The Big Autumn List…

Saturday was the Autumn equinox and from now on the hours of darkness officially become longer than those of daylight as the temperatures start to drop. Yet despite this, Autumn is officially my favourite time of year. In truth, I’m happy most times of the year and it’s only really the slump after New Year until spring starts to show signs of new life and cheer that I feel fed up, but the months between now and Christmas are so fun, so beautiful and more often than not so busy, that I fall in love with them again and again, year after year.

Back in May I invited you all to join me in making a list of the things that you were looking forward to about summer and I enjoyed it so much I decided to make it a regular feature. Today I’m going to share some of my favourite things about Autumn, the things I’m looking forward to making time for and the little things that put a slice of happiness into every day.

  1. Cooking a Sunday Roast with all the trimmings as the darkness falls in the late afternoon then settling down on the sofa for Downton Abby escapism.
  2. Candlelight
  3. Making the house cosy by bringing in new rugs, throws and cushions to add texture and warmth.
  4. Harvesting the last of our produce from the allotment and clearing the ground to make way for the new plants and seeds.
  5. The first time you can breathe out and see your breath hanging in the air.
  6. Kicking piles of dried leaves on a country walk.
  7. Seeking out winter wardrobe must-haves… the perfect boots, cashmere socks, the softest scarf.
  8. Clear cold crisp mornings
  9. Perfect frost and the beautiful landscape it paints.
  10. Baking seasonal puddings, crumbles, cobblers and pies.

What’s on your list this Autumn?


PS. Did you comment on my Summer plans post? Head on back to see how many you managed to check off your list. (I think I managed 6 or 7!)

What to Wear: Supermarket Style

No this is not a post about what I wear to the supermarket. That would be very boring indeed. Instead, it’s about supermarket fashion and this bright and spring-like coral loose weave jumper. The credit for ‘finding’ this item has to go to my mum, in fact I spotted it first on her very back and asked her to pick one up for me. It’s from none other than Florence and Fred at Tesco and it’s a bargain £12.

Given the weather we have had recently, I’ve been battling with pseudo-SAD and wishing the brighter warmer weather would come. In the meantime, the flattering shade of coral this jumper is in has been bringing virtual sunshine to my life. Facy a lipstick in a similar shade? Try my Maybelline colour shown here, Colour Sensational in ‘Pink Fizz’.

I like my knitwear on the sloppy side so (just as my Mum did, I got a bigger size, this one is a 14) and I’ve worn it none-stop. In the summer I think it’s going to look great belted over my pleated Carrie skirt or a pastel shirt, but for now it’s doing a great job in proving how versatile it is, bringing a pop of colour to my GAP khaki parka.

On this particular occasion it was perfect for a pub lunch and a stroll in the woods afterwards.

£12? I love it!


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