How to Wear: October

Looking back at the outfits I’ve worn this month, I’m quite surprised to see that I’ve inadvertently been following a couple of themes. Mostly, I’m quite lazy in preparing what I wear on a daily basis, taking the time I spend in the bathroom of a morning to figure out my outfit. However this October, I’ve been following one of the many Blogger/Instagram challenges that are out there, this being a #nynystyleproject. It’s actually made me feel a little more prepared for the following day, and the prompts have certainly made me think about what I have in my wardrobe, rather than wearing new favourites on rotation, which is often the case.

I am though happy to report that I actually did practice what I preached earlier in the month and managed to squeeze in some jeweled and faux fur bits too.

Starting with shoes, as that is a passion of mine, mine during the working week have mostly been pointed. My new ASOS flats have worked really well for busy work days, and I really like the pointed lace ups I picked up from Next (another rule followed – Burgundy!). The R&B Vixen’s were a sale buy this summer but still a bit of a splurge.

Weekends have been a very welcome mix of casual. From rips and skaters with cashmere, to Wellies (love these short Boden ones) and my old-faithful Converse, it’s been really nice to dress down. I’ve also noted that Rebecca has mentioned Skaters and Wellington Boots this month too, so it’s nice to be able to wear these trends.

As I said though I have managed to squeeze in some Faux Fur and some Jewels. Faux Fur was worn as a gilet over a relatively simple outfit of a Breton top and coated jeans for a day of Agency meetings and an evening out, and then a Jewel encrusted shirt was worn on my birthday. My Mum always told me that you should wear something new on your Birthday and this fitted the bill nicely, being a recent J Crew (new with tags!) find on eBay for a tiny fraction of the original cost after lusting after this new season one but absolutely not being able to justify the price-tag.

Finally, I must share today’s outfit, if only to say BARE LEGS in almost November. What’s with that? I’m definitely not complaining. I’m a big fan of this inbetweeny weather. Makes my commute so much easier.

So what do you think Readers? Good choices for what is probably my favourite month of the year?

Erin xx

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Have you seen the new ‘Mom Jeans’? When I was looking for boyfriend (or more aptly named by Warehouse Girlfriend‘) jeans recently, it was suggested I ‘take a look at the Mom jeans which are really similar’. They weren’t similar at all – they were high waisted and reminded me of the eighties – a look a flat-stomached teen could perhaps pull off in Shoreditch, but not for me. It got me thinking about how we stereotype mothers in the fashion stakes, whether it’s imagining a frazzled woman with spit-up on her shoulders or a Boden wearing middle class mummy. As I’m giving so much thought to my own capsule wardrobe right now I got pretty put out at the thought fashion is no longer aimed at me and can be seriously impractical at times.  (Who am I kidding? I’m a good 10 years above Topshop’s target customer profile!). Luckily for me there are loads of fashion trends right now that fit perfectly with my requirements of pram-pushing, baby carrying, new-body style and I thought I’d share some of the key pieces that I love from both a fashion and everyday reality perspective…

1 // 2

Yes, the humble sweatpant (re-named ‘joggers’ to avoid the mental image of sofa lounging and baggy bums,) is bigger then ever. Re-imagined in drapey fabrics and new prints for work wear or going out, the good old jersey type is also a winner for every day. Wear with flats by day and pointed heels or sandals by night and unexpected tops like a buttoned up blouse for serious style credentials.

1 // 2

Fashion Trainers
Massive at the last fashion week in Spring and not going anywhere as a trend, this look is steadily filtering through to the mainstream. Perfect for pram pushing, keep it out of slummy mummy territory by choosing statement finishes like reflective metallic silver, neons or brights, and old school classic styles like New Balance, Adidas or Nike.

1 // 2

Boyfriend Jeans
I did end up finding a pair during the search I mentioned above and have lived in them since. Once you’ve got the right fit for you, they’re super comfortable with an air of off-duty cool. Boyfriend jeans just like joggers can be dressed up or down and are much more forgiving than skinnies if your legs aren’t as ‘skinny’ as they used to be. 😉

If you’re interested, I’m always collecting images of looks I love on my Pinterest Street Style board for outfit inspiration, take a look!

So what are your go-to wardrobe items that you turn to day after day and make life easy? I’d love to hear…


Monday Must Have: StyleUp Daily

When it comes to styling myself, I draw a lot of inspiration from the blogs that I read; some fashion and some lifestyle orientated. That’s what motivates me to share my own outfits, because I enjoy seeing other peoples. I tend to read a specific style of blog though which doesn’t leave me with much variation in the fashion inspiration I’m seeing. I also find it limiting when people have a strong personal sense of style, as I may love their outfits most of the time but I don’t want to look like an identikit copy nor do I own their wardrobe! If only there was someone to trawl the internet looking for outfit inspiration for me. Well it turns out there is!

A while ago I found StyleUp via an interview with its founder, Kendall Herbst. I clicked through and discovered what the site was all about. Sign up, and Monday to Friday you receive a shot of outfit inspiration (in the form of a street style snap of bloggers, celebrities and normal people wearing a great outfit) to give you ideas for what to wear that day. Each outfit is chosen to suit the weather in your location, so no breezy LA outfits to frustrate me in rainy Manchester! The idea is that it encourages you to think again about what you have in your wardrobe already and reinterpret according to current trends.

It’s a clever idea and I can’t imagine the work that must have gone into creating it. When you sign up the site asks you a couple of short questions about how you describe your style and gives you some outfit pairs to choose between, then the info you have given helps them decide which inspiration shot you receive each day. Your personal settings are further honed as you use the service, as you can feedback each day on whether you like the outfit or not, which in turn influences your emails in future.

The site extends to a community which I haven’t tapped into yet where your comments on your daily StyleUp‘s go and other users can agree or not, plus you can upload your own outfits for opinions.

I’m loving it, hence me sharing here. So far 70-80% of the images I have been sent have been a hit and whilst I don’t use it to get dressed in the morning, the inspiration stays with me when I’m outfit planning for a getaway, event or just the weekend.

Give it a go guys – I think you’ll love it!


Outfit inspo: J.Crew

As a follow on to last weeks post on outfit inspiration, I wanted to share another source that inspires my sartorial choices, J.Crew. Every month without fail, I wait for the ‘Looks we Love‘ edit to come out – styled looks with J.Crew pieces, mixed and matched to create unique signature looks that never fail to feel fresh.

J.Crew is a favourite for me for several reasons. 1. It’s all about the layering, so I get American style that works for British climes. 2. Even in the depths of winter, J.Crew is full of colour which keeps me cheerful, and 3. I love the quirky preppy looks. So here are the looks I’ll be taking inspiration from in the coming weeks…

J.Crew do ship to the UK, but that’s not why I have posted these today. I take inspiration from all around me and that applies to fashion too. I love that these looks feel up to date and modern, yet I’m sure you will all have pieces like this that you can use to create similar looks. This is pure fashion fun. Recreate them, rework them, enjoy them.

So, what do you think of these looks? (Draughty ankles aside!) Will you be recreating them?


Fash Flash: Autumn Inspo…

I dont know if it’s my mental state that has been messed up by all the lovely sunshine in Florida, but coming back to cold weather and the need for layering has left me in a state of style confusion and more often than not, cold. When the seasons change I often gather inspiration from magazines and in recent years, my favourite style bloggers. To that end I thought I would share a collection of Autumn outfits from stylish ladies that are inspiring me this season.

Image Credit: Eat. Sleep. Wear & Atlantic Pacific

I love a cosy layered look, the trick is to keep it slim or intentionally oversized, staying well away from Michelin-man impressions!

Image Credit:What I Wore, Eat. Sleep. Wear., Atlantic Pacific

I can see a khaki jacket is going to be an essential for my wardrobe this Autumn/Winter and I’m still loving a pop of yellow – perfect for kicking the leaves.

Image Credit:Atlantic Pacific & Wendy’s Lookbook

When it comes to shopping or more stylish occasions, a glittery collar is an easy update to last season (or year’s) blouse, with the new printed pant: brocade.

Image Credit:Wendy’s Lookbook & Cupcakes and Cashmere

When it comes to meeting friends I’ll be keeping it tailored on the top half with well cut jackets and sparkle, striking flashes of colour, lots of oxblood and sticking with a skinny silhouette (cropped of course) for trousers and jeans.

What’s your outfit inspiration this Autumn and are there any looks you would love to emulate here?


London Fashion Week Street Style: My Favourites

For my final LFW street style post, I’m sharing the outfits I loved. I go through phases of reading style blogs but when I’m short on inspiration it’s always good to see how other people are wearing things. You’ll notice that a lot of these looks are more casual, low key, or not even that trend-led and I guess thats why I found them inspiring or interesting to look at.

What do you think? Are these the kind of looks you can see yourself wearing?

A favourite... Love the metallics, the tee, the oversized necklace, and so refreshing to see a smile!

Another favourite, just effortless again and totally achievable.

Just lovely, tulle, floral prints, pastels and a hint of edge from the sunglasses...

I LOVE this outfit - The skirt was H&M and the polka dot top and leather just make the whole look perfect. My favourite.

Amongst the best dressed ladies I saw were the AMEX girls (LFW sponsors,) in Roksanda Ilinic.

Spotted! Jodie Kidd looking fabulous in neons and mirrored shades.

Particularly loved the girl on the left here, but the leopard panelled jacket was fab too.

Click through to the gallery to see more and don’t forget to come back and tell me your favourites!


PS – Spotted yourself here? Send me an email and I’ll add in a link/name.

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