Triple Temptation: Yellow Coats

Head turned: Coated Cotton Parka, ASOS £55 // Second Glance: Tutorat coat, Petit Bateau at Atterley Road £126 // Love at first sight: Boat Jacket, Superdry £99

I’m debuting a little mini-feature today, Triple Temptation. I often spot similar items that I love, at different price points and often with small distinguishing features that make one so much more covetable than another. So I have decided to group them and share the love as they crop up.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted a yellow coat, specifically for spring showers. It just seems so suited to the cheerful mood that a bit of spring sunshine brings and of course retains its cheer when the sun goes in and rain inevitably takes over. Rainproofing would be an added bonus. 😉

Do you wear a rain coat?


PS Thanks to Jessie at Sweet Thing for the post inspiration.

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