The Big Autumn List…

I’m a little late with my usual list this year – I like to time them with the spring and autumn equinox, so around the 21st of the month, but it was the 22nd of September already when I realised I had missed it and with moving day looming, wouldn’t be posting this until early October.

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I heard on the radio recently that now is a good time for making resolutions instead of New Year, because it’s a new season which inspires us all, plus there are only three months to stick at it before New Years, so it’s achievable. 😉

After moving last Friday (more on that soon,) I can really strongly feel a sense of change. I feel like one chapter of my life has closed and a new one is beginning, with this house underpinning it. We hope it will be our family home, so I think it will be a much more mature chapter of my life, but lots of fun too! As a result, lots of my autumn plans are home related but I hope you enjoy reading them and are inspired to share yours in the comments below…


  • I can’t wait to sweep leaves on the grass in my new back garden and maybe even have a bonfire with sparklers and stew and hot chocolate (or mulled wine!)
  • I’m looking forward to Sundays more than anything, gardening, roast dinners, wintery puddings and reading in the afternoon until the nights draw in.
  • The crisp smell of autumn on clean days and crunching of leaves underfoot on walks in Chorlton Meadows.
  • Spending the darker nights planning our decorating projects and deciding which room to tackle first.
  • I want to find an exercise regime that I can stick with over the winter. Now the stress of moving is over I can put my fitness first again and stay toned before Christmas indulgence takes over.
  • We’re not planning a holiday this autumn but have a week off booked to really get on with the house in November. I’d like to book a weekend in the lakes at some point though to get away from house plans and reconnect with Pete after what has been a stressful few months. (Any well priced cosy B&B’s anyone can recommend?)
  • I’ll be planting bulbs in the new garden ready for spring.
  • Fashion is taking a bit of a back seat right now but my autumn wardrobe is woefully empty due to a mass clear out I had last spring thinking I would replace it now, so I’ll be scouting about for well priced pieces or workhorse investments to keep myself (and the bank) happy. 🙂

What are your plans, dreams and goals for the next three months readers? Please join in in the comments box!


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17 thoughts on “The Big Autumn List…

  1. Hi Rebecca!
    Congrats on the move! We too are also looking to move house and start a new beginning 😉 Ever so excited too, I love the change into Autumn then Winter…….( The wrapping up in coats & hats & scarf) And feeling that cold on your face!
    So, how did you find the move? My Husband gets really “Grumpy” when moving….He hates all the re-organising etc but calms down once were all moved in 😉
    At the moment I am checking out Primary schools for my Little boy, then can concentrate on the catchment area! You will have all this to come hehe

    Great post as always Rebecca!
    Love Amanda! XoXo

    • Thanks Amanda – the move was fine. Actually a lot harder before than since – mainly because a lot of my own stress centered on whether it was the right decision and once in the house I could see it was. Pete was stressed too, but again, better once we were in. We’ve both worked like demons to be honest to get unpacked as I only had one day off other than move day and he was the same. We’re 80% there I think!

      Good luck with your moving plans!

      • Awww so glad it all went well Rebecca! Did Peter tell you that he is my GP!! After looking at some of your pics I almost fell off my sofa when I saw Dr Norris !!! 😉

        I think you are a perfect couple and I wish you both all the luck and happiness in your long and loving Marriage.
        How you find all your energy and time to do all that you do, I will never know 😉 but could you please prescribe me some of it haha
        Keep up the Bloggs! I love them! xxxxx

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    I can highly recommend the Water Wheel in Ambleside. Really cosy and lovely rooms you even get a bottle of port for a night time tipple. It is right in the centre next to the river and it not over priced. Great breakfast in the morning, you wake up to the smell of bacon.

    There are some great places to eat and drink all within walking distance.

    Katie x

    PS Love your blog and pop by everyday.

  3. Ooh, I love these lists – much more manageable than for a whole year.
    My autumn list:
    – keep up with reading before bed as often as I can as I’ve really been enjoying it (not going to say every night, as that’s hardly realistic with a baby!)
    – update my casual wardrobe by throwing out the old, tired clothes that don’t make me feel good and buying a few bits for a more capsule wardrobe.
    – go on a long family walk ending with a pub lunch
    – have a night out with my girl friends (and no baby!)
    – decorate the nursery

  4. I don’t really have an autumn list this year, as the builders moved into our house yesterday (and have already torn down the ceiling and up the floor!) so this winter will be a slightly odd one of camping with friends and on the top floor. But I do have a long list of things I want to do in London while we are staying in new neighbourhoods and generally forced to be more social and energetic because it won’t be at all comfortable to be at home.

    We stayed a couple of years ago in a place called The Cottage in the Wood just outside Keswick. It is a (very) small hotel, with an excellent chef and we went on a mid-week dinner, B&B deal. Not absolutely bargainous, but very good value for what it was.

    Normally I would prefer to be able to explore other options for supper, but we were doing some serious walking during the day and it felt so indulgent and relaxing to just come downstairs and have delicious supper in their pretty conservatory. The people who run it are terribly nice and we had a lovely time.

  5. I love your list Rebecca! It makes me so excited for Autumn / Winter! One of my favourite seasons!

    I don’t really have a New Years Resolution as yet however, my husband and I have been working through a rather large list of “to do” items before our Little baby arrives early November! Almost there and it feels great. Our house at the moment is certainly not our forever home but we hope our next move is. Regardless of that though, it it now pretty much complete and every room has its purpose and function, decorated to our taste. It’s taken almost 3 years but I am really happy with it all…especially the nursery!

    So apart from the house, I have 3 weeks left at work to go and that gives me some time off before my life changes completely. I plan to relax / read books and spend some long lunches with my dad! Who knows what the rest of November will bring…chaos perhaps! 🙂

    Congratulations with your move…looking forward to hearing more!


  6. Can’t wait to see more on your new home! We are wanting to buy our forever home next year so I’m all over right move daily lol!

    Not really many plans for autumn other than to continue training for a half marathon next year, this is mainly as I will be 30 and want to achieve this as part of a big year! Running really helps the weight come off and as a result I have neglected the 30 day shred somewhat but I do mean to get back into it as soon as I can. So far we are only up to running 4 miles but only got into decided to do it in august lol, plenty if time to train for next sept!

    In the lakes, I can highly recommend the hideaway in Windermere. So cosy and service second to none, plus free daily tea and cakes each day you stay!! Win! Lovely place and so romantic!
    Love the lakes for relaxing!

  7. I just wallpapered our lounge on the weekend, and now we’re nearly at the end of what seems like a million visitors to our new house, I can’t wait to start stocking up on kitchen appliances and cooking food to freeze so I don’t have to cook when I get home after work on winter nights! Then it’s long walks on the weekends in Greenwich and the SE london parks, a cheeky trip to Paris in November and decorating our spare room.
    I can’t wait to see more of the new house Rebecca, it sounds wonderful xx

  8. Autumn, first up a child free trip to London this week for a winter wardrobe shop and food fest, Mr C and I do this every year and I look forward to it soooo much! For once I don’t have a house project on the go but I’m sure I’ll find something to work on, it’s like a hobby and I get fidgety without something to focus on!

    For the Lakes, its by no means bargainous but The Samling is up there with my favourite hotels ever. I had one of the most loveliest weekends there about 7 years ago with the hubby, we splashed out on a little cottage called The Bothy on the grounds, which are fantastic to stroll round, and enjoyed the hot tub, a visit to Windermere and ate in their amazing restaurant in the evening.. I do believe this has just been given a michelin star for 2014 too!

  9. I LOVE autumn, so I am just too excited with the leave starting to fall and everything! Like a kid in a sweet shop! My autumn will hopefully look like this:

    – Finding more and more ways to use up the apples from my neighbours garden

    – Walks in country in wellys crunching through the leaves!

    – Adding to my autumn wardrobe

    – Also planting spring bulbs in the hope the garden will be in bloom for our wedding.

    – Getting fit in time for my wedding dress measurements getting taken just before the Christmas indulgences start! (started a metafit class yesterday and I am in so much pain)

    – Trying new country pub lunches, something about autumn makes me want to be in cosy country pubs!

    x x x

  10. Congratulations on the move! Autumn is a weird time for me, as it is silly season at work – with lots of very long weeks and very little time, but also this year a time of SO. MUCH. CHANGE. I love more settled autumns when I can enjoy cool crisp days, but having said that the warm October day we are having in London right now is not too shabby! I have no list this year, hopefully will have a list for Spring though to assist with discovering a new city…

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