Friday Frock O’clock

I couldn’t help but go for something out-and-out British today with an iconic British Designer and label, using a twist on British symbolism. Of course I’m talking about none other than Vivienne Westwood and her Gold Label Long Ball Union Jack-print silk-georgette gown, for the princely sum of £2,300 from Net-a-Porter

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Ball dress // YSL Tribute Sandals // Charlotte Olympia perspex feather clutch

Sadly I don’t really have the occasion for it, (nor the well lined purse,) but this is a week for fantasy and pageantry, and this is a dress made for dressing up. Oddly, I’m not usually a fan of Westwoods signature corseted style, but the back of this frock is stunning and the shoulder line seemed suitably regal to turn my head this week…

What will you be wearing this weekend readers?


PS. I’ve been sent a ton of discount codes (mainly for shoes) this week, so thought I would add them in here – Happy Shopping! (Act fast if there’s something you want… lots of them end today or this weekend.)

  • There’s 20% off Dune, Pied a Terre and Bertie until tonight (June 1st) at midnight.
  • Next week there’s 25% off at Warehouse with the code Fabulous25 (3rd-10th June)
  • The White Company has 20% off with the code AA802
  • Whistles has a Jubilee offer of 20% off Dresses (until June 5th)
  • Dorothy Perkins is doing ‘The Great British Summer’ – 20% off selected dresses, tops, shoes and more. Running Tomorrow until Tuesday.

Florence’s Florals: A Jubilee DIY

This afternoon, Becky Hay from Blossom, our resident Florence Finds Floral expert, is swooping in with a patriotic floral DIY to celebrate the jubilee. I know loads of you are having parties or attending them and this would make a lovely centrepiece or gift for the hostess. As Becky quite rightly points out, if you’re over the Jubilee already then switch the shades and save it for another occasion.

I thought the weekend of celebrations the country is about to embark upon deserved a DIY post. It’s Jubilee themed, obvs!

Now I know that not everyone wants to celebrate so if that’s you, forgive the red/hot pink, white and blue overload, and think of this as a summer fete inspired arrangement which you can make in any colours you desire.

What you’ll need for the mini bunting:

  • 2 lengths of string or wool – each the length of half of your table
  • Ribbon to co-ordinate with your colour scheme – mine came from John Lewis.
  • Thin double sided tape
  • Sharp ribbon scissors

How to make the mini bunting:
Cut off short strips of ribbon, double the length of the final flag size you want to finish with.
Fold each strip in half over the string and secure in place using double sided tape. Make sure you leave a length of string at the start and end of your length of string to secure the bunting in place.
Once you’ve attached all of your flags, shape them by cutting a triangle from the base of each flag.

What you’ll need for the arrangement:

  • A cake stand – I’ve used a 3 tiered stand but the same principles apply to a 2 tiered or single tier stand. You’ll just need fewer flowers.
  • Soaked floral foam – I used one and a half blocks.
  • Plastic frogs (available from all florists & garden centres)
  • Oasis Fix
  • A selection of foliage – I used Peony & small Hydrangea leaves with soft ruscus.
  • A selection of flowers – I used Peonies, Hydrangea, Double Lisianthus, Sweet William, Pinks (Scented Spray Carnations), Black Scabious, Cornflower, Gypsophilia, Alchemilla Mollis, and Thlaspi

How to make the arrangement:
Stick a small piece of oasis fix to the base of 6 plastic frogs and stick 2 frogs onto each tier of your cake stand. You’ll use these to secure your oasis in place.
Cut two semi circles of oasis to fit each plate and push down onto each frog to create a circle of oasis in the centre of each tier.

Create the outline of your arrangement using your foliage. Trim the end of each piece at a 45 degree angle to help it glide into the oasis and allow maximum surface area for taking up water.
Start arranging your flowers using the largest heads first which will be the focal points. Make sure the end of each stem is cut at a 45 degree angle.
Keep adding until you’ve used all of your flowers and hopefully hidden all the floral foam. It’s a good idea to keep turning the cake stand as you add to ensure you’ve got an even distribution of flowers throughout.
Leave any fluffy flowers and foliage (in my case Gypsophilia, Alchemilla Mollis & Thlaspi) until the end. These are great at filling any gaps and will give your arrangement a more natural look.
Finally, place your arrangement in the centre of your table and tie each length of bunting to the top handle, draping it in each direction along the centre of your table. You can either tape the opposite ends to the underside of the table or tie them to a wine glass stem.

To keep your arrangement fresh, keep the oasis damp by trickling a little water onto each tier. You can also spray the flowers with a water mist.

As always, I hope this inspires you to create your own masterpieces. I’d love to hear your comments or answer any questions.

Have a great Bank Holiday everyone,

Becky xx

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