Florence’s Gift Guide #4: Every difficult to buy for man you know…

This morning it’s the big kahuna. Gifts for men. I think it’s safe to say that every man in the history of the universe suddenly turns into a nightmare to buy for from the age of 15. They either buy what they want as soon as they want it, leaving you nothing to spoil him with, or they simply ‘don’t want anything at all’ leaving you in a quandary.

Here are a few ideas, from stocking fillers to larger presents that will hopefully at least inspire you if not solve your problems…

Did I do well readers?

Please share your best picks for men and triumphs in the gift buying stakes this Christmas!


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Florence’s Gift Guide #3

Ok, so today it’s time to tackle the men in your life. I’ll be honest, in that this post has filled me with dread. You guys may think I’m some kind of shopping oracle, but in fact buying for the men in my life is ridiculously difficult for me too! I’ve gone with my gut here – the things I love to buy for the men in my life, young and old, and the things they love to receive. I’ve also included some mens gifts I’ve stumbled upon along the way and thought were genius ideas, so I hope they offer some inspiration for you!

  • Plaid PJ Bottom – GAP. (I also always buy men 100% Wool socks from GAP, perfect for inside walking boots or wells when the snow comes!)
  • The obligatory magazine subscription (to Top Gear in my family’s case) but how about BBC Good food?
  • Scarf – GAP
  • Wool and Cashmere lined leather gloves – Banana Republic
  • If he doesn’t have a DAB digital radio yet, make it a Roberts solar radio from The Handpicked Collection. It covers everything from football on Radio 5 Live to The Archers, the shipping forecast to The Live Lounge! 😉
  • Olympics fanatic? How about this cord bracelet make especially for London 2012 at Links of London.
  • They were everywhere last year but really have been one of the best gifts I ever bought Pete. Bring out the big kid in him, whatever his age, with a remote controlled helicopter – a selection can be found on Amazon.co.uk

So have I helped at all with your dilemmas?

Please drop a comment in the box below to tell me if you have found something here, or if you have a recommendation to make for a mens gift your loved ones have enjoyed…


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