The Spring Series: The Big Spring Clean

For the final Spring Series post we’re getting down and dirty. It’s that time. Time to put on your marigolds, shake out a few bin bags, spruce everything up and clear out for spring. I’m not going to go down the route of telling you all how to clean your houses day to day and week to week, I’m sure you’ve all got that down by now! Instead these are some tips on getting everything in order for spring and some of those pesky once-a-season cleaning tasks.

Image Credit: The Facts of Wife

  • For me, it’s more of a spring ‘clear out’ and this year more than any other I feel inclined to clear out my cupboards. The wardrobe is the first place I’ll tackle. You can start by sorting everything into three groups:
  1. Items with holes, that are faded, have lost their shape or look tatty need to go. I’m always crippled at the thought of then not having these items when I need them so keep a pad and paper handy and if you’re throwing a key item like a skinny jean or white tee out that you will need to replace, make a shopping list for later.
  2. Put all the items you love in a second pile. These are the keepers.
  3. The third pile is the difficult one. Anything you haven’t worn in the last 2 seasons ( ie last winter and the summer before,) goes here and then the legwork starts. Look at each item individually, do you like it any more? Put every single item on and check it fits and flatters your body shape NOW. Not the body you’re promising yourself in 6 months. If you do like it, then have you worn it and why not? There’s no point having items you won’t wear. If its been 12 months then it should go. If that is simply because it needs cleaning or mending, make a pile and get it done! For those really tricky items you don’t want to part with, you can give yourself a 6 month get out clause, keep them and if you still don’t wear them, get rid.
  • Don’t overlook those items in supporting roles. Clear out your lingerie drawer, pyjamas, accessories and shoes, binning the old, worn out or out of fashion stuff and cleaning where necessary. It’s a good time to sort out how you store these items but that might be a bit much for now.
  • Next think about tackling the areas you normally overlook. If you’re feeling really virtuous, pull out the furniture and underneath/clean behind them, including beds. Hoover your sofa cushions, and the sofa carcass if they come off, and think about hoovering or taking down the curtains.
  • Wash your windows, inside and outside if you don’t have a window cleaner.
  • Empty your kitchen cupboards and clean inside and wipe down outside. While you’re on the kitchen, defrost the freezer, clean inside the fridge and do your oven.
  • Strip the beds and wash your mattress and pillow protectors. Take your pillows and duvet to the local launderette and wash then tumble dry.
  • Lastly, think about the garden, sweep the paths and patios, clear any leaves and cut back dead foliage left to protect plants over winter. Wash down your garden furniture ready for summer BBQs and think about tackling any fence panels or gates that need repairing or painting.

Ok, so this might have been a challenge befitting of Anneka Rice, and it’s certainly not something you can do in a day, but if you section off these tasks, week by week, and perhaps you don’t need to do all of them (for example we did the garden last weekend, and have a window cleaner, so that’s two less things to tackle!) with a little time set aside you can get all of them done and be truly spring ready. In my dreams! 😉

Do you spring clean readers? Have I inspired you?


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