Big Summer List

I intended to write this post last week and schedule it for the summer solstice and official first day of summer. Unfortunately, then and as I write it feels like we have entered a time machine back into the everlasting spring we had a few weeks ago and summer once again seems far away. I have it on good authority however that the weather is about to improve and with that in mind I’m starting my quarterly tradition of planning the season ahead. It’s tempting at this point to listen to naysayers proclaiming that the days are getting shorter already, but in actual fact we have 3 (hopefully) glorious months ahead so lets make some plans!

  1. Watching my best friend get married and helping her put the final touches to her wedding
  2. (Hopefully) pulling off an amazing hen do for the afore-mentioned Bride
  3. Finishing our spare bedroom for my sister to move into in 1 months time.
  4. Cooking more salads and eating more fresh fruit.
  5. Taking long walks through Chorlton water park and the Mersey Valley discovering hidden paths, fields and glades.

  6. Enjoying our festoon lights in the garden as the nights draw in (one advantage to the nights getting shorter!)
  7. Officially starting my new job next month
  8. Planning a picnic and lazing in the grass somewhere watching the sky – because I haven’t been on one for years.
  9. Continuing to enjoy the David Austin roses in our garden.
  10. Experimenting with summer cocktails – watch this space!
  11. Planning a camping trip, even if only for a night to totally unplug and relax.

Now it’s your turn, share you summer plans and dreams readers…



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