Our shared girls room: The Inspiration

Hello readers! Long time no see! I’m cautiously optimistic that having two children at school soon will mean that I can hopefully start to bring you some more regular blog posts. In return I’d love it if you could share them with friends or direct them to my Instagram account to follow there. 🙂 This week, before I show the new shared girls room I thought I’d talk about my thoughts for the space and what inspired the result…

I really wanted to draw a line in the sand when Cora moved in and re-do the room so it felt like ‘theirs’ not ‘Bea’s’. That said, I didn’t want to start entirely afresh where the decor was concerned because it felt wasteful. Changing the colour scheme would have meant changing a lot of the co-ordinating details like art and bedding or cushions for example. I’ve been asked a lot in the past about re-doing rooms whilst working with what you have so hopefully some of you will enjoy this! We wanted to keep the Laura Ashley curtains because I find curtains really hard to choose and I still liked the colour way, in a mixed width stripe of raspberry and pale pink with yellow called Awning Stripe. Initially I wanted to replace the Hibou Home wallpaper but in the absence of a better option we decided to keep it and Bea also already had her Made.com Alana copper single bed.

Cora’s Nursery – half wall painted one Farrow and Ball Cinder Rose.

So let’s talk about some of the ideas we had for the space. If you follow me on Instagram I saved a highlight of me talking about moving the girls in together, before we re-decorate the nursery for the arrival of baby number 3! Until we did this, Cora was in what will be the ‘nursery’, so the plan was to move her in with Bea. Our house has 3 bedrooms on the middle floor and more above in the attic but we didn’t feel the girls were ready to move up there together or alone just yet.

Image from Lay Baby Lay

Much of the chat on Instagram was around whether we should sacrifice the (new) bed and move to bunk beds to maximise on floor and play space, or whether to go for 2 singles. The room is pretty big and after hearing a lot of thoughts from you guys kindly replying to my shoutout for experiences, we trialled moving the little Ikea toddler bed Cora had in the nursery, into Bea’s room and were surprised by how much floor space we still had for them to play, so it’s still there now. In time I’ll probably look for another Alana bed via eBay (I found out just before I started planning that the bed had been discontinued!) but for now this works fine. Im also particularly keen on the symmetry of two singles, and the way it zones a room. The beds themselves become a little bit of a their own space within the shared room a few of you pointed out and are much easier for snuggles at bedtime than a bunk, which I wasn’t ready to let go of just yet. We also kept the existing wardrobe and storage units.

Image via @CassCheung

Although I wanted to move Cora in to share with Bea, and I wanted it to be ‘their’ room, I also wanted to demarcate their space a little bit. I had saved a few inspiration photos on Pinterest for sometime with shared rooms wallpapered in complimentary but different wallpaper on two sides which I loved the idea of, but I really couldn’t find the right thing to do it with. There are lots of wallpapers that come in different colour ways but I couldn’t find anything suitable in both yellow and pink to put in each alcove behind the beds.

Image via Eeasyknitting.com

In terms of decor, I had relatively recently painted Cora’s nursery in a scandi style half wall with Farrow & Ball Cinder Rose and I was so sad to be redecorating as I was really pleased with how it turned out. Initially I thought I’d do another half wall in the new room but then I decided to start looking for some paint effects or ideas that would make the space more playful. I loved the idea of a painted ceiling but when we moved in the room was painted with a red coving and walls and we ended up paying someone to decorate it as we couldn’t face the multiple coats of paint it would take to cover it, so I couldn’t bear to do that again! I would have gone for this circus style stripped ceiling (below) in a heartbeat but we also unfortunately decided against stripping the ceiling when the room was gutted initially as we feared taking the wood chip off would mean the ceiling coming down. (As an aside, we have left the ceiling in several rooms and whilst it is never something I notice, having stripped the wood chip in the hall, if you’re getting a room skimmed anyway to renovate an old house, in future I’d just do the ceiling to give more options for the future as it also limits you repositioning light fittings for example.)

Circus style painted ceiling
Image via @Linestampedahl on Instagram

Eventually I decided to paint a scalloped half wall and we hovered between Little Greene’s Yellow pink (a mustard shade of yellow – seen in this gorgeous kids room) or Hellebore which isn’t dissimilar to Cinder Rose – a mid pink but the undertone was less blue so it worked with the raspberry in the curtains and the different light in this east facing room compared with the Cinder Rose in the west facing nursery.

Cora’s half wall painted nursery in Farrow and Ball Cinder Rose.

Storage wise, I thought we would need more. One of the issues we faced was amalgamating two rooms worth of toys -including some of the bigger toys small children seem to accumulate, like a doll pram, or play shop. One of the reasons I asked about the single beds v. bunks on Instagram is that we don’t have a playroom, so a lot of toys are in their bedrooms and if we had gone for bunks we would have had space to create a playroom type corner in the alcove where we have ended up putting Cora’s bed. The girls already had a kids table and chairs and dressing up rail of clothes which both got heavy use whereas the other items were more occasional play so we prioritised them and opted to make a play space in a room on our top floor. This is a bit of a trial situation as we have more work planned to the top floor which will involve re-jigging the rooms, but for now we will see how much it gets used.

IKEA Lixhult hack by Pretty in Print Art – click for the
DIY tutorial she shared!

We thought more clothes storage or toy storage would be required than we have ended up needing but haven’t needed to add another Eket storage unit yet (watch this space!) and chose a Mustard Made shorty locker for Cora’s bedside to provide more toy storage. We already have a Mustard Made midi locker in the living room which is a tardis of toy storage and I love how they add colour to a space which helped with my idea of demarcating the girls individual bed areas.

I’ll leave it there for now and hopefully I’ll see you next Sunday with the reveal of the completed room! I’m just waiting on a mirror to finish the mantlepiece and it will be done.

Have a lovely Sunday readers!

Rebecca x

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