Weeks 14 – 20

Our 12 week scan was actually done a day before I was 14 weeks, so it then didn’t feel long before we’d be seeing baby again. At 16 weeks I really started to feel a difference in how tired I was, getting back to my usual bedtimes (almost!) and being able to actually do something with my evenings again. It was so liberating and fortunately co-incided with the work in our bedroom coming to an end from a building point of view and us having to start the clean up and decorating prep.

The majority of these weeks for me were spent waiting to feel movements. I had been told I have an anterior placenta which means it kind of cushions me from feeling any movements at the front. At 18 weeks I was on my sister in laws hen do and after coming home early and a week or so of ‘was that something?’ feelings, I got three definite kicks as I lay in bed waiting to go to sleep. I didn’t feel anything for three days after that, until a few more at work and then it became more frequent as I kind of ‘tuned into’ what I should be feeling. I expected it to get stronger too, which some of the movements have done, but not hugely. It was only sitting waiting for our 20 week scan (at 19+6) that I felt one so strong that I thoughts Pete might feel it, but of course he couldn’t, it was still too early. For any of you waiting to feel those movements and wondering what it is like, the best way I can describe it is to say it’s like being softly flicked from the inside, or like when your eye muscles twitch involuntarily. 🙂

I also spent a lot of this time waiting for my bump to pop out. From a medical point of view I knew I should be able to feel it above my pubic bone any time from 12 weeks, but I didn’t feel it until 14 weeks. It was 16 weeks before I felt I looked different in myself but I don’t think anyone else would have known (or been brave enough to ask,) then at 19 weeks, it just came out of nowhere. I bought my maternity jeans at 17 weeks, because my normal jeans still fitted but if I sat or bent in them I just felt like they were digging in really uncomfortably.

These weeks felt like they flew by. After the initial weeks of counting the days until we could relax and assume everything was ok, which seemed to crawl, the weeks are just disappearing before we know it. When our 20 week scan came it was soooo much bigger than before, I had a proper ‘bump’ and sitting waiting for the scan was the first time it really went nuts, moving around for 45 minutes or so constantly. After all our deliberations about finding out the sex we decided to have the radiographer write it down in a cute card we bought with the intention of looking at it later together, perhaps in Barcelona when we could get excited properly. Baby had other ideas though and in what I hope doesn’t set the tone for his or her behaviour in the future, baby was cross legged with its bum firmly wedged down in my pelvis so they couldn’t see at all and we left none the wiser. Fate maybe? In actual fact I wasn’t disappointed at all in the end. We had already decided we would keep it to ourselves anyway, so it made that decision a lot easier!

I hope you enjoyed the update readers, I’ll be back with a 20+ week one soon. 🙂


News Flash!

Ahem! So, today is quite a big day and I’m going to let the picture do all the talking… 🙂

I can’t believe that the time has gone so quickly already and I’ve been waiting to have a bump to show you all! It’s lovely to be finally able to announce that Pete and I are expecting our first baby! I’m almost half way along now and so glad the bump has finally popped out so I can start talking babies, motherhood and get advice from so many of the mums who I know read Florence Finds.

As always, the blog is a reflection of my life, so I hope I don’t put off those of you who don’t have or want children, yet or ever, but I’m not expecting to have a personality transplant now there are three of us, so much of the blog will remain unchanged. Hopefully, this will be a welcome addition, it certainly is for us. 🙂

Anyway, I’m going to write a bit more next week, for now, I’m so glad you all know!


PS I’m wearing the ASOS dress I posted about last week in a size 12 for extra room!

Old House Tour… Part 1

Hi guys!

It’s good to be back and I’m excited after a very refreshing break and some headspace. Thanks for coming back 🙂

Today I’m going to share some of the fab pictures of my house that The Lawsons (Laura and Pete) took for the Good Homes feature I mentioned last month. There were so many good ones that didn’t go in to the magazine that I’m going to do the downstairs first and then come back to the upstairs next week. I was thinking that you guys had seen all of this but in fact we had changed quite a few things (decorative accents wise) since I last featured any pictures, so I hope you’ll see something new if you’re already familiar with the house.

Photography courtesy of Lawson Photography

Since I last shared it, the lounge had had even more colour added, with a selection of mis-matched patterned cushions, the easy lamp DIY I did, and a few more homely touches…

Photography courtesy of Lawson Photography

It also features the first new thing we bought for the ‘new house’, the (reproduction) Eames RAR rocker.

Photography courtesy of Lawson Photography

Then adjoining it is the dining room, also looking a lot better than when you last saw it for a bit of styling 😉 (I hasten to add, my house did not always look like this, I wish!)

Photography courtesy of Lawson Photography

I think the dining room might have been my favourite room in the house, if not my bedroom, as it seemed to be the most interesting. This corner has our film lamp in it and an antique Japanese rice cabinet that my step-dad passed onto us and I topped with a sprayed white tray and some bar paraphernalia. With the picture and (cheap ikea) linen curtains, it seemed to evoke old colonialism to me.

Photography courtesy of Lawson Photography

It also has my other favourite bit of furniture, the oak servery unit we have that holds our wedding dinner set (and a lot of other junk!)

Photography courtesy of Lawson Photography

I’m going to leave it there for now because that’s a lot of pictures already and I’ll come back to the kitchen and bedrooms. There’s too much ‘stuff’ to list here but if you want to know anything about the house or it’s contents, just drop me a comment. Hope you enjoyed the tour and thanks again so much to Laura and Pete for doing the photography honours!


My Month…

It’s that time, another month has passed us by and in some ways, with the weather we’ve had, I won’t be sad to say goodbye to April. However it has also been a monumental month for me, starting with my best friend’s birthday, taking in my own birthday and a friends wedding, so there has been lot of fun had. Here’s the behind the scenes, insider snapshots of what’s really been happening via my Instagram feed…

  • Jess with her French and English bag, while we were having nails done for her birthday.
  • Finding somewhere to stash my easter eggs and something to display in my new dome.
  • Flo’s mention in Closer 🙂
  • A classic workwear outfit, (Whistles trousers, Banana Republic enamel bangle, M&S shirt and Dune nude flats.)
  • Finding macaroons in the basement Aubain restaurant in Selfridges, manchester. Amazing, and dangerous to have a local supply. I took Pete to have his first ones and now he’s hooked too!
  • My DIY ombre cake mix before they went into the oven.
  • Easter weekend on Southport beach, looking at the Pier.
  • Fabulous lighting at birthday drinks in The Alchemist in Manchester. Officially my favourite cocktail bar and highly recommended if you’re in town.
  • For your entertainment, the funniest birthday card I received…
  • Washing my make-up brushes. How often do you wash yours? I just wet mine and swirl them in the palm of my hand with a little shampoo then let them dry over night, every week or two. Try it.
  • My current nail combos – Lilac on hands, navy on toes. I’ve glittered all my toes, but just my ring fingers on the hands. I can’t believe how versatile this glitter polish has been actually. So far I’ve layered it over fuschia pink, minty blue, yellow, navy and lilac.
  • The new Love of my Life… Nine West shoes. (Did I mention they do them in black?)
  • Revelling in peony season… more coming later this week from Becky.

How was your April?


PS. Wondering how I made the graphic up there? Here’s the tutorial.

My Month…

It’s kind of a cool day to be wrapping up the month here on Florence Finds, being the 29th and all – it feels like a time warp kinda day, like it’s not really here. But hey, I’m always looking for that extra hour in the day so let’s embrace it! In the spirit of extra time, there are three posts today, but first up, a sneak inside my life, via Instagram. Warning, if you are allergic to pink, perhaps better look away now.

L-R, top to bottom…

  • Reading matter on the plane to Italy and ski-ing, then enjoying the view on the piste
  • Re-discovering possibly one of my favourite ever sweet treats, belgian waffles, excellent with maple syrup, ice cream and blueberries. Now that’s a breakfast right there.
  • LOV-ing my Nails Inc magnetic nail-effect varnish – perfect for ski-ing.
  • More nails, and trying a new way with them, with my H&M pastels for spring.
  • Faded neons in satchel form from H&M, spotted whilst out shopping.
  • Valentines flowers via Blossom from Pete
  • THE pink trousers. Oh how I love thee pink trews! (I think I’ve got the cost-per-wear down to about 50p already!)
  • Pink and black for drinks on a cold night with Penny
  • The cotton wool game at a baby shower last weekend… have you played it? Surprisingly hard and surprisingly hilarious!
  • I stayed at the Leeds Malmaison last weekend – from now on I’d like all of my butter to come wrapped in greaseproof paper packets like this please. Full report to come.
  • PenDo. There may have been karaoke involved. That’s all I’m saying. Full (fash) review to come…
  • Final outfit with the pink trews, stripes, spring florals and the (Whistles) leather jacket again, which I’m very much enjoying after months of ignoring it, following over-use last year.
What have been the highlights of your month readers? Anything to look forward to in March?
PS, Don’t forget to email me and request your invite to the Florence Finds Afternoon Tea! Just under half of the spaces have been taken, so hurry up and email me! (All of those who have requested an invite should have received their paypal money request by now, if not – please email me and I can check I’ve not missed you out.)

Merry Christmas from Florence Finds

Hello readers,

Just a very short message to say Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. Thank you so much for reading Florence Finds – you’ve all made my Christmas just by being along for the ride so far and I hope you all have a relaxing and fun holiday with the people you love, and get lots of gorgeous gifts of course!

For the holiday period I’ll be spending time with family and Pete, (as you read this, I’m finally in the hairdressers getting the chop,) so the blog will be quiet until Wednesday 28th when I’ll be posting some short and sweet posts before another break for the New Year holidays.

Of course, I’d go mad if I wasn’t doing a little bit of behind the scenes blogging, so I’ll be working on sprucing up the blog and a special series that I’ve got planned for January, to beat the post-holiday blues.

Until then, be happy, take care and enjoy the holidays.

Merry Christmas,

My Month…

I can’t believe it’s the end of November already and almost Christmas!

It’s been a crazy busy month for me, only the second of Florence Finds but I’m so happy with how everything is going.

I thought once a month I might share some insights into what I’ve been doing this month using my Instagram photos – those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen these already, but if not, I hope you like having a little nosey!

Top row: Remember that Cinnamon bread? I got my new business cards 🙂 and treated us to some new bedding – the white set was getting bit tired and I fancied something cosy for winter… a grey toned checked pattern from M&S.
Second Row: Snaps from the Laura Ashley press day, Cupcakes at work for Children in Need and digging out my favourite winter bag.
Third Row: Stripping the red wallpaper in our Dining room, ready for our current decoration project – it’s in full swing – more to come! The tiniest visitor to our house when we had friends to stay with their 11 week baby. My Warehouse jumper purchased after this post.
Fourth Row: Rouge Noir for my winter toe tidy, A DIY necklace (coming soon) and the shop window at Blossom – full of snow and owls for Christmas – A.Mazing.

How was your November? And did your other half do Movember?


Welcome to Florence Finds!

So, a new blog!

Hello! and a massive welcome to all of you who are here to see what Florence Finds is all about.

Let me give it to you straight, (because I always do.)

Florence Finds is a lifestyle blog for everyday style in everyday life. Not unachievable style, or ridiculously expensive style, but style for everyone.

It’s not just about fashion, because style is everywhere. On Florence Finds you’ll find interiors and decor, beauty and travel too – all the things I love and I hope you will find something amongst my selection that you’re interested in! You can also expect to find cultural tid bits, books and films, outdoor living, foodie inspiration and intelligent conversation from like-minded women. Every single one of you is welcome here.

So many of you will have found Florence Finds and know me, Rebecca, because of the 18 months I spent contributing at Rock My Wedding. After my time there came to a close I found myself at a bit of a loose end and contemplating my next move. I was never only about ‘the big day’ in the first place, so why not branch out into another type of blog? So many of the comments I received reflected on the fashion and home posts I wrote or even just the posts about the every day dilemmas and decisions that we all find ourselves faced with in modern life. Time passed and as I looked around me I saw so many things to write about, that I wanted to share. A lifestyle blog became the obvious decision.

Since then I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what modern women want. I’m pretty sure that most of you are like me – you don’t want to read about just fashion or just interiors. You have weeks on end where all you can think about is updating your wardrobe but then something changes and you fancy redecorating or sorting out the garden. One day you might need a new lipstick to brighten up your life and another you might just feel like curling up in your jogging bottoms on the sofa with a cracking book and a great big mug of tea, or baking up a storm in the kitchen. And I think we all need a place where you can talk freely about topical issues, whether they be thought provoking headlines or not-quite-world-changing, but interesting-all-the-same subjects, like your perfect weight or advice on female friendship.

So this is the next chapter, in my life and yours. Perhaps you’re married and looking for a new blog to obsess over, maybe you’re a style savvy bright young thing or revelling in your thirties (or forties and even beyond) whilst keeping up to date with the trends. This is your new daily stop off with UK specific (where possible) inspiration, whether it’s for that hot date you have later, (lucky you!) something to try this weekend (Nom Nom!), or just simply a little ‘pick me up’ over a coffee or glass of vino, while you immerse yourself in Florence Finds.

Lastly, I’m not the only person you will be seeing around here. The bulk of it will be the Rebecca you’re all used to(!) but I am thrilled to be able to mix things up a bit with regular and one-off contributors, chosen for their knowledge or enthusiasm for the topics they’ll be covering and witty take on life, from books, to real home renovations, travel tips and more. You will also see me regularly inviting reader submissions on various things and I hope you will be brave enough to respond!

I am really excited. Ready-to-explode excited. I have so many ideas and would love to hear from you if you think there’s something we can do to make Florence Finds better. Drop me an email and please leave a comment to say ‘Hi’ – let me know what you think of the blog design too.

And here’s the big ask… I need your help. Please tweet your socks off today about Florence Finds, post about us on your facebook page, email or text your friends and if you know anyone who enjoyed my posts in the past, make sure they know about my new home!

So welcome to Florence Finds! Take a look around, if you like something, leave me a comment and be sure to come back everyday as we have lots of stylish finds (often twice a day) in store for you. 🙂


PS. If you’re a Facebook user and want to stay up to date please hop on over to the Florence Finds Facebook page (or click the link in the right hand side column) and like us. Florence Finds is also on Twitter @FlorenceFinds. All of the above images were taken from my Pinterest account where you can follow more of my finds.

PPS. Come back this afternoon for more of Florence’s Finds 🙂

(Image Credits: Hello – Sincerely Jules, Fresh Start – Five-Words.com.au, Awesome – Blush Events.)

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