ABC of Dating: N-O

Even with the fabulous January Joy spurring us all along, there is no getting away from the fact that January is not a fun month. And in the Davey house, this January was no exception. Being paid almost 2 weeks early in December, booking flights to New York and celebrating Stu’s birthday at Dinner by Heston (thanks for the recommendation Vicky, it was A.Mazing!) has meant that we have had little spare cash for dates. In my first piece about our Alphabet Dating adventures, I mentioned that one of the reasons we started this was to help us get out of the take out and box set rut. However, sometimes, those kinda evenings are exactly what you need and over the past few weeks, we have enjoyed many a cosy evening on the couch working our way through series one of The Wire; saving pennies and recuperating 🙂

We haven’t completely abandoned Alphabet Dating though and have managed to tick off N and O…

N is for Natural History Museum
I’m not normally a huge museum fan but I have always loved the Natural History Museum. Throw some champagne, tapas and live music into the mix and what’s not to love?! On the last Friday of every month during winter, the Natural History Museum opens up after hours. The main hall get’s a lighting face lift with jazzy pink up lighters and bands and small bar areas pop up all over the museum. Not only is the atmosphere fantastic but you can also visit some of the exhibitions. So for our “N” date, we headed down to South Kensington where we stopped off at our favourite La Cave a Fromage (of “C” date fame) for a feast of different cheeses and charcuterie before heading to the museum for a few drinks and to check out the Veolia Wildlife Photography exhibition.

O is for Oxo Tower
I planned our “O” date months ago and had been so excited about it. Unfortunately though, due to all of the snow and rain that we have had this month I had to change it up last minute but I am hoping that I will be able to reschedule it for “U”… The Oxo Tower is a great London landmark complete with a fantastic view over the river. At the top there is a rather fancy restaurant; however, if your budget won’t stretch that far (like ours this month) there is a free viewing gallery and a lovely cocktail bar. For our “O” date, we took a little post work walk along the Southbank and then I treated us to a few cheeky cocktails while we listened to some live jazz and enjoyed the view 🙂

I have a feeling that February is going to be a similar sort of month as we are both heading off on separate holidays with friends and time is tight but we are hoping to squeeze “P” in this weekend.

I can’t help but notice from Twitter and Instagram posts that a few of you have now started Alphabet Dating with your other halves; I would love to hear what you have been up to!! (Ed’s note: If you are getting involved in Alphabet dating, use the hashtag #AlphabetDating to share your tweets and instagrams with Martha @_Mrs_Davey (and get some inspiration from others who are taking part!)

Love Martha xoxo

ABC of Dating: M

It’s a two post day folks!

This morning, Martha is back to update you on her ABC of Dating adventures which co-incides with today’s January Joy prompt of planning a date. Pop back later for more on that. For now though, I’d love to hear if any of you went to the flicks over the festive period like Martha and what you saw. We saw Pitch Perfect and then Jack Reacher. I’ll let you know what I thought in the comments box later. 😉

So this month’s update is going to be rather short and sweet I’m afraid! December was a pretty manic month with work parties galore and then travelling all over the country visiting family for a grand total of 3 fabulous (but exhausting!) Christmases. Needless to say, all this rather got in the way of our couple time, meaning we only managed to fit in one date…

M is for meal and movie.
I had all sorts of exciting plans for “M”; however, after a busy few weeks I decided to keep it simple with the ol’ meal and movie classic. We started off with a lovely easy dinner at one of our favourites, Jamie’s Italian and then we headed to The Hobbit – I even treated us to extra comfy VIP seats. With this date, even more than the others, it was so nice just to kick back and have some much needed “us” time.

And that’s it I’m afraid – not the most inspiring of dates but perfect for what the two of us needed! But don’t worry, we’ve already got some great dates planned for the coming weeks… 🙂

Martha xoxo

Alphabet Dating… J – L

This afternoon we have a post I know a lot of you have been looking forward to – Martha’s alphabet dating update. Do share your thoughts if you have been to any of the places mentioned or if you’ve been taking part yourself, let us know how you’re getting on!

Hi all!

It’s me again, back with the second instalment of our Alphabet Dating adventures! I loved reading all your comments last month and hearing that so many of you were keen to try it out. My parents actually gave it a go but my mum despaired after my dad ticked off A for apple juice, B for breakfast, C for cup of tea and D for dinner in one day 🙂 So here’s what we’ve been up to…

J is for Jazz.

Most of our dates recently have been midweek so it was really nice to get all dressed up and go out for a Saturday night (oh God, reading that back it sounds so depressing!) First of all I was treated to a lovely meal at Gordon Ramsey’s The York and Albany in Camden and then we wandered down the road to The Forge where we saw Sax Attack as part of The London Jazz Festival.

I used to play the saxophone growing up and my lovely husband had managed to find a band with 9 saxophonists! We had a fantastic cocktail fuelled evening and I was even inspired to dig out my old alto and music books from our attic (although I have to admit that I haven’t done anything with them since!)

K is for Kew Gardens.

So I shamelessly stole Florence Finds reader Kate’s idea and decided to take the hubby to Kew Gardens. We have been living in London for a few years now and neither of us had ever been. So, a few Sundays ago we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning and made the trek across the city to Kew.

Stu was slightly sceptical about visiting the gardens in November, thinking that we should save our visit for a more colourful season but I am so glad that I stomped my feet and pouted like a small child convincing him otherwise. It was such a perfect cold but sunny day and we spent a few hours wandering around the grounds admiring the gorgeous autumnal colours as well as braving the amazing tree top walkway and visiting the glass house when we needed to warm up 🙂

L is for the The Lion King.

I was at work suffering with a horrible cold when I got an email through from my hubby with the subject “L is for….” with a huge advert for the Lion King musical pasted below. I literally squealed with excitement (getting several strange looks from others in our open plan office)! I love a good musical but we hadn’t been for over a year ago. The show was incredible (I would definitely recommend it!) and we happily ignored everyone else and sang along to all of the songs rather loudly! We made a bit of a day of it and had a lovely walk along South Bank beforehand and then finished off the day at Laduree in Covent Garden so all in all it was pretty perfect. 🙂

So that’s were we’re up to and I am quite impressed with us for managing 3 dates in a month – not sure how we’ll do this month with all the Christmas parties etc but I will be back in the New Year to fill you in!

Merry Christmas Findettes!

Love Martha xoxo

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