What to Wear: The perfect summer short

You might have noticed we’re having a bit of a holiday theme this week as I’m currently in Cornwall enjoying the sea views. Today I wanted to share something that made me ridiculously happy, the perfect summer short. Like many of my outfit posts, I’m not claiming that this is revolutionary or super stylish, but it’s been a good few years since I have found a pair of shorts that feel flattering, are just the right length and really comfortable so I thought you guys might be interested.

Of course, they’re from good old Gap and actually a touch longer than they appear on me, as I have turned them up an inch. I do have some denim cut offs but they are in the realms of cheek skimming which is not a look I would sport anywhere other than in my own garden, or perhaps on holiday far far away. I really dislike the very top part of my legs and whilst I have slimmed them down a bit and toned up (courtesy of the 30 day shred) I still prefer them well covered. These shorts are the perfect length to show off enough leg that it’s flattering, and no more!

There are a ton of colours available, although you might have to track them down online (or as I did, in the GAP outlet – These cost me just £10) and I was also pretty pleased to finally add some mint to my wardrobe. I love mint but it doesn’t love me and looks pretty bad next to my face. Here’s a top tip if you have a similar shade predicament – wear it on your bottom half and away from your face, it’s much more flattering.

The shorts are also stretchy and give a little for a slouchy fit with no unattractive digging in when you sit down. Run, don’t walk reader, I hope you can track some down!


What to Wear… Zara Cape

I’ve thought long and hard about doing these types of posts, so I really hope they don’t come across as self obsession or gratification. I figure that if I’m going to have any kind of credibility in making fashion observations and offering style advice then I really ought to be putting my money where my mouth is and sharing a few of the outfits that I have put together. I could have made a mood board, but again, it’s against everything that Florence Finds is about to add any falsity to this or veil the reality, so it’s just me, my clothes, images taken by my iPhone and hopefully a little inspiration for you all.

You won’t see too many of these by the way, mainly because the majority of my time is spent in front of the computer, at work, or in my PJ’s but if I’ve got an outfit or new purchase that I’m particularly pleased with then you might see it shared here.

So, first up, my absolute favourite 2 new purchases – my Zara cape and boots.

Cape – Zara
Cream lace shoulder sheer(ish) Blouse – Warehouse
Whistle necklace – Whistles (2010)
Tailored Navy Shorts – Whistles
Boots (Burgundy leather, black suede and cream snakeskin toe) – Zara
Bag – Coach (2009)

I’m having a borderline obsessive affair with these boots and haven’t taken the cape off. I’ve wanted a cape for so long and this colour, with the texture and the modern line to it, is just perfect. That the boots seem to go with everything in my wardrobe is a bonus and they are super flattering with the leg-elongating v-front. The photos really don’t do them justice so please head over to the site, if not just to dribble over their perfect-bootie porn 😉

Get thee to Zara ASAP and make your purchases. You won’t be disappointed.


PS – it’s three post Thursday 😉

Shorts… LA style.

This week, I intended to write a post about Wellies. As in Wellington boots. The kind that keep you dry (and look stylish) in the pouring rain, just like it was last week when I decided to write the post. However, In true Great British weather style, we are now mid-heat wave and I thought I’d better be darn well flexible with the schedule!

*Blue cotton Sterling Style and Striped Short Suit The Sartorialist

In the glorious sunshine we’re having I’m kind of torn. I’m all over the Autum/Winter trends already and have even embraced the idea of winter shorts, then along comes weather that is MADE for shorts. But the cut-off denim kind with a bikini top, a beer and a BBQ. I want to be wearing my gorgeous tailored smart shorts and looking stylish.

*Cream Leather9to5 Chic and Grey jumper and peachy shirtThe Sartorialist

I’ve been trying out some outfits at home and out and about (pictures to come) but in the meantime, I thought I’d look to the LA street style I so enjoy seeing on various blogs for some inspiration and hopefully trends that will translate and encourage you all to be a little bit more adventurous with your shorts.

*RelaxedThe Sartorialist and Nude and NavyThe Sartorialist.

*Black Leather and Black on Black, both Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Of course, by the time you all read this it will no doubt be raining again. Look out for that Wellies post 🙂


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