Instagram Capsule Wardrobe outfits

Today I thought I’d post a selection of recent outfits… so you could actually see my capsule wardrobe in action (see the links at the end of this post for the capsule all together). It’s pretty hard to get a shot where I’m not wearing Bea and most of these were captured running out of the door, hence so many featuring Pete’s feet! 😉 Apologies for the quietness round here this week too… I’m actually writing a post about my postnatal body that I just don’t want to rush, so watch this space.

So hot favourites in the wardrobe right now? Boyfriend jeans. Always. Unfortunately this pair has developed a hole in the crotch (hate that word,) but I am NOT replacing them until I can buy a size down having lost some weight. Serious motivation that!

In all honesty, this is pretty much my daily uniform, striped tee and boyfriend jeans.

If it’s warm, this skirt is also getting a LOT of action. It’s one of the most flattering pieces I own at the moment and gives me some shape which is pretty unusual again in this forgiving capsule collection! The tee is great too – just a bit different as it has a slight slubby texture due to the linen.

I’m also loving having so many different blues in my wardrobe. When it’s warm bringing them all together feels like ocean shades – so fresh and summery.

I’ve not captured many work outfits but this one featured a casual v-neck tee doubling up as work wear when it was really warm, dressed up with the pencil skirt and jewellery it looked pretty smart.

I’ve also managed to start venturing out more. Pete and I have been so lucky to have babysitting help from my mum so we can resurrect date night – we were in dire need of it – and it’s been fun dressing up a little and having adult only time. The top outfit was from a cinema date and this one was from drinks with the girls when my New Look jumpsuit got an airing on a balmy evening.

As an aside, this is the only bag I’m using too – £30 white faux leather rucksack from Zara that fits in a  few essentials for Bea (nappy, wipes, drink, snack, shoes/cardigan/hat etc) plus my keys money and a bit of room for small shopping. (this one is very similar and only £19.99!) It’s so good to ditch the change bag!

Happy friday readers… and expect something meaty next week 🙂


PS my work capsule, core essentials, dresses and round-up.

Spotted: Baukjen Pre-Fall 2014

As I’m already thinking post-baby clothes I was pretty excited to be able to legitimately consider the new Baukjen pre-fall collection that landed in my inbox last week. I’m looking for comfortable yet stylish clothes that I can wear around the house and out for baby groups and lunches with friends (whenever that happens!) and more than anything ease of wear. There’s a lot to be said for a capsule collection (I’ve talked about restricting seasonal clothes to a specific colour palette before to make getting dressed super easy,) and this capsule collection is perfect for late summer and early autumn days. These are my picks from the collection and they also act as great casual outfit inspiration.

What do you think readers? You can see the whole collection here.


AW13 Street Style

I’m still feeling a little behind when it comes to AW13 fashion, partly due to the house move and partly due to the weather. It really hasn’t been cold enough to force me into my Autumn clothes yet. To stop me making wear-once purchases I always try to think at the beginning of the season what trends I want to buy into and what goes with my current wardrobe.

Jenna Lyons // Sweatshirt and Skirt

I’m past fashion fads if I’m honest and the last couple of years of experimenting has refined my natural style. With the abundance of street style photos around at the moment following the fashion week marathon and bloggers trying new trends, I have rounded up a few of my pins and styles that I’ll be trying to recreate this autumn.

Short and Sweet
Tartan skirt // Olivia Palermo

I love cute skirts worn with a bulkier top and this new flippy style looks fun and flirty paired with opaque tights and ankle boots.

Shades of Grey
Grey knit, skirt and sunglasses // Long grey coatigan

I’ve long been obsessed with grey but the all-grey looks I have seen look luxe and super modern. I’ll definitely be giving this a try…

Biker cool
Leather jacket and full skirt // Alexa Chung

Leather is huge this year and happily the trusty biker jacket is everywhere too. I love it teamed with a feminine skirt and pointed heels.

The Big Wrap
Parka with fur scarf // Emerson Fry chunky knit

Who doesn’t love wrapping up for autumn? Again this look is about balanced proportions and volume contrasted with slim bottom halves. I’ll be re-investing in skinnies and hunting down the biggest chunky knit to layer under my winter parka.

So what do you think readers? Do you like any of these looks or have you had any ideas about what you’ll be wearing this season? Let me know!


Fash Flash: Autumn Inspo…

I dont know if it’s my mental state that has been messed up by all the lovely sunshine in Florida, but coming back to cold weather and the need for layering has left me in a state of style confusion and more often than not, cold. When the seasons change I often gather inspiration from magazines and in recent years, my favourite style bloggers. To that end I thought I would share a collection of Autumn outfits from stylish ladies that are inspiring me this season.

Image Credit: Eat. Sleep. Wear & Atlantic Pacific

I love a cosy layered look, the trick is to keep it slim or intentionally oversized, staying well away from Michelin-man impressions!

Image Credit:What I Wore, Eat. Sleep. Wear., Atlantic Pacific

I can see a khaki jacket is going to be an essential for my wardrobe this Autumn/Winter and I’m still loving a pop of yellow – perfect for kicking the leaves.

Image Credit:Atlantic Pacific & Wendy’s Lookbook

When it comes to shopping or more stylish occasions, a glittery collar is an easy update to last season (or year’s) blouse, with the new printed pant: brocade.

Image Credit:Wendy’s Lookbook & Cupcakes and Cashmere

When it comes to meeting friends I’ll be keeping it tailored on the top half with well cut jackets and sparkle, striking flashes of colour, lots of oxblood and sticking with a skinny silhouette (cropped of course) for trousers and jeans.

What’s your outfit inspiration this Autumn and are there any looks you would love to emulate here?


My Month: August

Last month, I decided to share just my outfits and I quite liked that format so it’s back this month too, but in a bumper edition. I realised I missed out on sharing one of my favourite things in life, food! And also where I had been. I know that half the fun of these posts is the being nosey so get yourself a cuppa (or something stronger if you’re reading this later on,) and step into my world for a little while…

  • Pancakes for breakfast (recipe here)
  • Cocktails with my sister at my favourite bar in Manchester, The Alchemist
  • All ready for my burger at a BBQ in Southport
  • Asparagus and Gruyere tart – so simple and so delicious.
  • My first bakewell tart.
  • Trying the new no-bread Pret duck and hoi sin sauce sandwich
  • Drinking too much wine. Just too much. All month.

  • Brit Mil Fit clothes…
  • Rocking the brogues, love them with my pink trousers rolled up 🙂
  • Printed pants.
  • Maxing out the patterns in the warm weather in my tribal skirt and old favourite Zara dress
  • Peach Fizz for my nails, wearing Chanel Orange Fizz under Deborah Lippmann‘s ‘Glitter in the Air’.
  • Yellow and navy for work.
  • Weekend casual for a trip to Dunham Massey with our niece and family. (And the x100!)
  • Polka dots and patent pumps for work.
  • Braving out the pink trousers and red Hunters clash for a weekend walk in the rain.
  • Loving the Olympics and being very sad when the closing ceremony brought things to a close.
  • Enjoying the light nights and warm weather mid-month.
  • Get a hair cut!
  • Fabric shopping for craft projects
  • Obsessing over the gorgeous moody shades in these hydrangeas
  • Starting the London Fashion Week planning.
  • Visiting the Southport Flower Show
  • A long walk in one of my favourite places – Kirby Lonsdale (Devils bridge and the River Lune shown here)
  • And a cute message from my husband… proving that sometimes all you need is an ‘Olive you’. 🙂

My Month… July [The Fashion]

I thought I’d do this months Instagram round up a little differently and focus on one area of my images as when I looked back, I realised they fall into distinct groups of fashion or outfit shots, food and my life behind the scenes. Maybe I’ll share another group next week…

For now though, here’s what Flo wore in July…

Row 1: French Connection dress [work outfit] // French Connection top and bright flats [work outfit] // New brogues
Row 2: Whistles big spot blouse [sale purchase] // Zara gold thread blouse [sale] // GAP polka spot blouse
Row 3: What to Wear // Wide leg jeans and striped tee [sale] // Accessorize glitzy bee and fox rings
Row 4: Whistles Angel jumper with blue jeans and parka // The Dream. Find. Do. wardrobe department // New patterned Topshop trousers for summer [sale]
Row 5: Zara Frill bottom top for hot days [work outfit] [sale] // French Connection skirt [sale] // Sunday outfit in chambray and converse with the x100.

So, I’ll tell you my favourite, if you tell me yours?


[Friday Frock] What to Wear: In Vegas

Sometimes you just have to dress for the occasion and today’s frock comes straight at you, literally right between the eyes, from Vegas baby.

I had a preconception about what Las Vegas would be and I don’t think I hit far from the mark so today’s choice was perfect. I have a real weakness for white dresses. In the same way blondes can make black look glamorous, I love contrasting white with my darker skin and hair, so come summer in the season of white gaining ‘cool’ status again, I was looking forward to finding something that would be wearable for me.

Lace back dress – Zara £35.99

I’m also a firm believer in choosing one focal point if you’re going to bare some skin. Since body-con is no longer a taboo, in recent years I’ve tended to bare my legs with short dresses in looser styles, but my favourite part of my body, the part that never lets me down come extra pounds or not, is my back. So I totally fell in love with the sweeter-than-sweet crochet back to this otherwise rather racy dress.

You know what they say, ‘What happens in Vegas…‘ and I think this is exactly the kind of dress to sum that phrase up. It took me from dinner to bar to the roulette tables and beyond… 😉

Find it in Zara for £35.00. I teamed it with metallic accessories, sky-high heels and modern jewellery, (the earrings were a £3 bargain from Miss Selfridge,) and of course a touch of neon on my nails. Nothing else would do in Las Vegas.

Have a great weekend readers!


What to Wear: Pick up a Peplum

Consider this your first heads up for the coming Autumn Winter ’12 season… Peplums are going to be HUGE. Happily they’re already in the shops and I fancied trying out the trend, particularly when I spotted this one when I did the Zara spring drop post a couple of weeks ago.

I nipped into store to pick it up and then wore it to the Florence Finds Manchester afternoon tea, so I decided I should probably share it with you all.

Top – Reiss (old) // Skirt – Zara £39.99 // Shoes – M&S Autograph (old) // Necklace – Shop sale accessories

I just love how feminine the shape is, that unabashed celebration of your female curves, with a nipped in waist and flared out frill over the hips. Granted, it could be tricky to wear if you’re a true english pear, but I actually think if you’re prepared to flaunt it and have the waist to balance out a fuller bottom half, it’s a killer look.

I paired mine with an old silk top I have from Reiss in fresh white as I love Red and white together, then my zip fronted snakeskin sandals from M&S Autograph. The necklace was a sale find in Warehouse recently that is slightly broken but you can’t really tell, a bargain at £6!

It’s a little creasy as it’s a linen mix, so not one for perfectionists on that front, but it’s actually really comfortable too, as the skirt itself has some stretch in it, great for if you sit down a lot at work like me.

So, do you like a peplum and will you be trying out the trend?


What to Wear… The Printed Shirt

This afternoon’s What to Wear is a bright and cheery one. After last weeks sunny summery weather I got a bit carried away in Zara (inspired by my own post on their spring drop) and bought a few summery pieces, including this blouse. Come Saturday and the weather was cooler and cloudy again, leaving me wondering how I was going to work these items into my weekend wardrobe!

Blouse – Zara £29.99, Trousers – H&M, £14.99

I fell in love with this blouse and the print on it (- in fact I was also brave enough to buy the micro shorts in the same print for my upcoming holidays, but not brave enough to wear them yet!) I often like the idea of floral prints and not the colour combinations, but I loved the mixed pastels and brights in this one, it just seemed to work.

Pairing it with something else in my wardrobe however was another matter until my pink trousers (also here,) came to the rescue again, working perfectly due to a subtle splash of pink in the print. I left the shirt out for a more relaxed feel and of course, needed my jacket for the cooler weather.

Lipstick on, and my dose of spring was complete, despite the weather!


My Month…

It’s kind of a cool day to be wrapping up the month here on Florence Finds, being the 29th and all – it feels like a time warp kinda day, like it’s not really here. But hey, I’m always looking for that extra hour in the day so let’s embrace it! In the spirit of extra time, there are three posts today, but first up, a sneak inside my life, via Instagram. Warning, if you are allergic to pink, perhaps better look away now.

L-R, top to bottom…

  • Reading matter on the plane to Italy and ski-ing, then enjoying the view on the piste
  • Re-discovering possibly one of my favourite ever sweet treats, belgian waffles, excellent with maple syrup, ice cream and blueberries. Now that’s a breakfast right there.
  • LOV-ing my Nails Inc magnetic nail-effect varnish – perfect for ski-ing.
  • More nails, and trying a new way with them, with my H&M pastels for spring.
  • Faded neons in satchel form from H&M, spotted whilst out shopping.
  • Valentines flowers via Blossom from Pete
  • THE pink trousers. Oh how I love thee pink trews! (I think I’ve got the cost-per-wear down to about 50p already!)
  • Pink and black for drinks on a cold night with Penny
  • The cotton wool game at a baby shower last weekend… have you played it? Surprisingly hard and surprisingly hilarious!
  • I stayed at the Leeds Malmaison last weekend – from now on I’d like all of my butter to come wrapped in greaseproof paper packets like this please. Full report to come.
  • PenDo. There may have been karaoke involved. That’s all I’m saying. Full (fash) review to come…
  • Final outfit with the pink trews, stripes, spring florals and the (Whistles) leather jacket again, which I’m very much enjoying after months of ignoring it, following over-use last year.
What have been the highlights of your month readers? Anything to look forward to in March?
PS, Don’t forget to email me and request your invite to the Florence Finds Afternoon Tea! Just under half of the spaces have been taken, so hurry up and email me! (All of those who have requested an invite should have received their paypal money request by now, if not – please email me and I can check I’ve not missed you out.)
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