Thrifty Thursday: DIY Fashion

In honour of Thrifty Thursdays I thought I would share another selection of DIY ideas. Granted, some take more work and commitment than others, but some of them are pure genius. Not every fashion DIY is equal however so there are not only the best but the ones that I could actually see myself doing and then, most importantly, wearing.

So who’s joining me in making those amazing jewelled heel shoes for the coming party season?


Thrifty Thursdays: The wear-everywhere shoe.

Morning readers, today it’s me bringing you a thrifty tip-off from my own wardrobe… Now don’t shout at me, this one does require a small monetary outlay but I’m confident it’s worth it and Gemma will approve. Can you muster up £19? Well, for £19 you can buy the shoes your wardrobe has always needed. Wear them for work, drinks, shopping, a wedding or even a funeral. Marks and Spencer black patent pumps.

I’ve said before, I’m not a huge fan of black. I actually already own a pair of black patent heels with a gorgeous bow detail on the front. They are very high and very pretty but not quite does-it-all stuff. They were also (although not whoppingly expensive,) not going to get you any change from a £20 note. So despite me not loving black shoes, I needed some. I needed a pair of work heels that I didn’t feel soul-less in. I needed some heels I could sling on for dinner or meeting friends that would look good but still be reasonably comfy. I needed something with a heel height that I didn’t consider frumpy (I do love a heel,) but wasn’t sky-scraping either. And because all I could find didn’t tick any of those boxes, I wanted something cheap, because lets face it, this wasn’t going to be my dream shoe.

It turns out said dream shoe was residing in Marks and Spencer for some time before I paid it any attention and I know this because both my sister and Jess own a pair – and have done for ages! (Hands up in the comments box if you already own these shoes?) They’re the perfect heel height, I love patent for it’s slightly sassy feel, they’re wide enough to be comfortable and do you know what? Despite my reservations, I’ve not had them off. No fear of getting wet because they are good old fashioned plastic. They go with jeans, pretty dresses, shorts, ankle skimming tailored work pants, everything I tell you.

So in case you’re on a bit of a mission to find the perfect shoe and coming up against a blank wall, give this pair a second look. At £19, you can’t really go wrong I’d say.

Thrifty Love,

Thrifty Thursdays – Time to travel.

As you read this, Mr C-S and I are on our way to Spain.  We will be staying in a luxurious 3 bedroom city apartment, walking distance from the beach and the city centre of Valencia.  But wait, isn’t this Thrifty Thursday? Well yes it is.  And the aforementioned pad is costing us less than per night than two beds in a youth hostel, because we booked it through a home-sharing website called

With many of us tightening our belts the better to weather the recession, holidays are often the first luxury to go, which is where house swapping and home sharing sites come in. With anyone can sign up and advertise their home as available so not only does renting someone else’s place abroad guarantee you a holiday at a good price, you can even be extra thrifty and earn some cash from your empty house while you’re away!

Many people may not like the idea of having strangers staying in their place, which is something I totally understand (my own brother and his impossibly glamorous girlfriend are staying round ours while we’re away and I’ve already bombarded them with useless information including how I normally hang out our washing and which way round the cup handles should face) but whilst organising our stay in Valencia we’ve been emailing the flat’s owner who seems a lovely person, and (because loveliness will only take you so far) we’re paying upfront with a sizeable cash deposit on arrival.  We know we will leave her house in immaculate condition (mugs lined up and everything) but she has the extra safety of a lump of our cash.

So readers, has anyone used house Rented out their place to Cameron Diaz  or Kate Winslet a la The Holiday?

Do drop us a note in the comment box and let’s talk holidays!
Love, Gemma C-S

PS.  Holiday bargain alerts!

  • Travel sized Charles Worthington Takeaways sun protection range has been reduced to a mere 29 pence in Asda stores.  Not available online – snap them up if you see them!  (the leave-in conditioning spray is particularly good in my thin, frizz-prone hair)
  • Florence and Fred at Tesco have launched a new swimwear range, as well as putting a number of other items into the sale, with bikini bottoms on their website starting at 2 pounds.
  • Every year without fail (ok, so the last 3 summers that I’ve been there, but still) fashion magazines in Spain (the likes of Cosmo and Elle) have given away free Haviana flip-flops with their July issues.  That’s twenty pounds + footwear for peanuts,  (and ok, maybe you won’t be able to read the articles, but you can look at the pictures!)
  • And thrifty clothes item of the week is this dress from H and M.  Perfect to pull on over swimmers at the beach but also great for wearing on the plane with jeans and a blazer, whatever the weather!

*all images are of the actual apartment we’re staying in via  And yes, that’s our private deck you can see peeking through the window of the shot of the lounge. 🙂


Thrifty Thursdays – An introduction

Hi everyone!

After Rebecca’s big announcement yesterday about the supremely exciting and gorgeously geometric Dream. Find. Do., I have a wee bit of news to report too.  Namely, that we will be unveiling a few new types of post here on Florence Finds over the coming weeks, and one of them will my baby…

Thrifty Thursdays.

See, much as I absolutely ADORE this blog, and I boy, do I hanker after pretty much everything Rebecca features be it for her home or her wardrobe, a lot of the content is, shall we say, a bit more aspirational than available for me.  At C-S towers we’re on something of an austerity drive, which has been intensified by me not having had regular income over the last few months. Pottering around behind the scenes of Florence Finds can sometimes make me feel like I’ve got my nose pressed up against the glass of a beautiful store that I’m afraid to go into, and that’s a bit silly, because it’s definitely not the vibe we’re aiming to create here.  I know that a few of you are in the same boat, too, be it saving for house deposits, planning weddings or simply trying to put pennies away for a rainy day, not all of us have a lot of cash to splash.  On the other hand, when you are trying to live frugally, it’s really frustrating not to be able to indulge yourself from time to time, or to feel like you’re depriving yourself in every area of your life and for the love of Mike can’t you just have one new thing to wear on a night out.  Which is where Thrifty Thursdays comes in.

Image credit: Hennie Haworth

Once a fortnight I’ll be featuring DIYs, craft ideas, bargain cosmetics, recipes and more all of which can be done on little or no budget.  We’ll be looking at the usual Florence Finds areas of interest, like fashion, travel and interiors but from a slightly different, thrifty viewpoint.  I’ll be doing my best to round up lower pricepoint alternatives to Rebecca’s Fash Flash and what to wear posts and it will also be a place for us to share any discount offers or deals that come our way, and of course we hope you guys will send us submissions with your hints for living a fabulous life without breaking the bank! (Fire away to

What’s your best tip for brilliance on a budget?

Love, Gemma C-S

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