Triple Temptation: Nursing Bra’s

Possibly the least sexy thing about being pregnant has been the bra’s. Conflicting advice about under wiring do’s and don’t’s is confusing enough, without the then hideous selection available. Personally, I needed larger bra’s pretty much from the off and struggled on in my usual ones until about 17 weeks, when I headed off to the shops and spent a necessarily brief (for my sanity) trip scoping out the available options in M&S and John Lewis. I found a selection of twee or cutsy polka dot, floral and generally hideous bra’s and a rude sales woman who flat out refused to sell me an underwired bra ‘because I was pregnant’. Cue me leaving without getting measured and buying a 2 pack of navy and white lace non-underwired, lace bra’s from M&S (36D at the time and they were nursing bra’s – all of the maternity ones were.) The only other bra I have bought in pregnancy has been a strapless nude (heavily underwired) number to see me through events and various stroppy/halterneck tops. (FYI, I went from a 32 C/D pre-pregnancy, to a 34/36 E currently, and that’s pre-feeding.) The other 2 have been on rotation depending on what is not in the wash.

Nursing Bra’s all from £29-40

So with a new baby and the intention of breast feeding, I figured I’d need more bra’s – to help with the washing and also to try and make me feel better. I’m not obsessive about underwear and it’s certainly been a long time since I was wearing a matching set, but I know I’m going to feel a bit upset about my postpartum body and reckon if there’s anything I can do to make myself feel better, it’s worth shot. Plus, hopefully it’ll be a long stint of breast feeding, so on a cost per wear basis, these bra’s are going to earn their keep. I headed to (first time customer) to check out their range after seeing a patient wearing a very pretty nursing bra and asking where it was from. It was Panache and I also found Elle McPherson’s range and HOTmilk. I was initially looking for a nude one but I bought all three of the above and sent the HOTmilk back, as it was too big (the others fit but have a little growing room, whereas the HOTmilk was slightly baggy.)

The service was great (free delivery and returns,) as was the range, so I wanted to share my finds. Have you bought any pretty nursing bra’s or can you comment on online sizing? I’d love to hear of any other brands that would be worth checking out…


Florence’s Gift Guide #4: Every difficult to buy for man you know…

This morning it’s the big kahuna. Gifts for men. I think it’s safe to say that every man in the history of the universe suddenly turns into a nightmare to buy for from the age of 15. They either buy what they want as soon as they want it, leaving you nothing to spoil him with, or they simply ‘don’t want anything at all’ leaving you in a quandary.

Here are a few ideas, from stocking fillers to larger presents that will hopefully at least inspire you if not solve your problems…

Did I do well readers?

Please share your best picks for men and triumphs in the gift buying stakes this Christmas!


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A Brief Solution…

With the advent of sheer jersey pieces (more on that elusive white t-shirt that’s neither too thick nor too see-through another time…) along with my love for a classic white shirt or silk tee, I find myself wearing nude seamless bras more and more these days. And that’s really not a sexy look.

Whilst I don’t advocate everyone prancing about trussed up in frilly fripperies of the undergarment variety every day, I do so hate getting undressed of an evening and feeling less than stylish as I peel my layers off. Yes, you can co-ordinate with matching briefs (Urgh, nude knickers?) but although they’re a necessity when wearing white linen trousers for example or some summer dresses, I prefer something a bit prettier to brighten my day up.

Of course you could go totally non-matching (I think neon block colours would work particularly well with nude bra’s) but I recently had a brain wave… how about mixing your nude bra’s with patterned knickers with a nude background or with neutrals as part of the pattern?

Accessorize Briefs all above £6 each.

The shop in which I had this little epiphany – don’t laugh, I’m taking this very seriously! was GAP, which is currently doing a great range of briefs in their GAP Body range. Thongs, standard briefs and boy short styles are all catered for, in comfy jersey or sheer chiffon.

*GAP Body range, £6 each.

So, on the days where nude bra’s are required, we no-longer have to work the ‘nude underwear’ look.

Try it out for yourself, it’s certainly raised a smile in my house 😉


PS. I have never owned leopard print underwear and never thought I would, but the Accessorize pair is just pleasantly kitsch enough to be cheeky rather than trashy. I’m easing myself into the trend. 😉

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