How to Wear: June

Happy Monday Readers!

Hope you have all had good June’s. Mine as you probably will have guessed has been spent introducing our new Bubba to the family and learning to be a new Mum again. My goodness you forget! However, the tiredness and lack of sleep is much MUCH easier to cope with second time round 😉

This week is set to be a scorcher which I’m pleased about as it’s No 1 sons birthday and it means we can make good use of his present (a playhouse!). Can’t wait to see his face once Rich and I have managed to actually put it up :/
Now on to how I’ve worn June…

First things first. It’s been a joy not being in Maternity Clothes but… dressing has not been without it’s challenges. Oscar is exclusively breast-fed which I didn’t do last time down to several reasons, some beyond me, but it’s meant I’ve had to learn what to wear on the top half – something I didn’t have to do with Calum. Also, it’s massively surprised me how quickly I’ve been able to get back into about 50% of my wardrobe. Again, not something that happened quickly last time. It must be those extra 500kcals a day that BF is supposed to burn. OK, some of my waisted skirts I can’t do still, but wearing my old jeans (and some new ones) has felt amazing. It is “9 months on, 9 months off” after all and I still have a way to go to my happy weight but I’m much more relaxed about that (that’s a whole other post in the making!)

The M&S Limited Edition jeans have made an appearance as have my Gap Always Skinny… Worn mostly with Shirts for ease.

Jeans M&S / Top Zara

Jeans and Shirt Gap / Sandals Topshop

Jeans Gap / Shirt Zara / Shoes J Crew

Jeans M&S / Shoes Clarks / Shirt Primark

The other item that’s made an appearance is one of this seasons must wears which is of course the Jumpsuit. I’ve got a couple that are a “shirt” style at the top which works perfectly, and actually, they aren’t as tricky to navigate as people think. I found wearing a sling with one on much easier too.

Jumpsuit H&M / Shoes Clarks

As I mentioned at the start of the month, shirt dresses are a great option, and I’ve worn a couple of those too. This New Look one was great… Easy to wear and feed with even if it did crease (damn that Viscose!)

Dress New Look / Shoes Dune

Finally, I’ve been wearing a new summer favourite colour a lot – Khaki – and easy trousers with BF tops – getting dressed quickly with a Toddler and less-than-a-month old bubba is a must!

Top Zara / Trousers Dorothy Perkins / Shoes Topshop

Sling Hana Baby / Shorts F&F / Shoes Dune

Vest Next / Trousers Zara / Shoes Topshop

*Please excuse no make up in any of these photos. Time is of the essence!

So that’s June peeps. The Longest day has been and gone and we’re now over half way through 2015. Unbelievable.

See you back here in a couple of weeks for what to buy July – they’ll be some “buy now, stash for AW15” bits making an appearance 😉

Erin xx

Friday Frock O’clock

Khaki shirt dress, H&M – £24.99

Whilst I was browsing around for a friday frock this week I found this and couldn’t help but think of Becca (who is going on her safari honeymoon next month) so this one is for you!

I remember how hard it was to dress appropriately for safari without looking like a ranger-wannabe-safari-victim but I think this would do the job nicely and do double duty on other parts of the holiday – city sight seeing or with heels for night, then once again in the office back at work. At a mere £25, it’s a hardworking dress.

I hope you have a great weekend readers – I’ll be sadly returning from Cornwall tomorrow but ready to start the countdown to Jess’s wedding!


Friday Frock O’clock

I’m having a real thing about denim right now, specifically chambray shirts and I have always loved a good shirt dress, so this latest find of a frock was right up my street.

Oasis utility shirt dress – £50

With all the rain we have been having I have been searching for something just to brighten life up a little, but couldn’t face another floral, brightly coloured or shiver-inducing dress. This is perfect for layering and a killer weekend dress that you could even dress up for the evening with some quirky heels and sparkly jewels. Even though I tend to opt for separates for casual dressing and this could be the dress to change all that…

Do you like readers? And what frock have you been lusting after this week?


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