Monday Must-have: The Embellished Clutch

Take it from me, this mornings Must-have is practically an essential. It looks about 5x as expensive as it actually is and is the kind of thing you will have for a very long time, I hesitate to say, maybe even forever.

In my opinion, you need only 2 evening bags in your wardrobe. A great black one that has a little detail to make it stand out but will basically go with anything, whatever the season or style. The other is a fabulous statement bag that will dress up any outfit, go with everything because it is so versatile and have everyone asking you where you got it. This is that bag.

All bags, Accessorize

The pansy bag is of course the object of my lust today, but when I found it I was so stunned by the rest of the selection at Accessorize I had to include more. The bags in there are incredible right now, the embroidery, the beading the gemstones, just out of this world. And the prices are equally astounding. If for whatever reason you want to detract from your outfit or yourself but have events to go to, then this is your answer. You’ll always fit your bag 🙂


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