Triple Temptation: Boho kaftans

Good Morning readers! Sorry for the lack of posts – I’m having some camera trouble which has been getting in the way and Pete is on his official paternity leave so we are out and about enjoying Bea. I’m sure things will get back to normal soon. Bear with me!

Maybe with the recent change in weather I’m already feeling nostalgic for the end of summer, or perhaps I’m hoping for an Indian summer to spend with Bea and the earth mother in me is coming out, but right now I’m leaning towards a much more relaxed sartorial style. Floaty tops, bright embroidered touches, cool fabrics and comfortable shapes are what I’m coveting, so I’m looking for the perfect embroidered top to pair with shorts, sandals and sunglasses for summer style.

Monsoon £29.99 // Monsoon £22.50 (sale) // Zara £29.99

They double as beach wear and don’t have to be restricted to summer – the black detailing on the first choice above would transition well into Autumn to work the folksy seventies vibe that will continue to be a hit for AW14. They’re also super kind to a lingering mum-tum and work well layered with a vest for breast feeding.

What do you think readers? Would you wear a kaftan?


What to Wear: Indian Summer

Shirt, Dorothy Perkins (old) // Maxi dress, (old) from a local boutique // Bag, GAP // Sandals, Dune (old) // Sunglasses, Banana Republic

Todays post is more of a ‘stretching your wardrobe out’ theme, as I re-work a couple of heavily worn items in my wardrobe. Last weekend I headed to West Fest – a little street festival in West Didsbury, near my home. The area is famous for independent restaurants and bars with a few pretty shops too and the businesses all get involved with pop up street stalls and music. It was a glorious day and I was feeling in the festival spirit so I dug out an old maxi that I don’t like the top of anymore and layered it up with a chambray shirt (also seen here.)

I’m not sure if the knotted shirt is still a bit nineties or just hasn’t made it back over the pond yet as I see it on lots of fashion bloggers in the US. Either way it worked for me, oversized sunnies, my ikat bag and flip flops completing the look.

I was really pleased to make an item that isn’t to my taste anymore work, not just for what I had in mind but nodding to the trend for maxi skirts without actually splashing out on one. (An item I thought more this summer than ever, a little impractical in summer showers. After all, no-one wants a soggy (hem) bottom.) 😉 Outfit sorted, I dedicated myself to enjoying the array of food and drink on offer whilst basking in the Indian Summer sun.

What are you re-working and re-wearing right now?


Spotted: French Connection

Every now and then a shop seems to suddenly come into it’s own and have an explosion of purchasable items on a shop floor sea of desirability. When that happens, of course it’s my pleasure, no, my duty, to highlight said shop and share the retail recommendations.

Today I’m talking about French Connection, a shop that I unwittingly wandered into just over a week ago and became completely absorbed in looking around the brilliantly displayed collections. Perhaps it was the strong themeing to the displays but I also saw new micro-trends and styles that have until now not really taken my fancy this season, which I wanted to irrationally buy up so no one else could have them!

Sparkle Babbs Sleeveless dress // Mini sequins jacket // Bling glam clutch // Star runner tank – all French Connection
Although I have loved the mermaid or aquatic trend since seeing it on the catwalks, translating it to your day to day wear is a completely different thing and not something I have attempted so far this season. French Connection seem to have got the colour palette so spot on in terms of translating that shimmer of a mermaids tail that looks ethereal, fresh and terribly grown up all at once.

Rabari silk strappy dress // Electric circus strappy dress // Sun gaze halter dress // Peony print top // Shaped wooden clutch – all French Connection
This mini collection gets my vote because it’s so different. When you’re an avid follower of fashion it’s easy to sometimes find you and your friends are all wearing the same thing, the same colour, the same style and this mixed collection of nudes with oranges and desert sunset shades of red will be perfectly unusual for high summer and the festival season.

Mini sequins top // Lisella lace skirt // Elisa beading sleeveless top // glimmer denim trouser // Samara sequins clutch // Rascal lace-up brogues – all French Connection
Although I love feminine style, I also like keeping it clean and simple, so this collection works perfectly for me in feminine pastel shades with a hefty dose of sparkle, yet with chic shapes like these coated jeans and simple shell tops. The pale brogues with a sweet lace skirt also make a pretty contrast.

London rock stripe maxi dress // Mimosa mist mini short // Rabari skirt //Creole Crepe shirt // Electric meadow trousers // Eva T-bar sandals – all French Connection
Lastly, these are amongst my favourite pieces. I may have to be physically restrained from purchasing that dress. Sheer, yellow, maxi and belted all at once, and the whole selection almost has a Mulberry seaside styling feel with the patent t-bar sandals and the signature embellishment on these never-will-go-out-of-fashion shorts. If you’re still fancying some printed pants, I don’t think you can go wrong with these electric meadow print pants for summer.

So my recommendation is to hot foot it down to French Connection and have a look around.

Extra points go to any of you who can goes what I bought from this selection… two tops and an incredibly long list waiting for the sale! What are you lusting after today…?


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