Friday Frock O’clock: Readers Choice

Last week, I chose a dress for Friday Frock that I LOVED, but there weren’t many comments. I know I have said this in the past and a few of you have responded that you don’t have time or perhaps even inclination to comment, but it’s the only way I get any feedback on what I’m doing. Recently I have wondered if Friday Frock has run it’s course and floated the idea on Twitter. The general concensus was that 1. people were watching what they spent and I often choose higher end dresses, and 2. perhaps my choices had become predictable. I must admit, I find it very hard to choose and promote a dress I wouldn’t personally wear, so there must be a contingent of you that my choices don’t resonate with. As a result, this week and every few weeks from now on I’ll be putting together a readers choice selection of dresses, including why you chose them. I actually had more than three this week so will share them in the coming weeks and I hope you’ll send them in as and when I put the call out. Let me know what you think of the new feature!

Charlotte Prom dress – Monsoon

Zip detail ruche dress – Jigsaw

Mexi Floral Dress – Topshop

Time to cast your votes ladies 🙂


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