Friday Frock O’clock

With the weather warming up and summer officially beginning today, it seems like an apt time to talk about my love for a little white dress.

L-R: Lemine £129 // Iris £47 // Pam £195 – All from Reiss

Before I got married I had a thing about white dresses. I loved them, but I always felt like people would think I was desperate to get married if I wore white. Looking back it seems really silly now, but as a result it was rare that I wore white. I’m naturally olive toned in the skin department and being dark haired, I think white works really well for me. The only thing I don’t love is the pesky marks you get on white clothes when you pair them with sunscreen. (Has anybody found a formulation that doesn’t do that?)

Rather aptly, as their sale started this week, Reiss has got some great white dresses. I’ll leave it to you guys to guess which is my absolute favourite but I have to say, I’d wear any of them in a flash this summer. 😉

Happy weekend readers!


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