What to Wear… The Printed Shirt

This afternoon’s What to Wear is a bright and cheery one. After last weeks sunny summery weather I got a bit carried away in Zara (inspired by my own post on their spring drop) and bought a few summery pieces, including this blouse. Come Saturday and the weather was cooler and cloudy again, leaving me wondering how I was going to work these items into my weekend wardrobe!

Blouse – Zara £29.99, Trousers – H&M, £14.99

I fell in love with this blouse and the print on it (- in fact I was also brave enough to buy the micro shorts in the same print for my upcoming holidays, but not brave enough to wear them yet!) I often like the idea of floral prints and not the colour combinations, but I loved the mixed pastels and brights in this one, it just seemed to work.

Pairing it with something else in my wardrobe however was another matter until my pink trousers (also here,) came to the rescue again, working perfectly due to a subtle splash of pink in the print. I left the shirt out for a more relaxed feel and of course, needed my jacket for the cooler weather.

Lipstick on, and my dose of spring was complete, despite the weather!


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