Found: Winter Cushions

Just recently, I’ve been thinking about switching our usual sofa cushions for some more seasonally appropriate textiles. There are so many graphic prints and luxurious textures around to nod to the colder weather approaching that it’s really hard not to be tempted, so I thought I’d do a little round up of my favourites.

In an effort to stay stylish and keep away from a Christmas theme, I’ve stayed away from reds, choosing natural tones, rustic knits and plush velvets or fur and a bit of the seasons interiors colour, moody blues.

  • Reindeer, Fox and Grey/White Argyle knit, Marks and Spencer.
  • Grey velvet and Linen cushion, Cox and Cox
  • Kissing Stags, Anorak at John Lewis
  • Teal watercolour, Bluebellgray
  • Donna Wilson Tree cloud cushion, Heals
  • Pale Velvet with black design, and Black Thistle on white background, Timorous Beasties forJohn Lewis
  • Reindeer stitch, Nordic House
  • Bambi print cushion, Graham and Green
  • Fur cushion, John Lewis

Will you be changing your decor for winter at all?


Real Rooms: A Home for Life

This morning I have a slightly different Real Home to share with you but no less valid. Much of my interiors inspiration before I had my own home came from watching my parents and later my Mum renovate and decorate the (several) houses I grew up in, so Sarahs submission of her parental family home really struck a chord with me. That and the stylish interiors that still clearly represent a homely family set up. As much as I love style and design, a home must first and foremost be lived in and this home achieves that, along with an aura of love as Sarah so beautifully conveys. Enjoy readers!

I lived at home with my parents, sister and brother until the day I got married. My now husband and I knew that if we wanted the wedding of our dreams, a house together would need to wait so we decided to stay with the folks until this day and save like mad. I’ll not lie, this was tough towards the end, however, some of my best memories are those spent in our family home. It was the happiest, safest, loveliest place in the world. A place where we grew up, laughed, cried, fought, socialised, joked and danced in – a lot!! A place where we spent long hours over cups of tea/glasses of wine/the dining table, chatting with friends, relatives and each other. A well lived-in house!

Due to a mixture of recent circumstances – my sister and I moving out a couple of years ago, my brother finishing school and my dad not being well, My mum and dad made the difficult and wise decision to sell the house and downsize. So about 3 months ago, our lovely home had a big “For Sale” sign outside and was now available for all the world to see. Not surprisingly, the house sold the following day and since then, we’ve been trying to get used to the fact that another lovely family will grow, laugh, cry, fight, socialise, joke and dance in this house. As a family, we are all looking forward to the new beginnings and making the new house a place for future memories, but it will always be difficult to say goodbye to this one. And so, I thought I would send you some pictures as some kind of tribute to our home, which will no longer be ours come the 17th August.

You will see from the pictures that it is a very different style to other houses Rebecca has featured so far. I wouldn’t say it had a particular style trend but more a traditional vs modern look which worked really well in a Victorian home. Although it was never “finished” as such (there was always something needing changed or updated again) we are all really fond of it and for us, it just worked. My dad has worked in design and kitchen design in particular all of his working life (bear in mind the kitchen in this house was done about 15 years ago!) and he is a complete genius when it comes to aesthetic design and homely interiors. I am so proud of him. The house really is a credit to my amazing mum and dad who really have put their all into making it a safe and comfortable, gorgeous haven for us all to live in. And for that I feel so lucky.

Readers do leave a comment if you enjoyed this home tour and I hope it inspires some of you out there to share your renovation projects with us here at Florence Finds. I’m certainly feeling inspired by the gorgeous bedroom and the classic yet eclectic lounge. Send in your submissions to with the subject box marked SUBMISSIONS.


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