What to Buy: October

Ahhhh, the Autumn. My favourite season of all and the start of the time of year I love the most. What is there not to get excited about? Halloween, Fireworks, Thanksgiving (14 years of working for an American company has rubbed off on me), and then Christmas. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but having children of my own has really made these “holidays” even more special. And to top this all off – the cooler climes and the parties mean clothes I love to dress up in too 😉

October should be the time that you start to think about the winter months, and it’s wise to invest in some pieces that will see you through to the New Year, even if you think it may be a little premature. You and I you know what will inevitably happen. You’ll see it now, love it, and then dilly-dally and when you do want it, it’ll be sold out! (This is what usually happens to me)

Something has struck me this season though. The mid-mid season sales. Huh? We all got excited about the new season drops at the end of August, but in fact, those were just teasers to the pieces that we ACTUALLY wanted. Oh no, those pieces are coming into stores shortly, and the August/early September pieces are now going into sale. Naughty, naughty retailers.

So here’s what I think you’ll regret not at least seriously looking at/trying on, if not buying, for those cooler months. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…!

A Coat 

Grey / Burgundy

Probably a no-brainer, but if you want one that you actually want and/or like, then now’s the time to have a look. This seasons styles range from bright block colours to grey; from Pea Coats to Parkas. Pretty much anything goes. I REALLY like the Zara grey coat – something that would pretty much go with everything, and dressed up or down. I also love a red coat. I still have one I bought from Oasis a million years ago, and will be dragging it out this winter. The perfect colour to pop your outfits. There’s also a red out there for all colourings – from pillar box to burgundy.



Jacket / Dress / Top / Sweatshirt

What’s not to love about sequins – ideal for the festive season. This bomber jacket will add a certain something to an every day outfit – casual yet special. Or perhaps for something a little less bling, this dress is a nice nod. Get it now whilst it’s in the sale 😉

Fringed Boots 

ASOS / M&S / Zara / Next

Less yes-ha and actually more chic, these are everywhere. Choose a style with a heel height to suit. I can vouch for the M&S Autograph ones – easy to walk in with their “Insolia Technology” and a fringe that’s not too out-there. The Next ones come highly rated too. Keep them black so that you definitely stay away from the Western look.

Wide Leg Trousers 

M&S / Zara / ASOS

These remind me of a time just after university into starting my career and are now back again. The luxe look of a wool pair, teamed with a fitted coat and perhaps even trainers, really appeals. Make sure your top half is fitted to balance out the look.

The long sleeveless Cardigan 

Topshop / H&M / ASOS

Last month it was the long cardigan, now we have lost the sleeves 🙂 I know this won’t be a look that everyone can manage – in my opinion you need to be over 5’5″ to be able to wear this effectively – but it’s a great in-between and layering option. I wouldn’t go so far however as to prescribe a coat in this style, layering under a coat for the winter is tricky. Stick to neutral colours that will tone or contrast with, what you wear underneath.

I must also mention Shearling. Something that comes out most winter seasons, this year sees it featuring in coats, waistcoats and even accessories. Although faux, this waistcoat is a nice nod to the trend – great to throw over a jumper, worn with jeans or a skirt and opaques.

Until the end of the month then… Have great Octobers!

Erin xx

PS: I read with interest Rebecca’s post at the beginning of the week about her Autumn List. I’ve been watching Jamie Oliver’s new Superfood series, and last night cooked the Squash Dhal for supper. It was DELICIOUS! Winter comfort food without the bulk and calories – sorted as Jamie would say. Give it a try if you can…


What to Buy: December

Morning Readers!

I’m back again with the last “What to Buy” of 2014. I find December such a magical time. In years past, my Hubby and I would always go on holiday in the first week of December and come back around the 16th/17th, and whilst the winter sun was welcome, we always lamented missing the build-up. Working in a big city makes things very festive with brass bands and Carolers welcoming you at the station when you arrive in the morning, not to mention the Christmas Lights, and I always feel I ought to dress according to the season. Here then, is my round-up of things to buy, not only for the cold weather (wow, the temperature has REALLY dropped), but for the magic too 😉


Blue Skirt / Silver Skirt / Foil Sweatshirt / Gold Trousers

Subtle, or a bit more in your face, something with a little bit of bling is a sure-fire way to light up the season. As I mentioned back in my November “How I Wore” post, this skirt is a really nice way to introduce the trend, and I also love these trousers. Available in limited sizes on line, when I went in-store, there were plenty. Wear with something red to really get into the Festive spirit!


Trousers / Dress / Jacket

Who doesn’t like a little bit of sequin at Christmas time? From dainty embellishment to full on glamour for your Christmas Party, there’s something for everyone out there. The magpie in me is drawn to these trousers, but I also love this throw on coat. Perfect for office to after-work drinks!


Jumper / Shirt

Nothing says Christmas more than red. I always used to wear something red on Christmas Day, a tradition I picked up from my Mum whose favourite colour it is, and it’s something that has stuck with me. I’m in love with the Uniqlo Extra Fine Merino Jumpers and one in Red is firmly on my Christmas list – I tend to wear the Mens small as I like the fit better. If you aren’t one for wearing a lot of red in your wardrobe choices, then a nice introduction with a red lip or nail is a good idea.

Winter Boots

Lace Up Boots / Fur Lined Boots

Rebecca started my thinking about these with her post on the delicious Ugg’s, but I have also found some other options for something that is essential over winter. Warm, partly stylish, but practical feet, especially when there are children in tow, are a must. I really like these Ilse Jacobsen ones, as well as these Zara Fur Lined bikers – a very good deal for leather at under £100.

Novelty Clutch

Pink / Yes No / Washing Powder / Chocolate

Honestly, you can’t sneeze without seeing these in all the shops. They are a fun way of updating an outfit if your budget doesn’t stretch to something new for your Christmas Party. I’d quite like Santa to bring me a Kate Spade license plate one 😉

So are you feeling Christmassy yet? I’d love to see if any of you wear any of the above as part of the #FFFestiveFun challenge 😉 You won’t see me and what I’ve been wearing at the end of December, as in usual FF style, there won’t be any posts between Christmas and New Year, but I look forward to 2015 and seeing what will be around in the store to share with you all. So, all that remains is to wish you all very Merry Christmasas, and healthy, happy and prosperous New Year’s!

Erin xx

Wanted: Summer Fashion and Timeless Classics

So, it’s sale time and that awkward time in between (fashion) seasons. Already I’m thinking about the next season and making sure I don’t buy anything that will be totally out of fashion come September, but I’m also thinking about getting my wear out of summer purchases so far.

As much as I love fashion though, my personal style is not dictated by it. You’ll notice there hasn’t been an influx of pastels on these pages for example as my much loved shade of mint green just doesn’t suit me at all. Right now, I’m leaning towards more personal pieces and I thought I would round up the items on my radar today.

Sequin (Iro) Jacket and Red Clutch // Gold Sequin Jacket // Olivia Palermo in French Connection Jacket // Sequin Jacket and shorts

I’ve always been a huge fan of sequins and when given a modern look in oversized dresses, sharp shouldered or slouchy jackets and modern matt or irridescent metallics, I know I’m not going to be able to resist. The Iro jacket (top left) has to be my favourite here but it’s worth noting that Olivia Palermo is rocking a French Connection one in the shot above so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled in the sales.

Green lace // Yellow puff ball // Neon Maxi // Pink lace // Yellow straight

I know neon isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and when I posted the neon fash flash, a lot of you said you felt it was hard to pair with your skin tone. I for one love it and I think now is the time of year to try it because it always looks better with a bit of warmth to your skin – go heavy on the bronzer! These neon skirts are a great way to try the trend as the neon isn’t close to your face so it’s easier to wear. I’m loving the way it works with neutrals, particularly grey and in a dressed down look and the maxi skirt seems so unexpected and modern in neon yellow rather than a boho floral for a change.

Chambray and Wayfarers // Chambray with glitter skirt // Open chambray with grey tee // Open chambray shirt over tee and skirt // Chambray with statement necklace

My biggest fashion quest right now is for the perfect chambray shirt. A bit of an Americanism I think, chambray is a lighter, thinner denim-like fabric (please correct me anyone who can define it better!) and I’ve been seeing a lot of it on the style blogs. Whether you’re brave enough to pair it with jeans and do double denim, dress it up with a skirt or down as a layering item, it just looks so useful. I’d love to hear if you have found one too – I missed out in GAP earlier in the season and haven’t seen anything that’s just right since.

Now it’s your turn! Have you got a specific item you’re lusting after at the moment, that’s perhaps a classic or unexpected piece? Or are you just loving the looks I’m sharing here today/ I hope you’re inspired!


Friday Frock O’clock

This week’s frock is something special. Something that I idly looked at whilst browsing for a frock idea and was instantly hypnotised by. French Connection have released a new premium collection that I’ll admit I was a little sceptical about. Already famous for their embellished dresses in flattering looser styles (which I happen to love) I wondered how they would improve on that and make these dresses of the premium title and price tag.

How wrong I was though. With a strong twenties theme, loose tie waists, embellishment from neckline to hem and mermaid-esque amounts of shimmer, I was really blown away by the whole collection and I have to say, the Pearl Queen dress could almost pass for a Jenny Packham gown with its deco detailing.


Perfect occasion wear, perhaps you have a wedding to attend, would wear it to your own reception an evening dress, or like me, have a fabulous birthday approaching… I couldn’t possibly.

But for now, it’s Friday afternoon… treat yourself and see the shimmer up close in this promo video. I warn you, you should hide your credit card before you watch it.

Lots of Friday love and enjoy your weekends everywhere 🙂


Friday Frock O’clock

This week, my thoughts are already turning to what I’m going to wear over the festive period. I tend to gravitate towards sparkle anyway, so Christmas is a great excuse and I stumbled upon today’s dress when browsing the Oasis sale.

I’m having a bit of a thing about clean futuristic styling at the moment and although there are a lot of glitter dresses around this Oasis dress stood out as different to me, plus it has that slightly vintage look to the sequins which are a little less shiny and therefore infinitely more expensive looking.

This afternoon, maybe you can all help me out with some outfits for Christmas eve (cooking whilst looking sparkly then drinks) Christmas Day, (pretty much ditto but ending in PJ’s watching Downtown,) and Boxing day, (probably shopping and a meal out somewhere en famille.)

Post your links as usual in the comments box and share your festive outfit ideas, and as always have a fabulous weekend 😉


PS I mentioned the Oasis sale, but remember this dress? It’s down to £30!


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