Sneak Peek: Reverie Magazine

Cover Image credit: Our Labour of Love

I’m taking the opportunity today to share some sneaky peek images from the forthcoming issue of Reverie magazine, out this Thursday. You might all remember me gushing about how fabulous I thought it was and also my joining up with them to provide a monthly lifestyle post as their resident lifestyle expert. You can read my inaugural post here.

The new issue launches on Thursday when you’ll be able to feast your eyes on stunning weddings featuring Our Labor of Love, Joel Serrato, Lisa Lefkowitz, Leo Patrone, Aaron Delesie, Elizabeth Messina, Jodie Chapman, Sarah Gawler, Polly Alexandre, Ashton Jean-Pierre and many more. There is also plenty of pretty in the form of bridal fashion and wedding details, many of which transfer to celebrating your everyday life if you’re not planning a wedding!

For now all I’ll say is, you saw it here first and you’ll be seeing a little more from me when the issue itself launches with a special feature from Florence Finds!


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