Christmas Inspiration #1 – Scandi Style

One of my absolute favourite things about Christmas is the decor. Not just the actual decorations but the fact that you get to decorate and make everything look so pretty. Best of all it’s totally up to you what you do. You really can get crafty and make everything from paper for pence, or go all out with the most luxe decorations money can buy… ok, so maybe in my dreams. 😉

This is the first in a series I’m going to do about Christmas Decor… I’ll be including images from the decorations you have sent into me (and it’s not too late, as soon as you put yours up, read this post and send in your Christmas decor inspiration,) combined with the super stylish and often professionally styled interiors and vignettes that inspired them. I hope they will fill you with Christmas cheer and inspire you to get creative this Christmas.

God jul! and Bauble chandelier

Today’s post is dedicated to one of my favourite takes on Christmas… Scandinavian style. Think red and white, natural rustic decor, lots of wooden decorations and paper but all done in a very pared back way. If you have a very neutral or modern home this works really well, but it’s equally as comfortable in a barn, or country cottage.

Tiny red and white treeSparse Spruce by the fire and heart decorations – Ebay

This is actually pretty close to the style of decor I have used previously in our house and I can’t believe I won’t be putting up the red and white decorations this year. The red and white look and childlike element to Scandi style decorations in painted wood and paper really lends itself to our Victorian home so this one is nothing if not versatile. I know I’ll be using the decorations in the future again…

Multi-coloured decorations and Branch hanging decor over turquoise table.

Although red and white is the most common colour scheme in a Scandi Christmas, it’s as much about the type of decoration and the way you display them. It might not seem as festive, but a scantily decorated tree looks simple and elegant and this look also co-ordinates well with touches of metallic or actual metals and clear glass or an all white scheme.

Red paper heart wreath and Tiny tree with White decorations.

Reader Christmas Inspiration…
I should have known that Hannah‘s Christmas decor would be fabulous, but I was really excited when I saw her decorations. (You will remember her from this post.) Working perfectly with her pale kitchen as a backdrop, her take on the Scandi style is fresh and clean but still super festive, and not so fussy that it looks wrong in a kitchen…

Image Credit: Hannah Gooch of Ebury Home and Garden for Florence Finds

Each Christmas our tree looks a bit different. Last year I added quite a few red and white Scandi-inspired decorations, so this became the focus in our kitchen/diner. We already had a large bottle vase in the centre of our dining table which has some Autumnal twigs in it that I’d collected during walks in the park. So this is where I hung some of the decs, along with some on the twigs we’ve got hanging between the lights above the breakfast bar.

Image Credit: Hannah Gooch of Ebury Home and Garden for Florence Finds

I love that Hannah has gone the extra mile here and added the hanging decor above the breakfast bar… it’s super chic and actually really cheap to recreate – all you need is a branch from the park and you could make similar decorations from felt cut outs.

So readers… do you like a Scandi style Christmas?


Spotted: Nail Polish storage…

I’m currently having a bit of a conundrum with a gorgeous Scandanavian antique unit that Pete bought me for my last birthday. I think it must have been a linen cupboard or perhaps a china cabinet, and either way it’s beautiful.

It’s painted cream, with the top three quarters glazed on the front and both sides. The bottom part (behind the solid door panel) has 2 shelves and there are 2 more shelves dividing the visible part of it. Each of those shelves has a kind of mini shelf at the back which is narrow but almost scallop edged. So all in all, while beautiful, it’s not the most practical bit of storage that I own.

Added to the issue of how the interior layout is arranged is the fact that, being antique, it is a little delicate and has a somewhat rickety door. In fact it’s a tad difficult to open. Everything you want in a storage object, right?

So I’m thinking of things to store in it. So far I have my handbags which although it seemed like a good idea, (I wanted to be able to see them all, because if I can’t see things I forget I have them and therefore don’t use them) actually looks pretty untidy. I also have some boxes, my scarf collection, and our clean towels. It’s not quite the look I was hoping for.

But then I saw this and had an idea of something else I can put in there that not only looks pretty, but isn’t accessed often – beauty storage! If I had things in there that I needed daily, I think I would get pretty annoyed with the above issues.

I love the idea. Storing nail colours in a see through jar is practical – there will be no searching for that colour again, and pretty.

Perfect. Be sure to have a little snoop around the rest of the feature I found this image from – The Coveteur. The decor is fabulous and there are lots of similar storage units to inspire me 🙂

Any other ideas for me readers?


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