Friday Frock O’clock

In the gorgeous weather we have been having I’m all about the summer dress right now. Something cool and comfy that takes you from picnic to BBQ to pool party (yeah, I wish,) to strolling through the fields.

Totem Embroidered Skater Dress – Warehouse, £55

One of my criteria for such a dress is that it’s not too precious. In my experience summer activities can be a bit messy, sitting on the grass for example or having a ketchup related incident. I hate wearing clothes that I have to worry about and get in the way of just enjoying the moment, so for all the above reasons this Warehouse dress is a winner.

I used to have a gorgeous embroidered French Connection dress that was cream and similar to this but it’s gone off and is a little tatty now so this will replace that one. It’s shorter and flirtier but mid-shred the thighs are looking presentable and thanks to the weather a little more golden, so I say get ’em out ladies!

I’m looking forward to the most relaxed weekend too. Pete is away on Dan’s stag so I shall mostly be reading in the garden, tending the allotment, making poms poms with Jess for the wedding and my Mum is coming to help me finish the spare room curtains.

What is everyone else doing and wearing this weekend? Hope you all enjoy it wherever you are. 🙂


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