What to Buy: June

Morning Readers!

June is here and I’m so pleased to say that Bubba No 2 is as well (at last!). Oscar Theodore arrived on 27th May almost two weeks late. It’s wonderful (but tiring I’m not going to lie – you definitely forget!) being a new Mum again.

Calum couldn’t be more in love with his younger brother. It’s so lovely to see, not least because I’m an only child so watching this sibling relationship develop is one of the things Rich and I are looking forward to most.

Anyway, back to What to Buy this month. Summer should be well and truly upon us as we move through the month (I hear that it starts today so fingers crossed!) so here’s a selection of things to get you set for the warm days and nights that are (hopefully) ahead.


Dune // Kurt Geiger // Mint Velvet // ASOS

Typically reserved (by me anyway) in the past to a beach shoe, the straw-soled espadrille seems to be everywhere. The most-coveted Chanel and Valentino styles are out of most of the “mere-mortal leagues” but these are some great alternatives. Go for leather to dress things up a bit or keep it casual in canvas. I like the Mint Velvet wedge versions for something a little smarter too (and for height). This H&M version is a good cost-effective substitute to them though.


Topshop // & Other Stories // Mango // Topshop

I kind-of touched on this in May but summer wardrobes aren’t complete without a “little white dress”. Pick a casual one or something a little more dressy, there are plenty to be had. Take care with white though. True pure bright white only suits certain complexions (dark hair, dark eyes, olive to black skin – think Jessica Alba; or dark hair, blue eyes, fair skin – think Courtney Cox). Ecru or off white is universally flattering though. I love these TopShop dresses for ease of wear (sold out online but I have seen in stores), and this & Other Stories one is lovely to dress up or down. Mango of course is a great go-to for one with plenty on offer, including this dreamy maxi number. Flat sandals and a denim jacket and you’re good to go.

Khaki Topshop // Dorothy Perkins // Karen Millen // Etoile Isabel Marant via The Outnet

THE shade of the summer it seems, Khaki doesn’t have to be reserved for cadets! It’s actually a great neutral and works well with denim, black and white – a hard-working wardrobe all rounder! The trousers from good old Dotty P’s are so comfortable – a good buy in my post-pregnancy state. I’ll be wearing them with stripes no doubt. I also REALLY like the Topshop All in One.. And so it seems does everyone else. Limited stock available but a great drapey, soft fabric. Pick one up if you can.


Clarks // Gap // Topshop

Now again in my mind this is a great neutral (and I’m talking about the “grey/nude/brown snakeskin here) that works well on accessories (and even looks great with Khaki). I had a jacket in snakeskin print from Zara from a couple of seasons ago and it really does lift a black dress or pair of jeans. I’ve seen a few things of late that would be worth second looks at to update your existing wardrobes. From lifting a pair of jeans to jazzing up a white summer dress, these pieces would work well. I especially love the Gap Bucket bag (THE shape of the season) and the TopShop Glads (not available on line but I’ve seen in store).


Anthropologie // East at John Lewis // Mango

It’s good to have fun with fashion and Pompoms are fast becoming de rigeur in terms of updating your look this summer. I remember spending some of my school holiday days making these in brightly coloured wools with my Mum and Nana, tightly winding the wool around cardboard circles and snipping it. Not sure what became of the Poms we made but I’d use them now to decorate gifts. Here are some ready made Pom-tastic things that have caught my eye. The straw tote is VERY cute. Beach anyone?!

I hope that I’ve given you some inspiration for the month and I’m looking forward to sharing How I Wore June later on now Oscar is safely with us. Let’s hope sleep deprivation won’t take over too much… :/

Have good months all!

Erin xx

Friday Frock O’clock

With the weather warming up and summer officially beginning today, it seems like an apt time to talk about my love for a little white dress.

L-R: Lemine £129 // Iris £47 // Pam £195 – All from Reiss

Before I got married I had a thing about white dresses. I loved them, but I always felt like people would think I was desperate to get married if I wore white. Looking back it seems really silly now, but as a result it was rare that I wore white. I’m naturally olive toned in the skin department and being dark haired, I think white works really well for me. The only thing I don’t love is the pesky marks you get on white clothes when you pair them with sunscreen. (Has anybody found a formulation that doesn’t do that?)

Rather aptly, as their sale started this week, Reiss has got some great white dresses. I’ll leave it to you guys to guess which is my absolute favourite but I have to say, I’d wear any of them in a flash this summer. 😉

Happy weekend readers!


[Friday Frock] What to Wear: In Vegas

Sometimes you just have to dress for the occasion and today’s frock comes straight at you, literally right between the eyes, from Vegas baby.

I had a preconception about what Las Vegas would be and I don’t think I hit far from the mark so today’s choice was perfect. I have a real weakness for white dresses. In the same way blondes can make black look glamorous, I love contrasting white with my darker skin and hair, so come summer in the season of white gaining ‘cool’ status again, I was looking forward to finding something that would be wearable for me.

Lace back dress – Zara £35.99

I’m also a firm believer in choosing one focal point if you’re going to bare some skin. Since body-con is no longer a taboo, in recent years I’ve tended to bare my legs with short dresses in looser styles, but my favourite part of my body, the part that never lets me down come extra pounds or not, is my back. So I totally fell in love with the sweeter-than-sweet crochet back to this otherwise rather racy dress.

You know what they say, ‘What happens in Vegas…‘ and I think this is exactly the kind of dress to sum that phrase up. It took me from dinner to bar to the roulette tables and beyond… 😉

Find it in Zara for £35.00. I teamed it with metallic accessories, sky-high heels and modern jewellery, (the earrings were a £3 bargain from Miss Selfridge,) and of course a touch of neon on my nails. Nothing else would do in Las Vegas.

Have a great weekend readers!


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