What to Wear: Pick up a Peplum

Consider this your first heads up for the coming Autumn Winter ’12 season… Peplums are going to be HUGE. Happily they’re already in the shops and I fancied trying out the trend, particularly when I spotted this one when I did the Zara spring drop post a couple of weeks ago.

I nipped into store to pick it up and then wore it to the Florence Finds Manchester afternoon tea, so I decided I should probably share it with you all.

Top – Reiss (old) // Skirt – Zara £39.99 // Shoes – M&S Autograph (old) // Necklace – Shop sale accessories

I just love how feminine the shape is, that unabashed celebration of your female curves, with a nipped in waist and flared out frill over the hips. Granted, it could be tricky to wear if you’re a true english pear, but I actually think if you’re prepared to flaunt it and have the waist to balance out a fuller bottom half, it’s a killer look.

I paired mine with an old silk top I have from Reiss in fresh white as I love Red and white together, then my zip fronted snakeskin sandals from M&S Autograph. The necklace was a sale find in Warehouse recently that is slightly broken but you can’t really tell, a bargain at £6!

It’s a little creasy as it’s a linen mix, so not one for perfectionists on that front, but it’s actually really comfortable too, as the skirt itself has some stretch in it, great for if you sit down a lot at work like me.

So, do you like a peplum and will you be trying out the trend?


Friday Frock O’clock

Well hello readers!

Welcome to the (almost) weekend.

I’m excited about this one… really really excited, because it’s the Florence Finds afternoon tea in Manchester this weekend, my home town, and I can’t wait to see you all there!

That calls for a very special dress for this week’s Friday Frock, yes please, so here it is, by Zara.

I’ve been stalking the pages of Zara for some time, wanting to share with you one of their fabulous dresses, but there hasn’t been anything to take my fancy. Until now.

Remember the Topshop SS12 trends? Remember their ‘Under the Sea’ reference to aquatic shades of blue and green, silky fabrics and ethereal mermaid-esque shimmer. Well here it all is, in grown-up girl dress form perfection.

Now I’ll be stalking Zara for it to actually be released.

Swoon with me?


Spotted: Victoria by Victoria Beckham

I am somewhat partial to a dress, and I’m also a massive fan of Victoria Beckham’s now established transition from pop superstar to incredibly impressive fashion designer. Even better, her designs are seen on so many celebrities and although some of you might be surprised at this, look equally good on curvier ladies as women with a similarly petite frame to Mrs Beckham herself.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham, SS12. Image Credit: VictoriaBeckham.com

So it was with great interest that I heard last year that she was bringing out a diffusion line of, you guessed it, dresses. Aimed at a more accessible price point depending on how you look at it of £375-995, which is substantially less than her main line which runs in to the ££££’s.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham, SS12. Image Credit: VictoriaBeckham.com

If you’re not familiar with her usual style Victoria is famous for impeccably cut sheath dresses for seriously upmarket chic. The new collection is a departure from her usual in the biggest way, shorter, girlier, and more fun. Apparently, VB was inspired by Emily the Strange, a cultural point of reference that has totally passed me by, but the cute cat and moon prints aren’t lost on me at all.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham, SS12. Image Credit: VictoriaBeckham.com

I’m seriously in love. And whilst most of us aren’t lucky enough to be able to afford dresses like this for everyday, I think if you’re looking for a special outfit for say a wedding, a milestone birthday or event, there are some beautiful examples here that still retain a great deal of style quirk and statement appeal whilst remaining chic and stylish.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham, SS12. Image Credit: VictoriaBeckham.com

Bravo Victoria.

See more on the Victoria Beckham website… the dresses above are just my picks.

What are your thoughts readers? Do you like the collection?


Spotted: Topshop SS12 Trends

I don’t know about you guys, but I am over the sales. Emailing with Gemma between Christmas and New Year, she said it first and I was so relieved. I could hardly face the thought of post after post of same-old same-old sales bargains. We want to look forward at the new season right?

Right. So here it is.

Topshop have released a little summary of the looks they will be championing for Topshop Spring/Summer 2012 and although it might be a shop you overlook if you prefer your fashion a little more sophisticated, Topshop certainly knows how to pick and then produce a trend.

Something you’ll hear me say over and over this month is how I like to prepare for the new season. I’m no fashionista but I am a list maker, so my favourite pastime is to sit with all the mags, identifying trends and working out which ones are going to work for me. Select a few key pieces to merge seamlessly into your existing wardrobe and you’ll feel right on top of the trends without shelling out much cash, or doing too much hard shopping 😉

First up, my favourite and what Topshop is calling ‘under the sea’.

Remember Florence emerging from the stunning sea-bed set at Chanel’s marine fantasy catwalk production last Autumn? Well if that wasn’t proof enough that this was going to be a massive trend then I don’t know what is. But how does it translate to you? Think little mermaid style pastel metallics, marine shades and beaded sparkles like the light catching on the sea bed. It’s your ticket to summer glitz.

Next up? Wandering hemlines and faded neons. I’ve been saying brights will be big still for a while now, but to be really cutting edge think of the faded neon of your childhood. Sorbet shades with a bit of sass. It doesn’t matter what the garment is (tops are equally popular for this trend as bottoms) but purchasing an item with a wandering hemline will score you style credentials too.

It’s a print party. According to Topshop we’ll be wearing all of our prints at once. Little mix-esque leggings hit the mark – just look for kaleidoscopic patterns. Jungle florals mix with animal prints and for good measure, top it off with this season’s must have bomber jacket, (below left).

Not sure if I’ll be brave enough to try that one at home?!

Lastly, space age sheers. Another difficult trend but it’s all about layering chiffons, with metallic sheen and modern streamlined cuts.

Want extra brownie points? Mix the trends in your own unique way. It’s not as hard as you think – look at the pictures above, the wandering hemline under the space age sheer dress. The clashing prints with the bomber jacket. The sorbet palette in nearly every trend.

It sure looks like Spring is going to be fun and what else is fashion for?

Do let me know if you love any of these looks, or if they’re the last thing you’ll be trying and I’ll keep bringing you the trends to ponder before they hit the shops 🙂




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