Friday Frock O’clock

It’s white hot out there folks and as a result I’m going a little left field. Not a frock today but my favourite alternative, the playsuit…

Jacquard Playsuit – Warehouse, Β£40 (from Β£60)that Mango dress I posted? Well, I had my heart set on that floral number but it had sold out everywhere. I even resorted to looking online for a larger size to have altered and had my sister scouring Birmingham and Mum in Liverpool. Once I resigned myself to the fact it was gone, I had about a week to find something else and no time to do it in. I spotted this on the Warehouse website, walked into store and found it had been reduced that very day. Even better, it fit like a glove. Apologies for the indoor rubbish photo but I was having too much fun to get a proper one while we were out! πŸ˜‰ (Jessica’s dress, entirely hen appropriate I thought, was from French Connection in case you’re wondering.)

Fate, no?

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend readers – I’m off to Glasgow!


Jessica’s Hen: The Flower Crown DIY

Like I said yesterday, I think every hen do needs something that binds the hens together, particularly for the main night out. Some people opt for fancy dress to define you as a group but I think a hen generally wants to get dressed up and look her best. When I was contacted months ago by The Great British Florist to work with them on a feature, at first I couldn’t think what do do with the flowers, then I thought, why not make flower crowns? By the time I was stood up in front of the hens, trying to explain how to make something that I had never made before, it all seemed like less of a great idea, but in my experience, I have never seen a girl with a flower crown who didn’t love wearing it and who didn’t suit it either, so I kept my fingers crossed.

First though, I’ll tell you what we did for the rest of the day…

The Itinerary I made and sent to the hens before the weekend

Our first activity on Saturday was to visit The Thermae Spa. Initially I was planning on booking the Cross bath but in the end decided it would just be like a large bath and the main Spa offered more opportunity to keep busy. In the end we totally lucked out with the incredible weather and spent our time sun screened up in the rooftop pool.

Next up we walked to The Jane Austen Centre which houses the Regency Tea Rooms where we had afternoon tea. I say afternoon tea, but we had it at 1 pm. I didn’t want to add the cost of lunch and felt we would end up eating all day if we did both, plus it’s pretty unnecessary. I originally thought of the Pump Rooms but they don’t take bookings on Saturday unfortunately.

If you’re ever in Bath and want an afternoon tea I highly recommend this one – it was Β£19 for a mini bottle of sparkling wine (which I was so impressed to find equated to 2 whole glasses rather than the standard 1,) plus the usual afternoon tea sandwiches, cakes and scones. The clotted cream and jam were free flowing and the staff couldn’t do enough to help.

After that we headed home past Bath Crescent to make the crowns. πŸ™‚

As I said, I had never made a flower crown before but I was pretty sure we could make a go of it. As well as the flowers we used some thicker wire, some florists wire (the type that is used for wiring gerberas for example) and some florists tape.

You can pretty much do it however you want but my best advice would be to create small posies of flowers and then tape them onto the wire, working your way around. For the flower crown shy, a side crown or half crown looks great too and is less intimidating, but most of the girls decided to ‘go big or go home’! Once you get used to the idea of it, you get more confident in adding to the general size and shape.

I was totally amazed at how the crowns turned out. Even the less crafty ladies managed great ones and each crown was so different!

We received 3 boxes of flowers from the Great British Florist which contained 2 ‘bunches’ of flowers and foliage in each and had plenty to make our crowns. The Great British Florist specialise in ‘grown not flown’ English flowers and it was really convenient to get them delivered to where we were having the party. If I’m honest I felt there could have been more blooms, but I suspect that may have been as a result of us getting complimentary boxes.

That evening all the ladies donned their crowns and we hit the town for some serious fun.

Dinner was at Graze and then we ended up somewhere much less salubrious for a lot of dancing. I haven’t danced that hard and that long for what feels like forever.

Of course the crowns attracted quite a bit of attention and got passed around a fair bit – bt they stood up to it well and everyone made it home with theirs!

It was epic, I loved every minute.


Thanks to The Great British Florist for supplying the flowers for the flower crowns and to Blossom for supplying the wire and floral tape.

*No flowers were harmed in the making of this blog post πŸ˜‰

Jessica’s Hen: The [DIY] Goody Bag

I love a good goody bag and I think it’s fun to have them on a hen do. People spend a lot of money attending hens and it’s a lovely treat for the attendees, as well as the hen of course. As I planned and themed Jess’s hen I decided to borrow the heart on her wedding stationery and extrapolated her wedding colours of peaches and pinks, mixed with some grey. I thought rather than using throw away paper gift bags I would make some canvas bags with iron-on transfer paper using the heart. Each one was personalised with the hen’s name or ‘Bridesmaid’ and of course for Jess, ‘Bride’. I used Jacques & Gilles as the font throughout but most notably for the canvas bags.

They were such an easy DIY and I’ll definitely be making lots more of them as gifts… here’s how I made them:

1. Print out your design sized to an A4 piece of paper, making sure to reverse the image (I use the ‘flip horizontal’ feature in Pages on my iMac) and print onto photo transfer paper.

2. Cut out the images – if they have space between them like the heart on my design and the text below, cut them out separately – don’t worry about aligning them later, you can use the grid pattern on the back to line them back up with each other. Leave a 0.5-1cm edge around your design.

3. Iron on a high heat without steam for a minute or two. I found that if I used full heat I singed the design giving a yellow tinge, and that keeping it moving and slightly below the max temperature it was fine.

4. Keep trying the edges of the image. When it is done the edge will lift easily and peel off – you can do this hot or cold. The edges tend to be the last things to be ready so concentrate on them if it’s not peeling off.

5. Seal by ironing again with a piece of silicone paper (supplied with the transfer paper) on top of the images. This is supposed to make the bags washable but I can’t vouch for it as I haven’t tried yet!

Inside the bags I made a few extra goodies. My favourite were the temporary tattoo sets. On a hen do you need something to bind you together as a group. There was something else we did which I’ll get to later, but Jess loves temporary tattoos so I thought they would be fun to wear together. I found these delicate designs in Spirit Ink on Etsy and placed a custom order for my favourite designs.

Then I simply made a card backdrop with the fun fact that Jess loves tattoos, and the application instructions, and attached the tattoos in a glassine bag, with some gorgeous glitter tape from PaperMash

They went into the bag with my final DIY – a home made playlist for each hen with a collection of favourite and current songs of Jess’s. Each one had a little meaning: from her favourite current song, (Blurred Lines) to the song we used to call each other every time it was played (My My My,) Empire State of Mind referencing our holiday to New York, other Uni highlights and some great girls night out tracks for good measure. I played it all weekend and I hope the hens will listen to it afterwards and have good memories πŸ™‚

Again I used the same font and heart motif to design the CD Stickers and pull it all together.

For each bag I added in miniature toiletries I have collected in recent months (which kept the costs down) from magazines and giveaways, a grey striped straw with a glitter flag and a heart balloon for good measure. I had so many more ideas!

I hope these DIY’s give you some ideas for future makes and also some insight into how easy it is to bind things together using a single colour palette, font and design. I was pretty pleased with them all! πŸ™‚


PS Please excuse the dim photos – most of them were taken at night as I got my DIY on!

Jessica’s Hen: Movie Night

I’m so excited to share Jess’s hen do with you all so I thought I would start straight away with the first part, Friday night. The hen took place in Bath and we rented a large house to accomodate us all. The house was beautiful and came with a cinema room in the basement, which pretty much gave me the idea for theming the first night around the screening of Mr and Mrs that I had planned. We were staying in that night and for ease I planned pizzas and salad for dinner that I could do with the minimum of fuss, but I wanted to make the screening extra special, so set about theming a mini-dessert table. Here are some of the images I pinned as inspiration.

Movie Night printable // Popcorn boxes // Popcorn cupcakes // Retro sign diy // Donut dessert table // Rocky Road marshmallow pops

No hen do is complete without a little bit of something to get the party started, so I did a bit of research on some easy cocktails too. Unfortunately the jelly shots were an epic fail – despite me using extra gelatine they failed to set and didn’t make it to the party. (I think the cups I used were perhaps larger than American cups in the recipe so the ratios weren’t right.)

Glitter cocktails // Hanging streamers // Mojito jelly wedges // Mojito recipe

I also decided as the weather heated up that I would do as much as possible outside, particularly the welcome drinks, so needed to decorate. The brief was cheap easy and effective – the main thing about going somewhere you don’t know and decorating is that you don’t know where you’ll be able to attach things or what to stick things to and I settled on using Paper StreamersΒ in my Pinterest board inspired pink, red and mint. We made hanging curtains as a backdrop across two windows using a simple strip of sellotape and random colours of the streamer cut to size, then tied them along the decking rail too.

For the Bellinis I bought Metallic Gold Edible Sparkling Sugar Crystals (I read somewhere that edible glitter ends up all over your faces!) and we used honey to rim the glasses before dipping them to create the sparkling rim effect. (Be careful not to use too much honey as it can end up running away with the sugar!) We then used a dollop of Funkin Peach white peach puree topped with Prosecco and a raspberry to complete the look.

After drinks (during which mojitos followed the bellinis) we headed inside for a late dinner once everyone had arrived, then into the cinema room. I had put together a ‘Who knows the Bride best’ quiz (like this one) and in the background we screened ‘Cocktail’ quiz – a favourite teen movie of Jess’s. My sister made the popcorn cupcakes and marshmallow pops (using these Lollipop Sticks for Cake Pops) and I bought the Popcorn BoxesΒ from Amazon.

After doing the quiz I put on the DVD and we all laughed and cooed over Dan’s hilarious and sweet answers to the questions. Jess was terrified she would get them all wrong but in fact answered nearly every question exactly as Dan had.

We all fell into bed happy and relaxed which was my main objective – nobody wants to ruin the main event and big night out on Saturday by over-doing it on Friday so I felt our activities struck a balance and were also pretty cost effective, with just dinner and drinks to pay for which came out of the money I requested in advance and via a Tesco delivery.

I hope you enjoyed the little sneak peek and I’ll share more next week πŸ˜‰ I think the movie night theme would make an excellent birthday party or other celebration too if you have something to plan.


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