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Good morning readers! Now the weather has cooled down just a touch I’m feeling more productive and thinking about my home again so I was super excited when Michelle (remember her advice on Getting Organised for the New Year during #JanuaryJoy?) sent her office renovation in to share. I don’t think I have ever seen anything so pretty as those gold polka dots! 

At the beginning of the year I vowed to do two things: get organised and clear out the clutter. I went full guns blazing into my #projectorganise and have since found I have a renewed love for my home.

My studio is an attic room at home and was my first victim with a much-needed update. Several (I’m talking about 10 here folks) bin bags, a few clever storage solutions and some pretty new decor pieces later it’s finally starting to feel more like ‘me’. A space where I enjoy spending long days, working away on design concepts for my clients whilst the sun streams through my overhead window.

I also love the fact that as it is a true blank canvas with the crisp white walls and neutral carpet I can pretty much update it whenever I want with some really simple additions. Here’s what I’ve been adding lately:


Ikea is my trusty go-to for relatively cheap office furniture, they always have something that will do the job whilst not breaking the bank. Plus it always works for me having a clean base to work with. So I purchased a new desk that allowed me a choice of tops and legs. I opted for a white gloss finish top and the most basic of their trestle legs range as they just look much nicer than the poles they offer. As they come in a standard grey metal I thought I’d add a little POD magic to them and first sprayed them white, then sprayed the ends in a hot pink for a dipped look.

To add a further splash of colour I have edged the desk with a turquoise blue washi tape and really love how these accents now start to define the space.

Those little blue pots adorning my desk are actually candle-holders but I prefer them to having huge pen pots on my desk and means I can get more in them. The John Lewis lamp that was kindly donated to me adds the perfect task lighting whilst still looking stylish.


I am constantly gathering inspiration and like to have oodles of it surrounding me whilst I’m working on particular projects so I’ve kept my purse-friendly corkboard (previously a hideous red with pine frame) and simply given it a lick of pale grey paint so it blends into the space better. For the things I don’t want to stick pins into (like photographs) I use my Rockett St George magnetic memo board or rip up a piece of washi tape and use the wall behind my desk instead.


As a wedding planner my events kit is constantly growing and contains all manner of tools from scissors, hammers and screwdrivers to little packets of pins, pegs and sticky dots. I have to be prepared and I also have to have things to hand quickly to ensure a seamless set-up.

Recently my kit had grown a little out of control so I began looking for a tool belt that would double up as both office storage as well as to use at events. And wouldn’t you just know it, I stumbled across this lovely little pink canvas storage from H&M homewares (only available online or in London currently).

That’s where I got the perfectly cute aqua bow-tie hooks from as well, they did do a hot pink version but I found it a little too harsh for this space so have yet to use them. I have lined a few of the hooks up along one wall to store both my kit and other items like my trusty alphabet bags canvas bags.


The final piece of the puzzle and the element that makes me squeal every time I enter the studio is my gold polka dot wall. This is actually a party backdrop I came up with for a client event that’s translated so well into an interiors feature too. The high-gloss polka dots are low-tac stickers so they don’t damage walls and can be easily removed. If you fancy bagging something similar yourself head over to our Etsy Party Boutique as we’re now offering polka dot wall kits to buy.

So there you have it, a few relatively simple and inexpensive updates to my home studio space that I feel have really transformed it. What do you think folks, do you have any ideas to share for clever storage solutions or easy ways to add a little colour to an otherwise blank space?

Michelle xx

Michelle is one half of a creative-duo of event planners, specialising in creative and wow-factor weddings at Pocketful of Dreams. You can find her on twitter, instagram and pinterest.

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