskin is now snuggled over the back of my favourite armchair making the cosiest spot possible for Strictly and Downton viewing…Also, the funny thing about writing a food blog is that it makes me so much more aware of how much I’m influenced by the seasons! Over the last few weeks, everything in my household has turned into soup, spice, nutty maple breads and pear and ginger muffins…yum.

    Right, I have to say EXACTLY to a few of you in particular:

    – Martha, we just ticked off the last thing from the summer list last weekend! My autumn list looks so similar to loads of those here, will be pinching a few good ideas too.
    – Victoria – our kitchen has a glass roof and I love it so much more in autumn/winter than summer! The light is just gorgeous, and it helps you feel connected to Nature while still being cosy and snuggled up inside. Also, totally agree about how exciting it is to celebrate a first Christmas in a new house. I have been looking forward to Christmas in our home ever since we moved in in January – literally cannot WAIT.
    – KateQ – totally agree about crafting more in autumn, there’s something about being curled up on the sofa with a project! Just last night I sorted through my fabrics and started trying to embroider something cool to frame – may or may not work…

    Thanks Rebecca, fab post!

  14. This post has made me feel so much better about autumn coming especially as it feels more like winter in Newcastle today.

    Thanks for the reminders of how much I love warm comfort autumn food, stews and roasts and crumbles. My tights and boots and scarves and woolly hats and in particular I cannot wait for fireworks night.

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