Found: Your Super Model Smile

I don’t often write about make up because in all honesty, I don’t mess with mine much. I’m seriously loyal when I find something I like, and don’t get the time I would like to play with my look or get dressed up so much these days. Quelle Surprise.

However, what I do like, is beauty that works hard for me. I’m lazy and leave the same item in my bag for the school run, lunch with a friend and (once in a blue moon,) date night. And if it’s not too much to ask I want that product to function as a lip balm too, because despite owning about 500 Burts bees lip balms, I can’t ever quite manage to keep one to hand. So the good news is I have found a serious wonder product that I want to share with you all, because I think it suits EVERYONE.

It’s actually a product that came in the (2016) M&S Beauty Advent Calendar, the Rosie for Autograph Lip Glossy. There are a few colours but the one to go for is Supermodel Smile. It’s an amazing glossy nude that looks incredibly natural. (I should add it’s nowhere near as pink as it looks here.) The colour seems to work just as well slicked on when I’m casting about in my bag for something to moisturise on a cold sprint to nursery first thing in the morning, as it does with a smokey eye for an evening out. It’s a gorgeous moisturising formula and a really soft smooth texture. Yet it doesn’t just slip off and disappear instantly.

It’s £12.50 and you need one in your life. You can thank me later. 😉 And if you’d like to see more I’ll do a little video on stories of me applying and wearing it. Follow me on Instagram here!

Have a great weekend!

DIY Make up – Flick Chic

This morning we have a real treat for you. Remember the DIY make up tutorials I shared a while back? Well, this is the final look that Catherine and I put together on the day Zoe also shot Mahj doing the vampy dark lip, me wearing a Disco eye and Laura also rocking a seventies Farrah-esque look. Today’s chic homage to the sixties but with a decidedly modern take, happens to be not only trend led but infinitely classic, whether paired with sixties style fashion or just because you love it.

I happen to think Laura looks gorgeous and after all my full-on lip-love this week, I’m seriously fancying a sixties look for #PenDo this weekend now. Bring it on girls! But for now I’ll hand you over to Catherine (from Ivy Clara make up) to tell you how it’s done…

Autumn’ 11 saw the sixties vibe swinging down every catwalk, and as we enter Spring’12 it shows no signs of stopping. Mary Quant, Jane Birkin and Twiggy were amongst the women iconic for fashion and beauty during the 60’s and along with them came thick black eyeliner, fake lashes and backcombed hair. This look makes reference to the sixties but in a more wearable fashion. Less matte, more natural but still as striking.

For me, Spring means ‘fresh’ so begin by using a base that provides good coverage but lets your skin be seen. A particular favourite of mine is Invisible Radiance Foundation by Daniel Sandler. Inside the lid is a concealer which can be mixed with the foundation to provide extra coverage only where needed. Blend using a foundation brush starting at the centre of your face and working outwards. Go back in with the concealer under the eye, gently patting with your finger. This will brighten up the whole eye area. Next tidy up the eyebrows by using a brow gel for a natural effect. I used Anastasia brow gel in Brunette which comes in 5 shades.

  • To ensure the eye makeup stays put, use your fingers to apply a base coat of cream eyeshadow in a light colour. The mac paint pots are ideal for this and a particular favourite of mine is the shade ‘Painterly’. Use a finger to blend it all over your lid up to the crease.
  • Next, take a light shade of powder eyeshadow and use a brush to press the powder into the cream base. In the sixties, the finish of the eyeshadow was very matte but for a modern take I have used a satin eye shadow with some subtle sheen. Here I used ‘Naked Lunch’ by Mac.

  • To create the ‘Twiggy’ vibe just build up colour through the socket keeping the eye lid bare. Use a small brush to do this for precision and flick the colour out slightly at the outer corner of the socket.
  • To soften the line, take a small fluffy brush and gently blend upwards to soften the line. Be careful not to over buff as this look relies on the line remaining quite strong but with a diffused finish
  • To create the trade mark top line, take a gel eyeliner and a slanted brush. Use your non dominant hand to pull the skin on your eyelid taut and then your dominant hand to hold the brush. It is best to draw the line in segments instead of attempting one continuous line. Begin where your eyebrow arch starts and sweep along the lash line until you reach the outer corner of the eye. Then take the brush further towards the corner of the eye and again sweep along the lash line until you reach the beginning of the previous segment. You can then go over the line and taper it out so it is thicker towards the outer corner and add the all important flick to the outer corner. A fantastic eyeliner is Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner.

  • Curl the lashes and add a couple of generous coats of mascara. I decided to keep the lower lashes bare to keep the focus on the lid and top line. After applying mascara add some fluttery eyelashes to complete the eyes. For the sixties feel I used Eyelure Naturalites Volume Plus Lashes ( 101 ).
  • To add a gorgeous natural sheen of colour to the apples of the cheeks I used a cream blusher to provide a healthy flush without adding powder to the skin keeping the look sheer. Here I used Daniel Sandler’s Watercolour Creme Rouge blusher in ‘Soft Peach’. This is best applied to the apples of the cheeks while smiling! Pat onto the skin, in a circular pattern building up the colour gradually.
  • Lastly finish the makeup look by adding a lightly coloured gloss to the lips. The look for the lips is bare to ensure the eyes take centre stage. I used Lancome Colour Fever Gloss in Tangerine Petal.

  • To complete the overall look, a high messy bun is perfect. Spray the hair with dry shampoo to thicken and backcomb your hair at the roots. Use a natural bristled brush to smooth into a high pony tail and secure with a hair band.
  • Backcomb the pony tail further until extremely ‘full’ then smooth out the top section with a natural bristled brush. Next wrap the hair around the base of the pony tail to create a ‘messy’ bun and secure with hair pins.

Foundation: Daniel Sandler Invisible radiance foundation and concealer
Brow gel: Anastasia
Mac paint pot: Painterly
Light powder eyeshadow: MAC Naked Lunch
Gel eyeliner: Bobbi Brown Gel Liner
False Lashes: Eylure
Blusher: Daniel Sandler Watercolour Creme Rouge

With thanks to:
Laura for being a willing real-girl model 🙂
Catherine of Ivy Clara make up for her immense make-up talent (check her out planning brides!)
and Zoe Hodson for spending the day taking pictures of us all.

So then guys, lets hear you, what do you think. Is this a look you love and will you be trying it?

Big Fluttering Retro love,

Spotted: Bobbi Brown Neon and Nudes

This week, with all the #lfw tweets, blog posts and online articles flying about, I’m certainly feeling the excitement of new trends that spring brings. Of course that doesn’t just extend to fashion but also beauty, as models are sent down the catwalk with striking looks and sometimes extreme styles. The trick is, how to translate this to the high street?

I don’t cover every cosmetic house’s new collections, just the ones that appeal to me, Florence Finds is after all an edited collection of things I love and hope you will too, so you’ll understand why I’m sharing this look. It’s right up my street. Allow me to share the Bobbi Brown Neon and Nudes collection

Usually known for wearable subtle looks, this one is no exception when it comes to wearability, but is significantly less subtle. I love Bobbi’s lip colours and the three additions within this collection could well be winging their way directly into my make-up bag. Look out for Neon Pink, Atomic orange and a ‘perfect nude’ to balance the eye shades that are part of this collection. Not normally a fan of nude or a pale lip, even I might be tempted to try this one out.

A full on bright lip needs a pared back face and Bobbie has created two softer blush shades to work with, not fight against, the lip shades. Add to that the super user friendly felt tip ink liner and you’re good to go.

Of course, neon lips aren’t a look everyone wants to rock, but if you prefer the focus on your eyes there are two lovely (and more subtle than they look in the palette) shades – bluebell and ultra violet. Personally I think the most wearable item in the collection also easily makes it into the must-have list for every woman’s make-up bag – a palette of classic nudes for every occasion.

Lastly, check out the bright and juicy glosses – perfect for spring and again, a lot more subtle than they look

There’s even a how-to video…

So can Bobbi convert you? I’d love to hear about your favourite neon brights for lips – drop a comment in the box below and share your top buys.


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