#JanuaryJoy – Make some memories

Today’s prompt is most definitely a January job. It’s got everything covered – tidying up moments from 2012, brightening your day, and making you feel better than the weather! It’s also got the important role of giving me a kick up the behind with things I’m always meaning to do. And I bet if I were to ask you what was in your top ten of things you are always meaning to get around to but never have time, you would say organising all those brilliant photos you spend so much time taking?

Paislee Press

I am the world’s worst at creating photo books. Since the digital age arrived and my photos go straight from camera to computer, I enjoy looking back at them on there but never create anything tangible. After our incredible road trip last year to Yosemite, Sequoia, Death Valley and Vegas, I needed to make an album and I’m pleased to say I’m now midway through finally creating and recording some of my own memories. My go-to photo book creator is Bob Books. You simply download the free software and design away to your heart’s content. If you’re after something a little more text heavy, I believe Blurb is excellent but haven’t ever tried them.

inkifi print instagram images

Since them however, I’ve discovered something even better. How many of you use your phones more than your proper camera for snaps now? Do you use apps for your iPhone or android mobile like Instagram with its cool filters and effects that take an average photo to amazing in 3 seconds flat? Those little snaps are such a record of our lives that they deserve to be preserved in the same way. Plus, I’ve taken some pretty kick ass spur of the moment shots (of my niece for example,) on Instagram and worried that the resolution wouldn’t be big enough to blow up into a print. I have used Firebox before to print Instagram images into polaroid type shots but then I found Inkifi. Specifically for printing Instagram photos, you can make simple prints, canvases, acrylic box framed prints, even greetings cards and montages.

So, have I prompted you into doing something with all those photos? Do you have any companies or services to recommend or do you like a good old fashioned album? I’d love to hear your top five jobs that never EVER get done 😉


PS. How cute is this idea for collating children’s artwork?

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