#JanuaryJoy – Make something crafty

Today’s post has been somewhat thwarted by the weather. Each #JanuaryJoy prompt was designed to get me to tackle some of the things I love spending time on but so often get overlooked for life’s mundane tasks. With all good intentions I had my craft supplies at the ready this weekend then was unable to get outside due to snow to do my spray painting and start today’s crafty experiment. But I thought I would share what I was planning anyway and make some suggestions for what you might embark upon.

Image Credit: Up in the Air Somewhere

If you have ever been on Pinterest, you must have seen this beautiful handmade gold stripe tray. Made by ceramics design store Up in the Air Somewhere on Etsy, it satisfies all my design lust and current love affair with rich glamorous gold. So I decided I would make my own.

Initially I planned to buy some clay and make its exact likeness, but not only is that time consuming, but it is also ripping off somebody else’s design. Whilst somebody may choose to do that in the privacy of their own home, I don’t want to encourage it here. I also wanted to keep the cost down, or I may as well buy the coveted ceramic tray, so I bought a simple (purple incidentally,) rectangular tray with handles cut out of the sides from Home Sense, (very similar in shape to this one.) I have worked with gold leaf before, so have a bit of a head start as it can be fiddly, but my plan is to spray paint the tray high gloss white and then tape on the striped pattern and gold leaf the exposed surface on the base of the tray’s interior before removing the tape to expose the pattern and sealing with a varnish.

If you fancy doing the same thing, a quick scout around the internet found me several tutorials of how other people have interpreted the design:

1. This one uses high shine gold tape to get the same effect
2. Use liquid leaf on a ceramic tray for an easy way of getting the glow of gold leaf.
3. The easiest way would be to use spray on gold paint like this (also simpler) design.
4. Or if you’re feeling wild, how about an animal print look?

Do you need a craft project?

Tell me, what will you be turning your hand to this January for a hit of creativity? Inspire me readers!


PS, I’m also planning on making initialed or monogrammed thank you cards with my embossing tool. 🙂

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