Socialista Sista’

Already in the three years that I have been involved in blogging, I’ve noticed a real change in how people use social media. Of course, I already had a Facebook account when I joined the blogging revolution, but I had no idea what a business page was and Twitter was a whole new ball game.

Engaging in conversation and status updates about the new iPhone5 release with readers on my Facebook (right) and Twitter (left) pages yesterday evening

I’ve never been what I would call a Facebook addict but I did tend to check every couple of days and face-stalk peoples holiday pictures, didn’t we all? In sharp contrast, yesterday I uploaded the pictures from a friends wedding and despite me having been to several other weddings and on a few holidays, never mind general ‘life’ it had been over 6 months since I last did the same.

Now my life has been taken over by Twitter. Facebook just isnt the same when it comes to sharing and keeping up to date with news, media oulets like magazines and following celebrity or style icons. All that and it takes care of the majority of my social media exposure for Florence Finds and lets me keep in touch with my ‘blog friends’. Are my everyday friends there though? No. A few of them admit to having an account and who knows if they check it or not, but there’s a really tentative air of fear about them when they discuss it. I remember it. Like I felt before I finally succumbed to Facebook.

From a business or blog point of view, there used to be a very clear demarcation… Facebook was to capture Brides (in my wedding blogging days) and Twitter was for industry. Now, my Facebook followers (all 436 of you) are dwarved by my 1,573 twitter followers. What is interesting however is that they are largely made up of readers rather than industry types. Has there been a shift? I’d say it’s seismic.

I do still see people however who cling to Facebook and use it far more than Twitter, even amongst people who I know have and use both forms of social media. And then there’s the way Instagram seamlessly integrates with both – maybe that’s where all my Facebook albums went, trampled by the instant gratification of boastful over-sharing when you’re somewhere fun/drool-worthy/envy-inducing.

So, today I’d like to hear about your social media strategy, (spoken with a hint of irony.) Do you still use Facebook? Have you joined Twitter yet? And if not, why not? I’m fascinated to hear your thoughts and how you use social media…


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