Monday Must-Have: Rimmel Matte Top Coat

Last week when I headed down to London for Fashion week I found myself in a quandry over how to wear my nails. (I know, hard life…) I wanted something autumnal, nodding towards the coming season, and I didn’t have time to work on my recent painterly nail effect. Then I happened upon an old unmarked nail polish bottle that I was sent by a PR a couple of years back, before it was even released on sale.

I have to say, when I tried it back then, I wasn’t enamoured and only wore it once so I’m not sure what made me try again. But you know what? I Loved it!

Perhaps it was the contrast with the super glossy ring finger I painted, maybe it was the fresh take on Chanel’s classic Rouge Noir, either way I can see this is going to be a staple in my winter beauty wardrobe. And for £4.59 you can update your entire nail polish collection!

Who’s with me?


*Interestingly, just like glossy nails lose their shine as the days go on, the matte top coat seems to buff up the longer it is worn. I’d recommend reapplying the top coat every couple of days for a perfect matte finish.

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