Friday Fun…

For the end of the week and in anticipation of the spring weather we have been promised for the weekend, I thought I’d share this little find. Yesterday I spotted these gorgeous desktop and mobile wallpapers by Elise Pescheret over on DesignLoveFest. I’ve seen her work before on Pinterest and I’m going to be dressing my tech immediately with these beautiful pieces of art. Perfect fore spring pretty and a friday pick me up.

Enjoy readers!


Spotted: Ikea [Brakig]

Todays find is almost so good that I didn’t want to share it. With my serious double lust over geometrics and pastels, I was in near heaven when I saw the new (limited edition) Brakig collection by IKEA. The result of a collaboration between IKEA and ArtRebels, it’s bang on trend.

The range is only available in-store (Boo!) which is good news in some ways as my immediate thought was that it would instantly become ubiquitous and I’d be so disappointed. The range is wide with everything from storage boxes and trays to textiles, furniture and wallpaper.

Image via DoorSixteen

Did I mention the wallpaper? I’m currently considering a geometric design for one of our bedrooms and its not a million miles away from the Brakig white background multi-triangle design. I won’t say how much the design I was coveting is per roll, but I will tell you that IKEA’s version is yours for five whole english pounds. And whilst it doesn’t look handprinted, it isn’t thin or flimsy or shiny either.

Image via AnyaAdores. Triangle print wallpaper available in white or black, and geometric print pale coral or grey.

I’m now wondering if I should have snapped some up – I certainly didn’t realise it was limited edition or in-store only at the time. But then, there’s always a reason to go to IKEA right?


Renovation Ruminations: Bright hallway ideas

As we’re currently getting the knock through done to our bedroom (into the dressing room) part of our house is resembling something of a building site. In order to avoid thinking about it I’m doing the sensible thing and fantasising about part of our house that I really dislike (decor-wise) and really want to change, but don’t have any plans to do so for probably a year or more. (We have already blocked up a doorway in the hall and have yet to move another, so there is no point decorating before that is done.)

Our hall has great bones but an old fashioned wallpaper below the dado rail and an abundance of cream paint. The floor is half decent as its one saving grace, along with the pretty bannister spindles. I’m envisaging a bright and light white painted hallway with a blue and white patterned modern wallpaper for practicality below the dado and lots of super bright accents.

I want to create a space that is bright, modern and welcoming with tons of personality and family friendly too. I just wish we could do it sooner!

What do you think readers?


Other rooms we have planned:
The Living room
The master bedroom
Kitchen plans part 1 and part 2

Found: Wallpaper for Boys

I often think that when decorating a nursery or childs room the options are limited. The stylish but all-pervading Cath Kidston Cowboy paper is cute, but seems to be the only option for a Mum who doesn’t want a bright blue wall or cartoon characters, and I know when I’m a Mum that won’t be my idea of a stylish children’s bedroom.

So a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon Paper Boy Wallpaper and absolutely loved what I saw…

Paper Boy Wallpaper: ‘Spitfires’

How cool are these Spitfires zipping across the wall like some kind of battle scene from a  film? There’s also a particularly dramatic khaki colour way with silver foil planes.

Paper Boy Wallpaper: ‘Animal Magic‘ and ‘Hand made

What caught my eye about these designs is the way that not only are they ‘boy themed’ with dinosaurs, castles and dragons galore, but they also tap into the innate ‘little boy psyche’. You know, little boys of old who had pockets full of conkers and marbles, worms in a jar and like to get dirty outside. It’s a delightfully old fashioned concept but made so very modern with the clever designs.

Paper Boy Fabrics: ‘D’ya think-e-saurus‘ and ‘How it works

That boyish curiosity is really reflected in the ‘How it works’ paper showing anamatronics and the ‘Animal magic’ revealing skeletons that only show up when the light reflects on their glossy surface. And I dare say there’s a few little tomboys out there that might find a few of these pretty cool too.

Paper Boy Fabrics in ‘Ere be Dragons‘ and ‘Spitfires

What do you reckon? Are you all about tradition when it comes to decorating for children, or will you be looking for something that excites them but works with your personal design aesthetic too? I’d love to hear from those of you that have children and the choices you made…


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