The big Autumn list…

I usually like to write these posts around the official calendar start to the season but holidays and warm weather in the UK took my mind off the impending season. Now we are in full ‘fall’ swing over here in the US however, I’m ready to think beyond our trip, but not as far as the Christmas madness ahead.


As is tradition, here is my list of things I plan to do to fully appreciate the season and some general life cleansing that needs to happen.

1. September shape up was a wash out for me, as after a busy couple of weeks I came down with a disgusting cold that put an end to breathing through my nose, never mind running. I still managed to get down to 1lb off my pre-pregnancy weight but am really feeling the lack of exercise. I suspect that will be even more of an omnipresent thought when we get back from 2w of American food, so I’ll be getting back to running and healthy eating, hoping to shed another half stone before December.

2. It’s bulb planting time and I love nothing more than crisp sunny autumnal afternoons in the garden – clearing leaves, planting bulbs and generally tidying, with a roast dinner filling the house with welcoming and warming smells for when the evening draws in.

3. I plan to use the longer evenings to get some personal projects done, instead of just collapsing in a heap on the couch. Most pressing are some photo books, I have all the images collated for a 2014 book but need to tackle arranging them into the book itself. After that there’s the mammoth task of documenting Bea’s first year and some big holidays we have taken over the years that deserve a book to themselves.

4. The house renovation continues and with limited budget post holiday and limited time pre-Christmas, we have to make some decisions about how best to proceed. In the offing are Bea’s playroom, the dining room or our dressing room, so I need to decide which and get a move on.

5. It’s also time we did some serious clearing out. With the upstairs bedroom being made over and the playroom pending we have moved a lot of stuff around and are slowly making usable rooms from neglected spaces that were just accumulating junk. There are cupboards full of stuff I haven’t opened in 12 months so I plan to be ruthless and start clearing out at least one, or even two of the rooms.

6. Autumn always feels like a time for comforting foods like sausage and mash or pies and stews but this Autumn I’d like to find some healthier yet warming options that don’t leave me bloated and in need of a lie down.

7. Given the list above this may be ambitious but I want to start incorporating something for me. Pete plays footie twice a week yet I struggle to get out on a regular basis. It’s starting to feel like I need the me time and yoga is so emotionally balancing that I want to make it a regular part of my week.

So readers, what do you think? Please share your seasonal to-do list in the comments, be it goals or simply a seasonal bucket list. I always love reading your thoughts. 


Rebecca xo

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6 thoughts on “The big Autumn list…

  1. I’m hoping to do all the seasonal things like drink hot chocolate, walk through crunchy leaves (I really want to tick of Kew Gardens in this season as I’ve seen it in spring and summer so far), eat warming meals (would be interested in any healthy ones you find!). I want to take a fresh look at my career in the longer evenings as I feel like I’ve been going with the flow over summer. Hope there’s enough time for it all! 🙂 x

  2. I love autumn – it’s definitely my favourite season. This year I’m aiming small with my wish list. I want to take the children on a proper leaf stomping, conker hunting autumn walk and get round to making some of the halloween crafts that I’ve pinned in previous years with them. I also need to get round to making some photo books. Shamefully I’ve got about three years worth of photos to sort though, so I’m doubtful that it will all get done!

  3. I love your big lists!! And I love Autumn! My favourite time of the year.

    Oh my list for the season I have getting out and enjoying Autumn in all its colourful glories! We have already done a 7am sunrise walk up a local wee hill range, Bennachie. Now that was proof that Shape up September was a wash out because it was so hard I felt so unfit!

    I also want to make some new time by getting crafty and making lots of lovely things for Christmas presents. We are on holiday the first 2 weeks of December so I am needing to plan Christmas festivities early!

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