Found: French and English Confectioners

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely Easter break, and my goodness have we got a good four day week planned here for you!

This weekend, it was my best friend Jess’s birthday (who shares her real renovations on Florence Finds from time to time.) It was a kind of, ahem, BIG birthday and I really wanted to get her something to keep. Having recently moved house, a lot of her presents were going to be practical and available funds are being devoted to the new house, so I wanted to get her something that she wouldn’t buy herself, that was also something she would have for a while, but not necessarily forever. It was a tall order. An ideal world would have seen me buying a gorgeous designer clutch but I am so pleased with what I did find that I’m sharing them with you today – French and English Confectioners on Etsy.

It was the lovely Emma Davenport who tipped me off about them after my plea on Twitter (and thank you to all of you who replied with your suggestions) but when I spotted her sporting a fabulous yellow bag in this blog post, I knew I had found ‘the one’. As much as I love high fashion and designer bags, I’m just as crazy about finding something unique that is handmade and I totally fell for the little sewn on labels on the bags along with the super glossy patent leather in bright shades. Jess and I have a bit of a thing for patent and although the yellow was a bit of a gamble, I breathed a massive sigh of relief when she liked it!

French and English makes everything from shoulder bags and satchels to coin purses and the cutest mother and daughter bag sets I have ever seen. All hand stitched and made to order.

I think they make very special gifts or even a lovely treat for yourself and Lucie was super helpful with my somewhat last minute order – Thank you!

Do head on over and have a look for yourself at French and English Confectioners and let me know if you love the bags as much as I do!


Spotted: The Mulberry Harriet

I try to be democratic on Florence Finds, and cover clothes for all budgets, but sometimes Florence must imitate life and reflect something I have been coveting beyond all reason, beyond financial sense.

Today, that lust after item is one of my all time favourite brands, Mulberry. Going from strength to strength and even seeing sales rise despite the recession, it’s not hard to see why when they produce such stylish yet classic bags.

Today, I’m sharing my favourite from the recent early collection releases… The Mulberry Harriet bag.

Ok, they’re astronomically expensive, but there are times in life when you need a treat, a windfall perhaps, a work bonus or inheritance, hell even a lottery win. Particularly when the weather is like it has been recently, some online window shopping is most definitely allowed.

I’m not sure I’m 100% on the sludgy green colour, although I imagine it would look fabulous with neutrals, but I am in LOVE with the satchel in navy spongey patent. And could that shade of nude-beige look anymore luxe?

No, I didn’t think so either.

So just close one eye, squint a little and block out the price, then tell me your favourite. Let’s lust after them together…


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