They called it Mellow Yellow

So this morning’s post is giving today the honorary title of Mammoth Monday. Capitalised because this is a beast of a post. I hope you enjoy reading it and I can’t wait to hear what you think of my ideas… here goes!

I’m a pretty ‘snap decision’ type of person. I’m decisive and I know what I like, and todays round up is no exception. I’ve been having a love-affair with yellow in home decor for a while, but I really hadn’t considered it as a wall covering until recently. I was visiting the ultra stylish home of my friend Becky from Blossom and admired her bold choice of wallpaper in the hallway. She then told me a story of her Mum visiting a stately home and telling her how warm and welcoming it felt in a room that had been beautifully decorated in yellow. Now I look back, my favourite house as a child also had a yellow hallway and people who visited always said what a friendly vibe it had. Becky had actually gone to all the trouble of seeking out a yellow wallpaper for that exact purpose… to make visitors feel at home – now that’s the hostess with the mostess right there!

*Images – Yellow Hallway and Yellow and grey wallpaper (like Becky’s)

In actual fact, I think yellow has been somewhat in the desert for a few years as other colours and neutral minimalism have taken its place in the spotlight. (I don’t mind saying that I found some really passé examples of yellow decor when researching this feature.) However, it’s clear to see, Yellow is everywhere…

*Images – Bed and yellow living room.

One of the most contemporary examples is a yellow and grey colour palette and it was this that Becky pulled off beautifully in her contemporary modern hallway, with a grey dresser as an accent piece. Lots of the examples of yellow that I’m seeing are also very contemporary or graphic with black and white, but yellow can also be boho if that’s more your style…

*Images – Wall Art, Boho bedding and eclectic chic.

I love the statement yellow art work against the eclectic collection of bits and pieces in the top left picture here, but I also love the completely eccentric deocr using intricate patterns of yellow and ethnic intricacies with this wall hanging and throw.

*Modern modular yellow sofa, yellow stripes, Quirky yellow chesterfield sofa and murky shades of grey and mustard.

And don’t you just love a yellow sofa? A girl can dream…

One of my absolute favourite styles of decor is seeing colour pop brights artfully mixed and clashed. The yellow doors in this stylish interior literally make my heart sing – Surely you couldn’t fail to be happy with those in your life? Or how about a yellow red and pink combo? Sounds tricky doesn’t it? Or super stylish, with some oversized artwork thrown in and painted wooden furniture.

*Yellow doors and both yellow and brights images.

Or for the boldest-at-heart, how about yellow and teal or turquoise?

(Blue and Yellow) Images here and here

However, I’m getting off topic here. The purpose of the post was to find a round up of yellow wallpapers…

First up are 2 of my favourites. I actually have lampshades in Osbourne and Little’s Pompadour pattern (shown below left) and the out-there florals on this contemporary grey and yellow painterly design are beautiful… imagine them en-masse?

*Geometric Lime-yellow on white gold metallic background – Du Barry from Osbourne and Little’s Pompadour collection and Yellow floral, Ginevra from the Grand Tour papers, O&L.

Cole and Son are probably my favourite wallpaper manufacturers and each roll feels like a work of art, from the quality to the printing – worth every penny and with enough variety to satisfy the post-modernist or the naturalist.

Pompeian and Fan Tree both by Cole and Son.

Lots of yellows lean towards green. Lime, acid or chartreuse, I still love them and zingy shades plus the little humming birds shown here almost make my perfect wallpaper.

*Birds – Grove Garden from the Wallpaper 5 collection, O&L and Tulips Jewel of Spring from Hothouse by O&L

But what have I chosen after all of this searching? I wanted something warm and welcoming, homey but contemporary and suited to the rustic salvage look I so love. So this is the one for me… Cole and Son’s Cow Parsley, a design I have loved forever but didn’t until recently know was available in yellow. Soon to be installed in my hallway 🙂

I’ll share the rest of the make over as soon as it’s done!

Tell me, do you like yellow? Do you still feel it’s dated? Or is it too bold for you? Do you love some of the rooms I’ve shared here and are you feeling inspired?


Friday Frock O’Clock

This week’s dress is all about Autumn. I’ve had my head turned by a single sunny day (hey, who wouldn’t have?) but at the same time I’m just getting to the stage of smelling that crisp tinge to the air and looking forwards to cosy knits and layers, so I’m loving the yellow tweed fabric in a sunny shade in this weeks Friday Frock…

*Monsoon Catherine Tweed Tunic £95

I’m thinking this is the perfect weekend dress, team with coloured tights and heeled Mary Janes for the evening or try it with flats and a scarf for walks in the park kicking the leaves.

What are you wearing this weekend and what dress is on your mind this week? Do leave a link in the comments box 🙂


PS. Wondering what Friday Frock O’clock is all about? Read more here.

Yellow Skirts

I’m having a little obsession over clothes for my bottom half right now. I’m a massive fan of dresses, but I really dislike buying tops and bottoms. My work wardrobe is a whole other thing but if I’m off duty I’m rarely out of my jeans. That’s fine if I’m dressing them up or down with sparkly tops or a knit, but when I want to wear something else, something a little cooler perhaps, or more comfortable, I’m stumped.

That is until recently when I began a love affair with skirts. I have a very fancy skirt I treated myself to in the My-Wardrobe sale from Mulberry (I know *credit card shudder* – It was a treat.) It’s the D-Ring paperbag waist skirt and looks fab with something sleek on the top half to balance the proportions. I prefer to wear a white vest with it or fitted white tee. However, as I said, that is rather fancy, so whilst I don’t believe in saving things for best (when is that anyway?) I try not to wear it for any old occasion!

And now I’ve stumbled across this sunshine yellow skirt by EmersonMade. More on Emerson another time, but hello skirt!

*Goldie Pockets Skirt $188, EmersonMade

So, right now $188 dollars (about £115) is a little too much for me to spend, so I thought I would have a look around for some alternatives on the high street.

The ASOS one is quite a good replica! Or can you point me towards a better one?

So can I tempt you?


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