Spotted: Style Me Vintage Weddings

I have been excited about writing today’s post for what feels like months and this weekend I finally got my hands on a copy of Style Me Vintage: Weddings. I don’t normally write about weddings these days, but this wasn’t hard to make an exception for as it was written by my friend and fellow blogger, Annabel Beeforth of Love My Dress, a wedding blog with ‘a focus on vintage, retro, glamorous, chic and elegant content.’

Way back when I was a wedding blogger (at Rock My Wedding,) I had 2 big goals. 1. I wanted to be featured in Grazia magazine (just because it was my favourite magazine,) and 2. I wanted to write a book. I’ve always taken great pleasure in blogging as an industry and being a part of it as it advances and develops, particularly in the UK, so although it wasn’t me who eventually wrote that book, it gives me no end of pleasure that it’s my friend Annabel who takes that prize and deservedly so.

Annabel is one of the hardest working wedding bloggers out there. Anybody who thinks full time professional blogging is a cushy job really doesn’t know enough about what’s involved. Sure there are perks and glitzy industry events, but nine times out of ten you arrive knackered after the usual slog of prepping blog posts and the part of the job that really takes over, the administration behind the scenes of answering emails and actually running a blog as a business. To add writing a book to that is a massive workload so my hat really goes off to Annabel for pulling it off.

The book, as the title suggests, focuses on vintage wedding style, breaking it down by decade and this is where Annabel really shows off the incredible knowledge she has developed as an expert in vintage style. There are real vintage style weddings and inspirational styled images. Each chapter also has sections on perfecting every aspect of your look for an authentic take on vintage inspired, with beauty, fashion, stationery and decor touches to complete the look.

And what a job Annabel has done. I love a good coffee table book – for me they have to be beautiful to hold and beautifully illustrated. Annabel ensured that when she enlisted Joanna Brown who has captured the images which really are of the highest quality and completely breathtaking in places. Special mention goes to Michelle Kelly, (my colleague at Dream Find Do,) and founder of Pocketful of Dreams, who styled the images to ‘create distinct decor elements that would bring each era to life’ with her impeccable eye and managed to make vintage very very modern. Zoe Lem takes credit for the fashion picks and styling.

For me the triumph of this book is in its genuine display of knowledge, collection of real historical references and then the incredibly thoughtful respresentation of those eras presented in the inspiration images.

You can find Style Me Vintage: Weddings on Amazon – if you need to buy a gift for a bride to be that you know, if she likes vintage style then I guarantee she’ll love it. 🙂

Well Done Annabel!


Spotted: From Paris, With Love – 91 Magazine

This morning I wanted to share a little treat and show you where you can see more beautiful pictures like the one below. I’ve talked about 91 Magazine before, a crafty vintage style online magazine, choc full of inspiration for DIY projects, food, interiors and crafts. Although I’m not the world’s biggest DIY fan (where does the time go?) I do love unique style. DIY, crafting and up-cycling are the only way to truly get one of a kind touches. 91 Magazine‘s editor Caroline has been kind enough to share an excerpt from the current issue, Issue 3, in this case, the home tour of a ceramicist living in Paris. Expect to feel inspired!

“If you’ve ever dreamed of living the life of an artist in Paris, then step inside the apartment of ceramicist and textile designer Lise Meunier, and get a little taste of this envious lifestyle. Lise’s passion for crafts and found objects is evident in every corner of her spacious, light-filled apartment, which she shares with her partner and two children.”

“Lise’s creative passion began as a young girl in her childhood bedroom, making all sorts of things with found objects. She studied Art History and worked as an illustrators agent after graduating and enjoyed taking pottery classes. But deep down, she knew she wanted to devote more of her time to her own creations. So she quit her job to pursue her creative passions full-time. She currently divides her time between her studio where she can fire her ceramic work and designing and creating from her home.”

Words and Photos by Leigh Metcalf

There’s so much more to see inside this issue of 91 Magazine – head on over and while away your coffee or lunch break flicking through the pages – I’d love to hear which bit you enjoyed the most!


Extract from Issue 3 of 91 Magazine – read more of this article & see more images at

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