Real Rooms: A Pigeon bedroom

Today I’ve got a fab real room for you from Caroline, who blogs at Patchwork Harmony but is also the founder/editor of 91 Magazine. I was blown away by her serene and calm bedroom, that still has a dose of pattern and some beautiful decor features. Without further ado…

When we moved into this house in 2009 there was quite the rainbow of colours on the walls. Yellow in the hallway, baby blue in the kitchen, purple in the sitting room and deep red in the bedroom…. the paler colours I could deal with, but the yellow hallway and the dark red bedroom were the first to go! I based the scheme in the bedroom around the Thornback and Peel pigeon wallpaper which I just had to have! Its ironic as I actually hate pigeons and flinch when one comes to close to me, but they are in fact the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning! The original plan was to go for a pale grey on the walls to compliment the darker grey of the pigeons, but it turned out the Fired Earth paint we went for, Pale Cirrus, was more of a pale pale blue in the end. Going so pale meant the walls required numerous coats to cover the dark red, and although it was a long old slog, we were really happy with the results and loved how much brighter it made the room.

We were on such a tight budget when we moved in, as we’d ploughed all our savings into buying the house, but being a thrifty pair I think we managed to decorate the bedroom with some fab but really affordable finds. The bed was the biggest expense, but I figure its something you use every day so worth spending a bit more on. Even so, we managed to get a really good deal on it, as we bought it in the Heals half price sale. The wardrobe and drawers were bought at the Princess Alice Hospice charity shop in Kingston. We got both pieces of furniture plus a huge vintage trunk (not the one on top of the wardrobe though, we use it as a coffee table in the living room) for £150.

As the room is relatively small, I didn’t want to fill it up with much more furniture, so the only other pieces in the room are the bedside tables – one which I picked up at a local car boot sale for £5, and just added a new handle to the little cupboard door, and the other is a vintage wooden crate bought from a local florist for about £18.

I’d been collecting vintage mirrors for a while, via eBay, car boots and markets so we decided to hang these as a group on one wall, again to try and create the illusion of the room being bigger, but in a quirky way. I’m also always picking up floral paintings and vintage botanical prints at markets, so this is the focus on the walls in the bedroom, either in frames or hung by bull dog clips. In fact the most recent addition to the room is the giant bull dog clip used to hang the bird print. I bought this recently from fab stationery shop Present and Correct.

I made the checked cushion covers on the bed from a vintage tablecloth, I like to have a bit of a handmade touch around the house, without over doing it, so these are my little nod to being crafty in the bedroom!

I like to let a room evolve over time, so there have been little tweaks here and there over the last few years, things have been added, removed or replaced as we find new things, or get sick of others. But overall I’m happy with how this room turned out, especially as we were on a tight budget. At the same time, I think its worth not scrimping on certain things – so for example paint and wallpaper I think are worth that little bit extra, as hopefully they will last for a good amount of time, and it more time consuming to change these, whereas you can try and save on furniture by buying at charity shops & markets. And of course, getting crafty will also help budget-wise and will give your room that extra personal touch.

I just love this room. The wallpaper is quirky get still very feminine and the soft bluye walls might just have converted me back to coloured paint! The botanical prints are beautiful too – That’ll be my search for this afternoon then!

Don’t forget readers, if you have a room you would like to share then please do send it in to


PS Sale alert!

Florence’s Gift Guide #2: For your treasured Mum/Aunt/Grandma

Today’s gift guide is for the other ladies in your life. Last week I did a guide for your sister and best friends, this time we’re tackling older ladies – Mums, aunts, grandmothers. They’ll have one thing in common: they deserve spoiling and are often tricky to buy for. Whether they tell you they ‘don’t want anything at all dear’, or don’t have room for more, or just have everything, here are some sweet ideas to treat them to something useful or easily expendable so that they can’t claim you’ve cluttered up their space!

  • Make sure her feet are always warm… Velvet and sheepskin slipper, Ruby & Ed
  • For the stylish cook… Jelly Apron, Thornback and Peel
  • Because she deserves spoiling… Jo Malone Lime Basil and Mandarin
  • Because all ladies take tea and she can keep the tin… Williamsons Tea Bags, John Lewis
  • Wrap up in style… (Faux) Bear fur snood, Ruby & Ed
  • For Womens hour, Chris Evans, The Archers or even 6 music… DAB digital Radio, John Lewis
  • Beautiful yet usable… Green Herbs Soap, Zara Home
  • Because the internet is still confusing… The Personal Internet Address & Password LogBook, Amazon
  • Keep her hands soft… Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter, Lush

Do share your gift suggestions if you have any in the comments box below!


A Stylish Jubilee…

I’m going to be honest here and say that the Jubilee fever has somewhat passed me by, partly being on holiday and partly because I’m going to be in Scotland for the Jubilee holiday at a family wedding. That’s not to say that I’m a nay-sayer or anti-royalist, I quite enjoy the royal family and would have liked to see the festivities and celebrate, as it is, I’ll be in the most anti-royalist part of the country I think!

What I have noticed a distinct asbence of however, is tasteful souvenirs and commemorative items, which is why there has been a distinct lack of coverage aimed at the jubilee on the blog. I have been pleasantly suprised however by a few of my favourite interiors stores producing select pieces with a nod to the jubilee and thought they were worth a round up. I’m particularly loving the crown adorned items, subtly celebrating the occasion but with much more longevity and a touch of whimsy.

Amongst my favourites are the corgi and crown motifs Thornback and Peel have produced, looking just hand-drawn enough to be unique, and just stylish enough to be a finishing touch.

Corgi and Crown tea Towels // Corgi apron // Union Jack napkins // All Thornback and Peel.

Need a shot of Regal style in your home this year? You’d never know these stylish finds were celebrating the Jubilee rather than being Rule-Brittania-Cool…

Tongue in cheek ‘I Rule’ print // Q tile // God Save the Queen // Queen Elizabeth II cushions // All Rockett St George.

Did I ever think I would dress up in red, white and blue themed items whilst coming over all patriotic. I dare say I would in these beauties…

Toga dress, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania // True British Alice Temperley by Alice Temperley hardcover book // Vintage union Jack print wellington boots, Hunter // Crown sequined merino wool sweater, Markus Lupfer // Soldiors vest, Aubin and Wills // All at Net-a-Porter

So, tell me readers, what are you doing for the bank holiday weekend? I’m looking forward to hearing your celebration plans and if any of these pieces take your fancy!


Found: Thornback and Peel

As I’m still on the (what feels like a) never ending quest to put the finishing touches to my dining and living room decorating that started all the way back in November, I’m keeping my eyes seriously peeled for stylish finishing touches to a room. Today’s find is definitely going to be finding it’s way into my dining room, probably by way of these quirky napkins, but there’s plenty of other ways I could incorporate them with ease… introducing Thornback and Peel.

I am absolutely in love with the way they have made their range of prints look so quirky with the bright colours. No surprise that I’m obsessing over the pinks, the greys, the blue, the greens, the yellows… the nostalgic jellies, the cheeky pigeons, the culinary and allotment references with rabbits and cabbages.

It’s not just napkins that Thornback and Peel do however, with a huge range of items you can add to your home. I first found the cushions (the pink jelly and grey pigeon one in Selfridges actually,) but the website lists fabrics, stationery, tea towels, deck chairs and heart stopping wallpaper.

I couldn’t have kept it all from you, even if I had wanted to and I think they would make great gifts too. Do go and have a look around at Thornback and Peel online.

Do you love?


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