Florence’s Favourite: Blush

Clockwise from top left: Chanel Joues Contrast and Irreelle Blush, Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, Benefit Dallas, Nars blush, Bourjois little round pot blush and Bare Minerals blush

If you asked me what my desert island beauty item would be (yes ladies, get your thinking caps on, I’ll be asking for yours in a minute!) it’s an easy choice for me. I have friends who won’t leave the house without mascara, but my downfall is my skin tone, being a completely monochrome, not terribly attractive yellow tone. If I’m tired, if my skin isn’t good, if I’m rushing out… the one thing I’ll never leave behind is a blusher. It perks up my face, makes me look happier, healthier and generally less scary! 😉

Benefit Dallas – gives me a bit of a winter tan if I’m feeling pale! The Benefit blush I love as a cheaper peachy gold summer alternative to the Nars shade below…

Nars ‘Orgasm’ – the holy grail of blushers. A peachy, sexy flush, that I prefer in summer but works year-round. Bare Minerals, best used with mineral make up bases in ‘flowers’.

As a result of this, I have a vast collection of different blusher shades. Admittedly, I wear different shades all through the year, pure bright pinks in the winter when my skin is paler then as I pick up a slight bit of colour in summer, I move onto peaches with golden tones.

Back right, the Bobbi Brown Pot rouge in ‘powder pink’ – a cream blush that I apply with a foundation brush or dab with my finger tips – a little goes a long way!

My most recent find has been neutral-ish dusty pink which seems to work every single day. I tend to vary my makeup choices according to my mood and occasion, and if you’re playing up your eyes or lips, the last thing you want is to come out looking like a clown with bright rosy cheeks too. This neutral shade has been a godsend for pairing with just about every make-up look I can conjure up.

So, tell me readers, what’s your dessert island beauty item? One choice only!


Florence’s Favourite: Concealers

I have to say, although I am a bit of a make-up addict, I do tend to stick to some staples – I’m a creature of habit and if it ain’t broke, I say why try and fix it, so I stick with my favourites. I also find that as I’ve got older, I’ve really gotten into creating the perfect base – flawless but not caked on and have learned this is down to more than just one product, primers, tinted moisturisers or foundation, concealer, highlighter, powder…

More recently I seem to be stuck in the middle of an irritating hormonal break out and it has lead me back to my concealers – not an item I use every day, but one that when I do use it, I expect minor miracles from. After all, nothing restores your confidence better than a flawless base right?

So today, I’m going to share my favourite concealers and I hope you’ll all share any that you think are particularly worthy of mention too.

First up, my long time favourite(s) from Laura Mercier.

The reason for the elaborate graphic here is that I use the little pot of magic at the bottom, the Laura Mercier Undercover Pot. Hopefully The image illustrates that you can purchase one of these and try out several different products for minimal outlay. That said, I actually bought it pre-wedding, so had use for all of them, but if you just need one or another of them you might prefer to purchase individually.

Secret Camouflage is the key item here, which normally comes in a compact with 2 shades to blend for different areas of your skin (even on the face there can be a couple of shades difference) but you just get one pre-blended on in the pot. The reason I love it, is probably partly down to the dry looking formula that just blends fabulously and the brush that goes with it for said blending. (At extra cost.) I don’t know about anyone else out there but I find if you have dry skin or have picked and ‘gasp’ created a scab from a particularly troublesome spot, if you blend a cream formula in with fingers you don’t cover the top but form a ring of product around the problem, the just highlighting it. With this feather light brush it’s like airbrushing the problem away. Set it with the powder tucked under the pot and you’re good for the day.

The other item in the pot is the secret concealer. This is great for under eye shadows on those extra tiring days or when you’ve burnt the candle at both ends. I apply it with a different brush, or my finger and think it gives great coverage.

Next up, a relatively new find purchased when in desperate need off a flight to New York with Jess. After sinking the best part of a bottle of wine on board and the most marathon catch up ever, we emerged with a full day to make the most of in Manhattan looking like we hadn’t been to bed the night before. (I should speak for myself!) We headed to Sephora where I picked up the Smashbox High Definition Liquid Concealer. I actually wanted it to sort out my under-eye shadows, but have since found it to be a bit of an all around miracle worker. I part it in with my finger, or more often than not use this concealer brush I dug out from my kit to blend it in – it’s particularly great for areas of increased pigmentation around the nose or chin and for evening out larger areas.

Florence’s Tips:

  • Use the right brush. It might seem like extra expense but you only buy them once then clean them on face wash or shampoo then dry to keep them perfect for year after year.
  • Use the sales assistants! I never buy a product without trying it first. I had a Saturday job on the Lancome counter as a teen and know first hand they are dying for someone not to just run away from them. Doing a mini-make-over passes the time and I often then don’t buy there and then – particularly if I want to see how the product wears. A polite ‘Great, Thank you; I’ll see how it wears and pop back later.’ is absolutely fine so don’t feel pressured to buy. It’ll definitely save you money in the long run.
  • Although I’d normally be saying that if you use adequate sunscreen your skin tone won’t change much with the seasons, the fact is it can, so make sure you’re not using a too pale one in summer or a too dark one in winter. It just highlights the bits you’re trying to conceal and that is one of the bonuses to blending with the secret camouflage palette above.

So those are my recommendations for all of your concealing needs. Please do let me know if you rate any of these or if you’ve found a star product I should be trying 🙂 I’d love to hear as usual!


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