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For quite some time now I have been a devotee of Bobbi Browns Extreme Party mascara but I have been steadily getting more irritated that it really doesn’t last. The tubes always seem to run out (or dry out – I’m not sure which) in less than 6 months, and whilst I know it’s recommended to change your mascara regularly for hygiene reasons, well, I ahem, don’t.

I happened across a free sample of the Diorshow Mascara recently however and have become a convert. Perhaps I should say I resurrected my devotion to it as I’m sure I have in years past used this particular mascara, along with YSL. I am a bit fussy when it comes to mascara. I like a super fat brush and a formula that doesn’t put big blobs of mascara on the lashes, particularly at the corners. Strong fragrances also put me off (take note Lancome,) and I want it all when it comes to effect – lengthening AND volumising, plus a bit of curling please. I don’t want spidery lashes, but super fat lashes that look like they will cause a draft when you bat them. I don’t ask for much clearly but Diorshow has got it covered. If you fancy treating yourself I’d highly recommend it. Available in all good department stores and Boots, it’s about £25.

Happy Friday readers!

Love, Rebecca xo

Found: Extreme Party Mascara

Ok, so I feel like I’m turning into a walking talking Bobbi Brown advert recently, what with the make-over I shared and the gorgeous lip colour I also bought. But today’s find is a bit of a fluke really, albeit one I couldn’t keep to myself.

A couple of Fridays ago I was heading off to a friend’s wedding, we were running a little late, Pete was getting grouchy and so I piled all my make up into my make up bag and planned to finish it in the car, base already seen to. No sooner were we on the motorway when rifling through said bag I realised I had left my mascara behind, and there’s no way I was getting dolled up to the nines to then going without mascara. Oh no. So like any self respecting woman, I directed Pete to make a stop at the Trafford centre and hot footed it into the John Lewis make up department to pick one up. It’s partly chance that Bobbi Brown is pretty much the first counter I came across and partly because I had heard of the Extreme Party Mascara and thought the name sounded like the kind of effect I love on my lashes, that I purchased one and left, in such a rush that I only checked that it was in fact black, after I had paid. The sales assistant must have thought I was mental.

Fastforward to the ongoing car journey, marital harmony restored and I started layering it on. And oh my goodness, the effect was amazing. So amazing that I felt obliged to take a photo and tweet about it there and then, with one eye mascara’d and the other not. I think it makes for a pretty impressive comparison.

Apparently Bobbi created the Extreme Party Mascara for women who ‘wanted the effect of false lashes without the fuss,‘ and it promises ‘Unbelieveable volume, endless build, exceptional separation.‘ I actually would say it’s better than that. It seems to curl the lashes, widen my eyes, makes them ridiculously long and thick and also gives the promised separation. The picture I took above is a single coat and you can build it for even more drama. Seriously, look at the difference right to left!

See why I couldn’t keep it to myself?

I promise, it will be the best £18.00 you have ever spent.



I was talking with a friend this week about cleansers and she also asked me what my favourite mascaras and eyeliners were. ‘There’s a post in that!’ I thought 😉

It just so happens that I’ve been on a bit of a mascara quest recently with my sister (more of a lash addict than me even) and for myself. So I’m in a good place to give you a round up of the latest.

My most recent purchase is Dior Extase and although I’m still in the ‘it’s too wet and loaded on the brush’ stage which I dislike in all new mascaras, (just me then?) I do quite like it. I caught sight of my eyes in the mirror yesterday after having my hair cut and was impressed by how much impact my lashes had.

I’m a big believer in choosing mascaras by the brush – the bigger and fatter the better. Dior Extase has a fat but almost bobbly brush (named the couture brush to immitate their flouncy catwalk styles this season) which seems to unevenly coat the lashes. That might not sound desirable but has the effect of producing some really volumised lashes and some really long ones, almost like you see in certain styles of falsh lashes. I quite like it.

Next up is Lancome’s new Hypnose Doll Eyes. It’s meant to volumise, lengthen and ‘lift’ the lashes for a wide-eyed look. Best feature for me? It smells lovely,and although I imagine this wouldn’t be attractive to those with sensitive skin, it’s much preferable for me to the clinical smells of most mascara formulas.

Lastly, an older favourite I’m using a lot right now is Benefit Bad Gal Plum. The same formula as their usual Bad Gal Mascara, the colour is a deep burgundy and when on the lashes you can’t really tell it apart from a much darker black-brown shade unless your lashes are viewed against light from the side.

The idea (and it works) is that it enhances your eye colour, regardless of your personal shade. Mine are greeny blue and it really brings out the green in them. Wear alone or layer with black for maximum impact.

Have you made a new mascara purchase recently or tried one of the above?


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